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How To Activate And Change Scrollbar Size In Windows 11

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In Windows 11, Microsoft recently removed various features, including animations, to ensure that you don’t get distracted while working. As a result, unlike what happened in Windows 10, the scroll or scroll bars remain concealed/hidden. It was among the most widely criticized aspects of Windows 10, as it produced distractions. Here, in this article, we are going to know everything about Scrollbar size in windows 11. Keep Reading!

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How do you define the scroll bar or slider in Windows OS?

When scrolling through the content of a window, the scroll bar or slides appears as a vertical or horizontal bar. That can be seen around the borders of the screen and occasionally towards the bottom. It can be worth considering instead of the mouse wheel when we have a big list of elements to review.

Scrollbar Size In Windows 11

When we open the File Manager, we can see how useful it is. If this is activated, it allows us to execute a vertical scroll in the left column that displays the range of features. The right column, on the other hand, displays all of the stuff that we can discover horizontally or vertically, depending on the view we’ve selected and the window’s size.

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[Bug] The Context Menu Scrollbar Crashes Windows 11 Explorer

The context menu or right-click menu is affected by this problem. When you right-click on Desktop, Explorer (This PC), or anywhere else in Windows 11, you get a menu that looks like this:

Windows 11 includes a revised pop – up menu. The new context menu is slightly wider than the old context menu used in prior versions of Windows, such as Windows 10. You can still go to the old type context menu by hitting Shift+F10 or selecting the “Show additional options” link at the bottom of the context menu.

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Debugging the Scrollbar Bug on Windows 11 by following these steps:

You may also debug the error by setting your Windows 11 device’s scaling to 125 percent.

The STEPS below will assist you in changing the scale in Windows 11:

1. From the Start Menu, open the Settings app. Alternatively, you can launch Settings by pressing the WIN+I keys simultaneously.

2. Select the “Display” option from the “System” menu.

3. On the following page, select “Scale (Change the size of text, apps, and other things)” from the “Scale & Layout” section.

By default, it’s set at 100% (Recommended).

Choose 125 percent from the drop-down box to modify the display scaling in your Windows 11 device right now.

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Displaying  and Hiding the scrollbar

To avoid distractions, Windows 11’s toggle bars are disabled if not used. However, there is a very simple solution for the users to keep them displayed at all times.

Once the option is disabled, the Windows / Screen will look like the above.

The  Scroll bar’s size can be customized or adjusted.

Users might find it interesting to be able to customize these bars, such as changing their width, in order to use them. Above all, users may prefer wider bars if they have vision problems. However, if they use small screens with low resolution or enable multiple windows to be visible, it may annoy them because it is too wide for users. Hence, customize Wisely based on your preferences and visibility comfort.

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Even though Microsoft Office Windows is constantly improving its customization features, it is still not as customizable as the majority of users would like. As a result, unlike OS Windows 10, it is not possible to change and adjust the size of the window scroll bar through the Settings tab in the menu bar.

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 5 Steps to Customize Your Scrollbar.

Follow these instructions to modify the scroll bar in Windows 11:

  1. Tap settings.
  2.  Select Bluetooth and devices.
  3.  On the right, select the Mouse page.

4. Select one of the alternatives under the “Scrolling” section’s “Roll the mouse wheel to scroll” setting.

Simultaneously Choose according to your preferences rom below two options,
a) multiple lines at a moment
b) One display at a time.

How To Alter Its Height And Width

To implement the changes in the design specifications, we must first open the Editor. This will be accomplished by pressing the “Windows + R” keyboard shortcut, which will bring up the “Run” command. Here, we’ll type control access and hit Enter or the OK button.

We  can explore to the following command once inside the Editor:

HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel \Desktop\Window Metrics

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Scrollbar Size In Windows 11

Following that, look for two attributes in the right column: Scroll Height and Scroll Width, which are in charge of adjusting the value users need to make the bar wider or smaller based on their needs. Both are set to -255 by default, so the user’s will need to function around this value  to get the desired width and height for the bars.

Additionally, we must examine the average values (Highest & Lowest Values) that these submissions allow, as the lowest value is -120 to keep the bar as thin as feasible, but the highest value is -1500, making the bar extensively thick in this context.

Your Scrollbar with highest value in your windows 11 will look like this:

After making the necessary changes to the Scroll Height and Scroll Width settings, we’ll shut the Editor and reboot Windows. When File Explorer has reopened, we open it and verify the new size of the scroll bar.

Restoring the scroll bar to its original length

You will probably find it difficult to get back to the default value of the scroll bar, It’s also tough to determine the pixel comparability in terms of its genuine look. As a solution, we can always go back to the Registry and change the values in the two entries until the scroll bar is the right width and height.

If you originally want to return to the default value of scroll bar i.e. -255. To make sure everything is set as default, the user just need to  adjust the negative value -255 in the Scroll Height and Scroll Width entries,  Shut the registry menu, restart the computer, and open Explorer.

This technique, which worked perfectly in OS Windows 10, is now safe to use in OS Windows 11. Similarly, users can always generate a backup copy of the Registry before fixing it in case we make any unintentional changes.

Wrapping Up

However, if you’ve ever believed that the scroll bars in Windows 11 couldn’t be seen, this article may debunk that myth and might help you see that the scroll bars may be visible permanently and that their width and height can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

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