How to Read Millions of Books on Amazon For Free?

If you are a book lover or doing some technical courses or learning computer programming languages, I am use you must be looking for various reference books to supplement your study. It is always the best practice to read from and refer to different quality books if you want to have mastery in something. However, despite your learning and reading desire, sometimes its not easy to buy multiple costlier books in a month due to their cost and sometimes their availability. Well, that has not been the case anymore, ever since Amazon launched its Kindle unlimited service in July 2014. This amazing service from Amazon enabled millions of readers worldwide, to access hundreds thousands of books online from a vast ebook library of Kindle store. Initially there were just 638,000 titles and over 7,000 audio books available for just a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. The number of book titles and audio books are continuously growing very fast and in the month of March 2018 there were around 6 millions titles available in the US. Today in this post we are going to show you How to Read Millions of Books on Amazon For Free?

Initially, Kindle Unlimited offered around 640 thousand titles – the biggest number among the ebook subscription services at the time of its launch. Since then, it has never looked back and currently, it offers more than 3 million books, thousands of audiobooks, and the latest magazines to its users. The current best deal is that you can sign up for a 2 month free trial(Deal) and get the benefits of unlimited books reading from your device anytime anywhere. You can access and read kindle books on any device including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows PC, or Mac. You just need to sign up for Kindle unlimited and Download the Kindle App for your device.

Sign Up for a 2 Months Free Subscription to Kindle Unlimited
Sign Up for a 2 Months Free Subscription to Kindle Unlimited

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Kindle Unlimited and Its Benefits

Who it is for?

As Kindle Unlimited comes with a price tag of $9.99 for a 1-month subscription, it is wise to spend this money only if you are going to make full use of it.

It is best suited for –

  • Avid book readers
  • People who love to explore varied genres
  • For the ones looking for an Amazon Exclusive title
  • Lovers of old titles like Harry Potter
  • People interested in reading the latest magazines free of cost
  • The Audiobook lovers
  • Book lovers into binge reading

Basically, it covers almost all of us! Amazon is a brand that takes care of everyone’s needs.

What it offers?

1) Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited access to over millions of books.
2) It gives you the freedom to use any device whether it supports Android or iOS, Windows or macOS with the installation of the Kindle App.
3) You have access to thousands of books with Audible narration.
4) You get your hands on the latest magazines every month.
5) With the Kindle app, you can download Kindle Unlimited books anywhere, anytime.
6) The books you read get synced and you can access them from a different device too.


Kindle Unlimited is a boon for book lovers with plenty of benefits to offer. Let us discuss them briefly –


With a monthly subscription price of just $9.99, you get to read millions of books, latest magazines, classic titles, and audio books. If you would have to shell out money on all of these individually, it would cost you a fortune. It is a bargain deal at such a low price tag. To top it off, you get a chance to try it for free for 30 days or 60 days as per the current deal.

Endless titles

If having a book to read brings a smile to your face, how will you compose yourself if you get millions? Kindle Unlimited is power-packed with over a million titles from varied genres. Even if you are into a few genres, you will find a pool of options at your hand. To make it more enticing, Amazon keeps on adding dozens of new books to its mammoth collection every month.

Latest Magazines

It costs a lot to pay for digital version of magazines regularly. And a separate subscription for all these creates a lot of confusion. Kindle Unlimited gives you access to the latest popular magazines, all organized at a single place. The list includes GQ, People, Shape, Bon Appétit and many more.

Read Millions of Books, thousands of Magazine on Amazon,Anywhere Anytime
Read Millions of Books, thousands of Magazine on Amazon,Anywhere Anytime

Relive with classics

Along with the books from new authors, bestsellers, Kindle Unlimited gives you an opportunity to relive your teens. It brings up those precious moments back by stacking the Kindle store with classics such as the Harry Potter series, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Gulliver’s travels, Hunger Games trilogy, Les Misérables and many more.

Listen to books on the go

For the ones who spend a lot of time traveling from one place to the other daily, audio books come in handy. Kindle Unlimited comes packed with a huge collection of books with audible narration to save you from your boring travel routine. Just plug in your headphones and you won’t even realize when you reached home!

Get exclusive content

With Amazon at your service, you are bound to receive exclusive benefits for the money you spend. Kindle Unlimited comes with plenty of titles not available anywhere else on the internet. The Amazon Exclusive books are contributed by numerous writers worldwide. Some people do not understand the importance of these exclusive titles as they consider reading only the popular authors. They still don’t know how it feels to find Twilight before anyone else does!

Kindle unlimited v/s other reading subscriptions

At the time of Kindle Unlimited’s launch, other reading subscriptions claimed that they have more titles on offer than Amazon’s Kindle. But all their false claims were busted by their subscribers later.

Read Millions of Books on Amazon For Free
Read Millions of Books on Amazon For Free

You can explore the catalog of Kindle Unlimited even before you subscribe for it which other ebook subscription services do not allow. Why would you pay for a product if you don’t know what it contains?
Kindle Unlimited opens door to the Amazon Exclusive content. You will get to read the books you won’t find on any other subscription site. This exclusive content contains both fiction and non-fiction reads.
With other ebook subscription services allowing up to five books at a time, Kindle Unlimited allows you to keep 10 titles in your library at a time. That gives more freedom to your binge-reading sessions!
Kindle Unlimited offers much more variety in terms of books from new authors, classic editions, Amazon Exclusives, best-selling books, audio books, and magazines. You will be able to find numerous books in any genre which is rare with other subscription services.

How to sign up to read millions of books on Amazon for free?

Getting started with Kindle Unlimited is an extremely easy task. Bear in mind that you need to fill the details of your payment card for free trial too, but you won’t be charged anything for the first 30 days or 60 days depending upon the deal or offer. Immediately after signing up, you can read millions of books on Amazon for free?

Jump over to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited page and click on the 30-day / 2 Months free trial button. After filling your login details, you will have complete access to all the amazing content.
In case you later feel that Kindle Unlimited is not what you were looking for, you just have to cancel your subscription to avoid any charges. You can cancel it anytime, there are no penalty or any hidden service charge or commitment.

Final words

With plenty of reading content, Amazon opens up a new world for book lovers. It presents you with an affordable option of satisfying your monthly cravings to read. From books to magazines, new arrivals to classics, it has something for each one of us. Amazon is so confident that you would love Kindle Unlimited that it gives you a free trial of 30 days to test it for yourself! I hope you liked our content and now you know How to Read Millions of Books on Amazon For Free?

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