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Monday, April 7, 2014

Get a Website ups and running @ $2.95

Get a Website ups and running -Free 

Host Your Website Free Now with all the features of cPanel


After reading this post you will be able to do the following:

  • You can register a free website or just register with your own personal domain by paying a minimal charge.
  • You can set up your personal email with your very own Domain.
  • You will be able to upload and manage your website.
  • You will be able to optimize and index your website with search engines.

To register a Free Website:
Go to and then click on the sign up on the right hand side and choose a name of your website and fill in the few details like your name and Email in the form shown below and click Sign up.You now need to verify your email address by clicking on the link received from log in to your Email and click the link and you are done registering your website.You now need to upload webpages and Home page to your website.

000webhost free web hosting

Or you can just pay for a Domain ( or registration which is gonna cost you $2.95 from host your domain on to get your website( ups and running.

Here in this article I am going to show you free website hosting option on which is one of the best options to host your website free of cost so you just pay for domain which normally costs $2.95 from and by using a free hosting account, you are just spending $2.95 to get your website ups and running.To register a domain with Godaddy now click on this banner below.

000webhost also gives you the option of creating a free sub domain with them. So let’s go to 00webhost. Now on this website click on Signup and select from options to host your own domain which is already registered or create a sub domain with them as shown in picture 1-(c) below and your absolutely free website will have a name like / or something like that. So this is also a good option to build a free website and learn the website administration because this web server support all the services from PHP, Mail handling to zyro web builder tool. You can also use their templates to auto install your website.You can have your business email as

000webhost free web hosting
So let’s start with hosting your own registered domain. So just fill in the details and click on create account as shown in the picture 1-(d) above. Here is domain which I registered and now going to host on


After you click on create My Account your account will be created and you will be logged into 000webhost.But it will show the status of  the website as Verification pending.So you need to verify your email for which you need to login to your email and go to inbox to click on the verification link that you have received from 000webhost .So you better check your inbox and follow the link in the mail to verify your email address and after the verification is done the status of your website under the list will show as active as shown in pic 1(e) .
Now you will need to go to your domain registrar to change the DNS server address i.e to tell the global DNS that your WebPages are held at 000webhost server.Here my domain registrar is So lets login there and you will see the home page of your account something like Picture 1-(g) below.


Then click on the first option “Your Domains/Products” on the right hand side. And then you will see the list of domain you have registered as shown in the pic 1-(i). So click on the domain name you want to modify the settings for.And then on next page look at the left hand side menu options for Domain Nameserver setup link as shown in picture1-(h) and click it to change the DNS server to and record 2 as and you are done.

Bingo!! Happy hosting…

Now after changing this value your domain registrar may take few hours to update the records.Once the records are updated the 000webhost will start displaying your page and your website is ups and running.


So far we have learned what is a Website, how to Register a domain and how to Host it.
Do not forget to read  How to upload webpages to Web Server.
So stay connected...Keep visisting... :-)

Nasir :-)

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