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Some Great Tips To Customise The Finder On Mac

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Customise The Finder On Mac so that it only shows you the items you really need.

What is Finder & How it works?

The Finder is where you’ll find all of your Mac’s files. Spotlight can (and should) be used to rapidly locate and open files. The Finder software, on the other hand, is vital for managing and dealing with files, folders, and documents—especially because none of us know how to establish a folder hierarchy anymore.

Finder does an excellent job of assisting you in file organisation. However, there are certain aspects of it that could be improved. What if the Recents folder didn’t appear in every new Finder window? What if you could quickly view the complete path to a folder? You can, for example: Here’s how to change the appearance of the Finder app.

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How to use Finder on your Mac

Have you ever wished you could command your Mac’s Finder? This guide will teach you how!

How to open a Finder window

There are several methods for opening windows in the Finder to access your files.

  • Click on your desktop (without selecting an app or programme), then select File in the Menu bar and New Finder Window.

  • Click the Finder icon in your Dock (looks like a smiling face).
  • On your keyboard, hit ‘Command-N’ while you have the desktop selected.

Customising Finder according to your preferences.

The macOS Finder is a useful tool, but it may serve you better if you customise its appearance. Here are some ideas for changing the look of Finder so that it will show you the relevant things according to your preferences.

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How to customize the sidebar in Finder

Because the sidebar is where you’ll most likely begin engaging with the Finder, you should devote some time to loading it with the items you want to see and removing anything that isn’t necessary.

To access the sidebar, go to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar. Select the items you want to show or conceal from this menu. You can, for example, delete the Tags part, limit the items in the Locations area, and reduce the size of the Favorites section.

After that, go to some of your regularly used folders and drag them to the Favorites section so you can access them readily at all times.

Change the width of the Sidebar

Have a Sidebar item with a truncated name because the Sidebar is too narrow? Sidebar width can be adjusted.

1. Place the pointer on the vertical line separating the Sidebar from the window’s contents and drag to the right when the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow.

You can, of course, make the Sidebar narrower by dragging to the left.

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Show and hide the Sidebar

Finally, if you want to hide the Sidebar, you can do so easily. Hiding the Sidebar on one window, like hiding the Toolbar, does not hide it on any other open Finder window.

  1. Select Hide Sidebar from the View menu.

    When the Sidebar is hidden but the Toolbar is visible, the Hide Sidebar command becomes Show Sidebar.

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How to change the start folder for Finder

The Recents folder is already open when the Finder starts up. This might not be useful for you; if you keep all of your files in the Downloads or Documents folders, it’s probably best to start there.

Select Finder > Preferences > General > New Finder Windows Show. Choose any folder to be the default when you launch a new Finder window from this menu.

How to show the path bar in Finder

Everyone who uses the Finder should enable the path bar. It helps you figure out where you are in a file directory. To enable it, go to View > Show Path Bar.

The path to each folder is now visible at the bottom of the Finder window. You can navigate to any folder from the path by clicking on it. You can also copy the complete pathname easily. by right-clicking on a folder in the path and selecting “Copy as Pathname”

You may choose to display the file path selectively if you don’t want to see it all of the time; simply right-click on the file or folder name at the top of your Finder window to get a list of all the folders and files your current file/folder is derived from.

How to Display the Status Bar in the Finder

The status bar in Finder does two things by default: it shows how many items are in a folder (and how many are selected) and how much space is left on your Mac. That’s generally useful information, so it’s worth taking up a little extra space at the bottom of the Finder window to enable it. Go to View > Show Status Bar to do so.

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How to customize the Finder toolbar

The status bar in Finder does two things by default: it shows how many items are in a folder (and how many are selected) and how much space is left on your Mac. That’s generally useful information, so it’s worth taking up a little extra space at the bottom of the Finder window to enable it. Go to View > Show Status Bar to do so.

How to increase the font size in Finder

If you’re using a 13-inch MacBook Air, you might have trouble viewing a long list of file names. Increase the font size in the Finder app. To do so, go to View > Show View Options and increase the text size from the “Text Size” option to a reasonable number (16 is probably a good choice).

Open new folders in windows instead of tabs

The Finder now has tabs, just like Safari. When you double-click while holding the Command key, it will now open folders in tabs rather than new windows.

To revert to the old behaviour of opening new folders as separate Finder windows, go to Finder > Preferences and uncheck the “Open folders in tabs instead of new windows” option.

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Make it Your Finder

Now that you know how to Customise Finder windows, play around with them to find the best combination of options for you. As always, feel free to ask questions or share your experiences in the comments section below.

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