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The Top 6 Window Management Apps for Mac

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The term “Mac window manager” refers to a collection of Mac programs that allow you to arrange and resize windows using built-in shortcuts, mouse clicks, and gestures. To keep your desktop organized, we’ll show you some of the finest window management tools for Mac.

1. Magnet:


Magnet is a basic window manager for Mac that allows you to organize and manage your windows by snapping them to different locations on the screen. Drag-and-drop, keyboard keys, and the app’s menu can all be used to snap windows together. This setup avoids the need to switch apps and increases workplace productivity.

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, go to the Privacy tab, and then to the left panel, choose Accessibility. To make changes, click the lock in the lower-left corner and enter your password. Finally, enable Magnet to control your computer by checking the option.

What Does Magnet Offer You?

1. Snap windows to each of your screen’s four corners, and even restore their previous positions.

2. It can accommodate up to six external screens in various orientations. You may rapidly move windows between screens using shortcuts.

3. Maximize a window while keeping the menu bar and Dock accessible. This is useful if you want to have constant access to the program menu.

4. Remove any apps that don’t support window snapping. Apps created with the Electron framework, for example, are prone to bugs.

2. BetterSnapTool

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BetterSnapTool is a Mac window manager that can be customized, and it’s definitely the finest alternative to Magnet. By dragging your windows to the top, left, or right edges, as well as the four corners of your desktop, you may instantaneously adjust their position and size.

To do so, go to the app menu and select Change Window Position/Size from the drop-down menu. Assigning a hotkey to snap the windows to the appropriate position is another option. You can disable any of the parameters provided in the snap locations that you will never use.

BetterSnapTool Exceptional Features

1. It has an unlimited resizing and snap area options. Simply specify a window size and a snap recognition area. This feature will appeal to professionals who require windows in a pre-defined template.

2. You can combine Desktop Spaces and BetterSnapTool. To make it work, simply set the appropriate window edge delay between them. Otherwise, attempting to snap the windows may result in a Space switch.

3. Configure the resizing options for the window control buttons when you right-click or middle-click your mouse; go to Preferences > Extras to do so.

4. Use a modifier key to move and resize inactive windows. To set the special key, go to Preferences > Extras.

3. HazeOver

Having a lot of open windows can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on something. HazeOver is a distraction dimmer that highlights the active window while masking the background ones.

It allows you to customize the hazing intensity and speed to your liking. To begin, navigate to Preferences > General and adjust the dimming percentage using the wheel. Set up a hotkey and a trackpad gesture to control the intensity in 20% increments.

HazeOver’s Top Features

1. Adjust the effect intensity from soft, light dim to powerful black, which will definitely reduce distractions.

2. Select whether you want to highlight only one or all open windows of any app. You can also change the brightness animation in the Advanced tab.

3. Vary the haze intensity across multiple displays. You can either highlight only the front windows or dim all the windows on any screen.

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4. Use the Shortcuts app for Mac to control the state and settings. You can enable HazeOver dimming and Do Not Disturb mode with a keyboard shortcut.

4. Amethyst


With the press of a hotkey, you can move, focus, or cycle through app windows. To enter the Tall layout, for example, press Alt + Shift + A. The main window is on the left, with auxiliary windows stacking vertically on the right.

Key Features of Amethyst:

1. There are numerous layouts available, including Tall, Wide, 3Column-Middle, Column, Full Screen, and others. The layout determines how the windows are positioned.

2. Each layout allows you to change the size of the window (Alt + Shift + L), cycle through the windows (Alt + Shift + J), change the position of the window, and more.

3. Because there are so many shortcuts, you can customize your Mac keyboard to set up a modifier key to help you learn faster.

4. You can control whether layouts appear in the cycle sequence by enabling or disabling them.

5. Mosaic:


You may prefer a specific window arrangement. Maintaining a consistent group of windows on the desktop becomes difficult when you use too many apps. This is where the Mosaic windows manager app for Mac comes in handy.

This application includes a number of powerful window management tools that bring the entire Mac world to your fingertips and organize it in a convenient manner. Enjoy keeping your workspace neatly organized to meet your specific needs!

What Mosaic Offers:

1. Create an unlimited number of layouts with a resizable grid and gutter. You can give apps their own Space without having to scroll through Spaces.

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2. Create a three-section configurable custom app layout. Layout groups can be further organized to suit specific workflows.

3. All layouts are available at your fingertips on Macs with a Touch Bar. You don’t need to memorize any shortcuts or assign a modifier key.

4. Using the handy Mosaic Remote app, you can access all of your layouts on iOS. On your Mac, you can switch between layouts with a single tap.

6. Moom:


Moom is a macOS window manager that allows you to move and zoom application windows around the screen.

To begin, hover your mouse over any green zoom button and select your desired position from a popup palette. You can also drag a window to the screen’s edge or corner.

Unique Features of Moom

1. While floating over the green icon, press the Alt key. To position and zoom your windows, select a preset.

2. Use the Customs tab to create and define custom controls. Configure actions to resize, move, and snap across multiple displays. This is ideal for anyone looking for windows with a pre-defined template.

3. Take a Snapshot of the window layout. You can easily reactivate that layout and restore the windows to their original positions later on.

Hope you like this article, here we tried to cover the Top 6 Window Management Apps for Mac. We tried to cover all the aspects of these six management apps. Share your opinion and let us know if you have any better apps for mac. Happy Reading!

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