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5 Ways To Add Speed Dial To Your iPhone

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Back when you had to dial every number by hand, speed dial was a must-have productivity tool. Instead of wasting valuable seconds punching the same digits every day, you could program your favorite contacts to designated spots on either a landline or a cell phone for quick, single-button access. Of course, we dial individual numbers much less frequently these days. However, if you want to go back in time, or if you want to call your favorites even faster, your iPhone has some solutions.

You may be familiar with one of these “speed dial” alternatives in the form of Favorites: You can add as many contacts as you want to the Favorites category of your Phone app for quick calling, video calling, or messaging. You can add a contact to Favorites from the contact’s card or from the Favorites tab itself. While that is a tried and true method for quickly connecting with your contacts, it is not the only one. If you’re looking for traditional, programmable options for quickly dialing your favorite people, this Shortcut is for you.

1# Use the Favorites as iPhone speed dial

The first method is to add some of your family and friends to your Favorites list. You can quickly call them from there.

Here’s how to add someone to your Favorites list and speed dial them:

1) Open the Phone app on your iPhone and navigate to your contacts list.

2) Tap the individual’s name.

3) Select Add to Favorites > Call and then enter the phone number.

4) From the bottom left, tap Favorites to access your favourite contacts. Simply tap their name to call them from here.



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You can add FaceTime calls, iMessage, SMS, Mail, and third-party calls (such as WhatsApp) to your Favorites just like regular calls. In step 3 above, select these appropriately.

You can also add favourite contacts by tapping the plus icon on the Favorites screen. And then select Edit to remove someone from Favorites or change the order (move a favourite contact up or down).

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2# Ask Siri to fast dial

Another option for quickly calling someone is invoking Siri and asking it to do so for you. “Call Madhuri” or “FaceTime Madhuri,” for example. You can use Siri on your Apple Watch and AirPods in addition to your iPhone to quickly dial someone.

You can use “Hey Siri” to summon the voice assistant without touching your iPhone. You can then say, “Hey Siri, call Madhuri.”

3# Add speed dial to iPhone Home Screen

By adding a contact to your iPhone Home Screen and using the iOS Shortcuts app, you can speed dial someone with a single tap. After that, you can reach them quickly by tapping their name or photo on the Home Screen. This method is the quickest of all those listed here for speed dialing someone on the iPhone.

4# Add the contact to Today View

Today View is the screen you see when you swipe right on the first Home Screen page or the Lock Screen.

Here’s how to add the Contacts widget to the Lock Screen’s speed dial:

1) On the first Home Screen, unlock your iPhone and swipe left.

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2) Tap Edit at the bottom of the Today View.

3) From the top left, tap the plus (+) button.

4) Scroll to the bottom and select Contacts.

5) Select one of the three widget sizes and tap Add Widget. If you want to accommodate more people (up to six), choose the largest size. Done should be selected.

6) The Contacts widget should display some contacts. They are most likely the ones who have been added to Favorites. To change this, select the Contacts widget and then select Edit Widget.

7) Tap an existing contact and select a new one.

8) To dismiss the editing screen and save the changes, tap anywhere outside the widget.

9) To call someone, go to the Today View, tap their contact, and then tap the call button.

Tip: To add more than six people, repeat the steps and add the Contacts widget multiple times. Remember to personalise each with different contacts.

Note: Please keep in mind that the widget may blur the contact’s image on the Lock Screen. However, when you lift your iPhone with Face ID, it should unlock the device and allow you to see everything in the Contacts widget properly.

Similarly, you can add the Contacts widget to your iPhone’s Home Screen.

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Method 2# Speed dial from your Apple Watch face

Here’s how you can quickly contact someone from your Apple Watch:

1) Check to see if your watch face supports complications. If not, you’ll need to change your watch face.

2) Tap Edit after pressing the watch face.

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3) Swipe left until you reach the COMPLICATIONS section. Tap a complication location from here.

4) Scroll down the list of complications and select a contact from the CONTACTS suggestions. Tap More to select someone else.

5) To exit the editing screen, press the Digital Crown. The person should be viewed as a complication on the watch face. To make a normal or FaceTime Audio call, tap it and then the call button.

Method 3# Use third-party speed dial apps

Aside from the built-in Contacts app widget, you can also add third-party widgets to the iPhone Home Screen to speed dial someone. However, due to the way iOS is designed, all third-party widgets have the following drawbacks:

  • To call someone from the Home Screen, you must use at least three taps.
  • After you disconnect the call, you will see that widget app on the screen, which you must exit. This is an additional step after the previous one.

Here are some apps for adding contacts widgets to the iPhone Home Screen. They all perform nearly the same function but have different visuals.

  1. Call Widget Pro: Speed DialThis app allows you to add up to four people to your iPhone’s speed dial. After installing the app, select Small or Medium from the bottom to add a widget. Make sure to include the desired contacts before saving the widget. Then, proceed as usual to add an iOS widget to the Home Screen and select Call Widget.

2. Favorites Widgets Pro:-The Favorites Widgets app’s main feature is that it allows you to add up to 20 people for speed dial on the iPhone Home Screen. The app is simple to set up, and the ability to customise the widget with the desired colour and font is a useful feature.

3) Widget Contacts: This app can display your contacts on the iPhone Home Screen and speed dial with a few taps. Please keep in mind that in the free version, you can only add up to two people as favourites.

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Method 4# Use Emergency Contacts as iPhone speed dial

It may sound crazy (and it is), but it has been put out there for information’s sake.

You can make your iPhone emergency contacts out of family or friends. Following that, you can call these contacts by going to the power off screen > swiping right on Medical ID > tapping the person, and it will call them.

The disadvantage is that it takes a few taps, and every time you access your iPhone’s power off screen, Face ID and Touch ID are disabled, and you must enter your passcode manually the next time you want to unlock the device.

Method 5# iPhone speed dial

Almost all of the alternative solutions for getting the speed dial feature on your iPhone have been covered.

It would be fantastic if Apple added one-touch Home Screen calls to the iPhone Home Screen in a future iOS version, or if we could configure the 1 to 9 keypad keys to set speed dial. I hope this tutorial has provided you with some new insights and allows you to call your favourite people with fewer taps.

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Madhuri Verma
Madhuri Verma
Madhuri Verma, a professional content writer at Hawkdive is an MBA in finance and marketing and loves to play badminton in her leisure time.


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