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Third-Party Software To Replace The Windows 11 Start Menu

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Not a fan of Windows 11’s revamped Start menu? Here’s how to swap it out for a tool that is easier to use.

Defining Windows Start menu.

The Windows Start menu is the default location in Windows where you may find any files or directories as well as any installed programmes. The Start menu will immediately appear when you click Start in the lower-left corner of the Windows desktop screen. The active Windows 11 Start menu is seen in the screenshot.

Annoying features of Windows 11 Start Menu.

Many people find the Windows 11 Start menu’s odd design and few customization options annoying. When Microsoft made the decision to retrospectively alter the menus from Windows 7 and 10 rather than enhance and improve them, many of us are left wondering, “What were they thinking?” Therefore, if you dislike Windows 11’s new Start menu as much as I do and want something more functional and customizable, using a Start menu substitute is your best option.

These are Windows 11’s start menu annoying features.

  • Truncated Context Menus Require Two Clicks.
  • Explorer drops the ribbon and hides the options.
  • Too Much Space Is Used by the Start Menu.
  • You cannot move the taskbar, resize the taskbar, or do any of those things.

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Using Third-Party Apps to Replace & Customise Start menu…

There are a number of third-party apps that can replace the Windows 11 Start menu with one that has a more recognizable appearance, layout, and customization options. I utilize Start11 on my Windows 11 computers. However, there are several other tools worth looking at, such as Open-Shell Menu and StartAllBack. Here’s how to get the proper Windows 11 Start menu.

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1# Start 11

Stardock’s Start 11 costs $5.99 for a single license and offers four different Start menu designs. The Windows 7 and Modern styles provide the standard two-column display with shortcuts to various Windows features and places on the right and all apps or favourite apps on the left. The tiled screen and familiar menu are used in a Windows 10 manner. Even Windows 11 has a style that offers greater functionality and adaptability than the built-in menu. Users  choose the Modern style menu if they always prefer the two-column appearance.

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All About Stardock’s Start 11 Settings

You can modify the style, structure, and appearance of any menu you select. You can choose between a standard menu that fills the entire width and a menu that is more condensed and compresses some items. Additionally, you may customise the Start 11 menu’s look and timing as well as the all apps list, shortcuts, colour, and appearance.

Taskbar Settings.

The Windows 11 Taskbar, which has been criticised for its rigidity and lack of flexibility, also benefits greatly from Start 11’s aid. The Taskbar’s size, transparency, location on the primary and secondary monitors, and whether or not it should be integrated with other Taskbar buttons are all customizable .

The ability to rename, move, and delete files and shortcuts straight from the Start menu, as Windows long since permitted, is another benefit. You’ll discover that Start 11 is a helpful and efficient substitute for the standard Windows 11 Start menu, whether you use it as is or explore its many customization options.

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2# StartAllBack

StartAllBack is a less sophisticated but still quite functional Start menu replacement that costs $4.99 for one license. The programme asks you what theme you want to use for the menu right away, giving you three options: Remastered 7, Proper 11, and Kinda 10. Despite their titles, all three start in the standard two-column format, with Windows features on the right and application shortcuts on the left. Instead, there are more cosmetic differences between them, such as whether you prefer rounded or square edges.

All About Start All Back Settings:

After selecting your desired theme, go to the program’s Start Menu section to modify the menu’s design, usability, and functionality. The size of the menu’s icons can be changed, modern apps can be shown in their own folder, freshly installed programmes can be highlighted, and the right side’s shortcuts can be set up as menus or links.

StartAllBack has the ability to tidy up the Taskbar, just as Start 11. You can choose a unique image for the Start button, a Taskbar aesthetic style, and how to group Taskbar buttons. The Taskbar can be positioned at the top, bottom, left, or right, which is the best feature that Microsoft offered in Windows 10 but removed in Windows 11.

StartAllBack even uses File Explorer, giving you the option to choose between the Ribbon user interface and the command bar, enable the standard search box, and bring back the standard context menus from Windows 10. StartAllBack is a good option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use but capable Start menu alternative.

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3# Open-Shell Menu

Open Shell Menu is a free Start menu alternative that, despite not being created with Windows 11 in mind, can be made to function on the new operating system. You must enable a new Start button after downloading and installing the software from its GitHub page in order to view the menu. To achieve this, click the standard Windows 11 Start button, select All Apps, choose the Open-Shell folder, and then click the Open-Shell Menu Settings shortcut.

 All about Open Shell Menu App Settings.

Choose the Start menu layout you desire at the Settings screen: Windows 7 style with two columns, Classic style with one column, or Classic style with two columns. Next, select one of the pre-installed images and tick the Replace Start button box.

You can adjust a lot of additional things while you’re on the settings screen. You can choose how to launch the Open-Shell Start menu, display recently used or often accessed apps, control how the Shut Down button operates, and whether or not to show the Search box. The size of the fonts and icons can then be changed by adjusting the skin parameters. You can modify the Taskbar’s opacity, colour, and size in a separate section. Additionally, you can decide whether you want certain functions to appear as links or menus in the Start menu.

Check the box for Show all settings to see all available settings and learn more about the program’s features. If not, use the Start button to view the outcomes. The Open-Shell menu is definitely worth taking into consideration, especially if you’re looking for a free Start menu alternative, even though it’s not nearly as refined as Start 11 or StartAllBack.

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