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Personalize Your iPhone’s Favorite Apps And Share Sheet In iOS 15

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The Share Sheet on your iPhone makes it simple to share media between apps. Here’s how to do it.

The Basics of Sharing in iOS

There are several ways to access the Share Sheet on your iPhone. In most cases, you can simply use the Share button or a context menu. However, in third-party apps, you may have to tap on other buttons first to get to it.

1. Using the Share Button

The Share button is easy to spot; it resembles a box with an arrow coming out of it. This button is frequently found in the toolbar of apps such as Photos and Safari. Tapping the button will take the current photo, video, or web page and open the Share Sheet for you.

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2. Using the Context Menu

You can also share through context menus, which appear frequently when you tap and hold or highlight and select something on your iPhone. For example, if you highlight text on a Safari web page, a Share option will appear in the horizontal context menu.

Similarly, if you tap and hold an image you come across, you’ll also see a vertical context menu show up on your screen.

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3. Sharing in Third-Party Apps

The Share button in third-party apps such as Instagram and Reddit may be hidden behind a More button, which is often represented by an ellipsis icon. Other apps, such as YouTube and Tumblr, have their own Share button, which resembles a forward arrow. Tapping on it, however, only brings up the app’s own Share menu, which has fewer options.

Although the Share sheet is integrated into the majority of apps, keep in mind that some only allow you to share content within their ecosystem. For example, Facebook’s in-app Share button only allows you to share a post via Messenger or on your Facebook profile.

Anytime you hit the Share icon on your iPhone, the iOS share sheet appears. Using machine learning, it automatically updates in response to your actions. On the other hand, you may alter what appears when you hit the Share button on an iPhone. Let’s discover how.

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How to Add Apps to the Share Menu

To send a photo from the Photos app to an app that isn’t on the list, follow these steps:

1. Select the Share option.

2.Swipe to the left of the app icons.

3. Select the More option.

4. Choose the app you want to use. Before you send, post, or publish, you may need to add contacts or other options, depending on the app.

The app may appear in the list right away or it may take multiple shares for it to register as a favorite, depending on the machine learning algorithm. You can also make it your favorite by hand.

How to edit favorites on your iPhone.

You must first access the sharing settings in order to edit the favorites in your share sheet. Simply select a photo from the Photos app and follow the steps below:

1. Select the Share option.

2. Swipe left over the app icons.

3. Press the More button.

4. In the top right corner, tap the Edit symbol.

5. Using the green + symbol, select the apps you want to add to your favourites.

6. These apps can then be rearranged in any sequence. Simply drag the app to the right by three horizontal lines.

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7. To remove an app from your favorites list, simply tap the red minus icon and confirm to remove it. This will put it back on the list of suggested apps.

8. Tap Done to save your changes.

Steps to Remove Applications from the Share Sheet

Although the machine learning model is generally excellent at suggesting apps, there may be times when you need to remove an app from the share sheet. To access the share settings, select a photo from the Photos app and then follow these steps:

1. Select the Share option.

2. To the left, swipe over the app icons.

3. Press the More button.

4. In the upper right corner, tap the Edit icon.

5.Turn off the app to prevent it from showing up in your share sheet. Before an app can be toggled off, it must be removed from the favourites.

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6. Press the Done button to save your changes.

Some apps, such as Mail and Books, cannot be removed from the shared sheet. Depending on how you use them, they may appear or disappear automatically. Furthermore, AirDrop cannot be removed from favorites or turned off.

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How to Customize the Actions List?

When the share sheet appears, there is a list of actions below the row of apps. These are also generated automatically based on your phone usage. These can be reordered or designated as favourites, and new actions can be added through the Shortcuts app. Begin by finding a photo to share in the Photos app and then do the following:

1.Press the Share button.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and select Edit Actions.

3. Tap the green plus icon to add Actions to your Favorites. You can get rid of them by tapping the red minus sign.

4. Drag the Actions in your Favorites by the three horizontal lines as needed to reorder them.

5. Finally, tap Done to save your changes.

Different actions can be taken depending on what you want to share. You can also use the Shortcuts app to create your own actions.

Wrapping Up:

The iPhone’s Share Sheet makes it incredibly simple to send a photo, video, or web link to others. When you want to ensure the highest quality when sharing photos with other Apple devices, use AirDrop.

However, if it’s just a meme or a casual screenshot, you can share it via social media platforms and messaging apps. Remember to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or turn on mobile data if necessary in order to successfully share your file.

Sharing can be made easier by customizing your iOS share sheet. It only takes a few steps to configure your favourites apps and sort the action list based on your specific requirements. In the long run, a personalized share menu can help you save time.

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