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6 Must Have Apps For Mac In 2022

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Have you recently purchased your first Mac? Are you a power user looking for new apps to help you help you being more productive with your new device? Well in this article  we have bought you 6 must haves app for your Mac in this year that will help you to pro your Mac.

Whether you’re seeking for productivity tools, picture and video editors, security suites, or anything else, Mac users have plenty of options. Many of the best Mac programmes are even free, and you can obtain them via Apple’s App Store or third-party developer websites.  Hence if you are a beginner with your new device macOS and you want to pro it. Here’s a look at some of the best Mac Apps for 2022.

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1# Magnet:

Magnet is a must-have programme for both beginners and experienced Mac users. It effortlessly gives you Windows-like control over your open tabs and apps. Unfortunately, MacOS misses some capabilities that are natural to its US based technology. One of these is the automated and simple snapping of open windows to occupy parts of your screen in the dimensions you like for any work you may need. Magnet adds this functionality to your Mac with minimal to no CPU consumption and no additional boot time. When it gets on sale, it is a true must-have.

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2# Tinker Tool

TinkerTool is a unique tool that adds a lot of choices to your Mac. TikerTool gives the Mac OS user a lot more choices to play with, from system-wide and app-wide font changes to hidden apps. It is generally been used to grey out hidden apps, allowing users to quickly see if one is hidden or open in the background. As it is free to access we users must thank the developer for creating this finest piece to modify  apps, fonts according to our priorities.

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3# Informant:

Ty Irvine, created Informant mobile app. It’s a small programme that provides basic and valuable information about the file you select. It can be adjusted to your liking; for example, users can use  it to view the file type, version, creation date, and, most importantly, the file’s weight. If you require file information on the go, this software is a must.

Organize your appointments and tasks in one app. It’s incredibly simple to set up, integrates with all of your existing calendars, and has been trusted for over a decade.

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4# Image Optim: 

Apps for mac 2022

Image Optim allows you to optimize your image files in the background in a quick and quiet manner. To use it, simply right-click on the files you wish to optimize and choose Image Optimize from the drop-down menu. The software will run in the background, windowless, and compress your files for you, allowing you to conserve space while doing other things.

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5# HandBrake

Another freebie lol, This programme is  simple, opensource, and free whenever possible. Let’s jump to its functionality.

HandBrake is a video file compressor. Do you have a habit of archiving recorded college lectures that have now taken up half of your SSD? Don’t say anything else! HandBrake is a top-notch compressor with a user-friendly interface and quick compression. It can reduce 5GB files to 500MB in less than 40 minutes, resulting in a file that is 1/10th the size of the original while maintaining virtually the same quality. For students who wants to manage their storage by not deleting important files, it’s a must-have.

1. Go to and download and install HandBrake.

2. Run the HandBrake application after it has been installed.

3. On the left, click File under Source Selection.

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4. Click Open after selecting the file you wish to compress.

5. Click Browse to select a location for the compressed video to be saved.

6. Give the video a name that will help you distinguish between the compressed and original versions, such as “Vidello – Compressed- H264.mp4”, and then click Save.

7. Select MP4 for Container from the Output Settings menu.

6# Amphetamine 

Apps for mac 2022

Amphetamine is for your mac, and it is directly related to your productivity. This app allows you to specify how long the machine must remain on and under what circumstances it can be turned off. If you need to complete a large task in the next few hours and are concerned that your Mac will shut down and erase all of your work, this feature is extremely useful.

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Bonus: 6 Free macOS Apps That Really Should be Featured.

These apps are so amazing that Apple should think about including them as features in macOS in the future. Plus, the users don’t have to pay anything! The following are the top six such utilities/apps that have earned this degree of recognition.

Alt Tab To manage multiple Tabs on one screen

Raycast  Get a better, extendible spotlight for free!

ItsyCal A proper c Caalender Widget for Mac OS.

Stats  Monitor your Mac device Activities on the Go!!

Hidden Bar An ultra-light MacOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons.

KeyboardCleanTool Prevent accidental presses when cleaning your keyboard.

Wrapping Up: 

One of the best aspects of owning an Apple computer is the vast ecosystem of excellent Mac apps too which you have access. There are also other apps available for Mac users of all types, including productivity apps, photo, and video editors, security suites, and more. They are available from Apple’s App Store as well as third-party developer websites, and many of the best Mac apps are even free. But if you are a beginner to your Mac OS then these 6 Apps will surely be going to help you to master your Mac OS.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first Mac or are a highly experienced Apple user, above are mentioned some of the best Mac Apps for 2022.

Choose any app from the above list to learn more about what it’s good for and what it can do for your device. You might have found this article much informative hence you may find any of the macOS utilities described in this list useful; perhaps you’ve discovered something new to try!

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Madhuri Verma
Madhuri Verma
Madhuri Verma, a professional content writer at Hawkdive is an MBA in finance and marketing and loves to play badminton in her leisure time.


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