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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga 9 Most Nostalgic Features

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The Complete Series is a video game that covers the first six films in the Skywalker saga and is beloved by many gamers.

Lego Star Wars

There are plenty of iconic games that occupied our childhood hours, but only a handful are as well-known as Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

When The Complete Saga was released in 2007, it served as a pseudo-remaster of the original two Lego Star Wars games, bringing a galaxy’s worth of plastic Star Wars characters, ships, and classic movie moments into the gaming realm.

Many fans enjoyed numerous hours of co-op fun with The Complete Saga, whether it was by collecting all of the minikits or experimenting with the character builder.

Here are our picks for the most sentimental moments in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga to commemorate the game’s enduring endurance.

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1.Character Creation

Lego Star Wars

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Character customisation was first introduced in Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy and was considerably enhanced in The Complete Saga. The possibilities were practically unlimited, thanks to the possibility to use parts from nearly every character in the saga-spanning cast.

Playing through the levels with unique characters was a blast, whether you were wanting to bring in extended universe figures like Mara Jade or Thrawn, or just wanted to make a terrifying Ewok and Watto hybrid. This feature is noticeably absent from the more current Skywalker Saga.

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2. Couch Co-op:

Lego Star Wars

The option to have a friend jump in on your game without interrupting was a revolution in co-op convenience since the very first Lego: Star Wars premiered in 2005. Every level in the game was enjoyable to play alone, but they were considerably more enjoyable when played with a partner.

A special mention should be made of the game’s companion AI, which, while not innovative, did an outstanding job of filling in when returning to solo play, making things even more seamless.

3. Minifigure “Dialogue”

Lego Star Wars

One of the early Lego games’ distinguishing features was the lack of any meaningful dialogue. Instead, characters used grunts and soundbites from the movies to communicate. Surprisingly, most, if not all, of the major plot points were efficiently conveyed without uttering a single word.

In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the grunting characters made a triumphant return in the form of “Mumble Mode,” which replaces all of the game’s dialogue with traditional mumbling.

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4. The Character Roster

The character roster in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga was absolutely huge, with 160 characters from all six films.

In Free Play mode, players could use the entire roster, including lore-bending pairs like Lando and Yoda or Emperor Palpatine and a Gonk Droid, just like in previous Lego games.

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Though future games like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will dwarf its roster, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga deserves respect for bringing together a wide cast of characters from across the franchise.

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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga contained a plethora of cheat codes and secrets for players to discover, as is customary in Lego games at this point. Codes can unlock a variety of items, including secret characters and vehicles, as well as powerups and stud multipliers, and they might rapidly become important for those hunting for every last minikit.

Players could find an easter egg or a secret area in almost every level of the game. These hidden items were frequently stud-filled, encouraging players to search levels brick by brick.

6.Playing Through All Six Films

Even now, most Star Wars games focus on a single era in the galaxy far, far away. The Complete Saga was unique in that it was one of the first games to feature the entire Star Wars saga, as the title suggests.

Die-hard fans of the Star Wars franchise will be able to go through all six prequel or original trilogy films in one game, though in Lego form. Because the game included every Star Wars film released up to that time, it seemed like a true celebration of the franchise.

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7.Indiana Jones

Watching a hidden trailer for Lego: Indiana Jones would allow you to play as the renowned adventurer, thanks to a brilliant marketing move by developer Traveler’s Tales.

Whereas the rest of The Complete Saga’s cast wielded wacky space weapons like blasters and lightsabers, Indiana wielded a regular revolver, which is odd but not wholly out of character for the character. His trademark hat could also be used as a part of character construction.

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8.Bonus Levels And Modes

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga contained several new levels and modes as if the content from both Lego Star Wars games wasn’t enough.

Two Lego City stages were included among the bonus levels, and players were charged with destroying a small Lego village as rapidly as possible.

The anarchic bounty hunter missions, which put players as Boba Fett and the bounty hunter gang from The Empire Strikes Back as they hunt down various characters, were among the bonus modes. Then there was the chaotic vs mode, which pitted players against each other on short areas with a variety of game settings to choose from.

The abundance of bonus content ensured that the galactic mayhem continued long after the credits rolled.


Finding all ten minikit pieces hidden in each level in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga was one of the most enjoyable (or frustrating, depending on your point of view) aspects of 100 percent the game.

There were 360 minikits concealed throughout The Complete Saga, as there were 36 minikit sets in total.

This is quite common for most Lego games, but locating all of the minikits for The Complete Saga was a near-herculean feat when it first came out. Players that acquired all of the minikits were able to play with Boba Fett’s ship for free.

Wrapping up:

The goal of the game is to complete the story while collecting Gold Bricks. The Complete Saga covers the events from Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace’s Trade Federation discussions above Naboo to Return of the Jedi’s Rebel attack on the second Death Star above Endor.

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