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In-depth: New Launched Apple Watch Faces In WatchOS 9

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Even without third-party faces, Apple users can expect some new face designs in watchOS 9. We’re getting our hands dirty with all of the new and updated faces.

Apple has installed the first developer beta of watchOS 9 on Apple Watch in order to test the new faces. It’s been about a week, and users are loving some of the changes made by Apple.

WatchOS 9 release date

  • Unveil date: 6 June 2022 at WWDC
  • Beta date: Likely around July 2022
  • Official release date: Likely September 2022

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WatchOS 9: Which Apple Watches are compatible?

WatchOS 9 will be available for the latest Apple Watch 7, as well as the Apple Watch SE (2020). Hence Below listed models will support watch OS 9 Beta.

  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 4

Apart from it Kindly go through the note below to know the apple Watch models Unsupported or not compatible to Watch OS 9. Read the Note Below:

Note: The Apple Watch 3, a four-year-old smartwatch, is being phased out and will not be compatible with watchOS 9. However, the Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 5, and Apple Watch 6 will be compatible with watchOS 9.

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New faces for Apple Watch


WatchOS 9

Apple’s new Lunar watch face is one of the most publicized. “The relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar is depicted” in this new face. as stated by Apple The moon stands out against a background of subtle stars.

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You have the option of using the Chinese, Hebrew, or Islamic calendars. This will show the calendar around the face in relation to the moon phase. The dates will rotate around the moon as the light moves across its face as you rotate the Digital Crown.

Four complications are supported by this face, one in each corner. Because the date is always displayed at the bottom of the face, it does not require a dedicated complication slot.

Color options for the second hand and a choice between analog and digital for the time-telling method in the center of the face are also available.

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WatchOS 9

The new Playtime option provides a more lighthearted face. Apple and renowned artist Joi Fulton collaborated on this project.

This face has four characters hovering on the screen. Each character is shaped like one of the current time’s numerical digits.

The characters float, swaying with dangling little feet. When they are tapped, they bounce back. As the characters return to their original position, they “bump” into the glass of your Apple Watch, causing them to go cross-eyed for a brief moment.

If you have an Apple Watch with an always-on display, the characters will fall asleep when it goes idle and dims the brightness. The screen goes dark, with only a sliver of blue moonlight cast across the sleeping characters’ closed eyes.

This face can be customised by changing the background colours and turning on or off the confetti that hovers behind the characters. Sadly, no complications are supported.


WatchOS 9

Metropolitan is possibly our favourite of the newcomers. This face was inspired by traditional timepieces and resembles a more traditional watch face.

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A circular face with tick marks at regular intervals can be found. You can select whether to display no numbers, some numbers, or all 12 hours. The dial has four different looks that combine a white centre, a dark centre, a light background, and a dark background. You can also choose your own colours.

The numbers animate when your watch wakes up from sleep. During sleep mode, they are just lines, but as it awakens, the lines rotate to reveal the hour.

It, too, supports four complications, one in each corner, as do others. A centre complication is not an option.

Updated faces for Apple Watch

Apple has tweaked some of the faces, bringing improved graphics, more colour options, and other enhancements. For example, some faces now support rich complications, which can display more information, for the first time.

The most significant updates will be made to Astronomy, Portrait, Modular, Modular Compact, and X-Large.


WatchOS 9

This well-known face has brand-new visuals that are far more detailed than in previous years. Both the Earth and the moon appear to be more realistic. In populated areas, for example, the dark side of the Earth has tiny little lights.

For the first time, you can select the font for the time as well as a random view of the earth, moon, or solar system.

Other features, such as the ability to spin the planet with your finger and see how it changes over time by rotating the Digital Crown, remain.

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Modular, Modular Compact, and X-Large

WatchOS 9

With watchOS 9, all three of these faces — Modular, Modular Compact, and X-Large — were updated to support background colours. You can select from Apple’s ever-expanding palette of colours.

Instead of just black, the background can now be rainbow, solid, or gradient. The gradients are particularly appealing. Red, clover, Abyss Blue, orange, Starlight, green, and blue are the available colours.

When the screen is dimmed, these colours fade away and slightly tint the icons and widgets.


It now supports more than just people with the Portrait face. Your dog or cat can also be added to the Portrait face. Your pet can create a great depth effect by overlapping the time.

You can edit the photos to tint the background layers if you want. This draws attention to the subject and helps to pull it out of the background.

When you rotate the Digital Crown, your pet’s face will grow larger over the background, adding to the depth effect.

Wrapping Up.

It sounds like Apple has a lot in store for WatchOS 9, Some of the functions, notably those related to sleep tracking and workout recovery, could help the Apple Watch catch up to Oura and Fitbit rivals.

iOS 16 is currently available in developer beta. A public beta is set to be released in the month of July, followed by a full release this fall. Stay tuned to Hawkdive for more details on Apple’s upcoming software updates and Windows 11 updates along with MacOS updates.

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