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Bottom Quick Settings 

Let’s start with something of practical use. This is the app for owners of smartphones with a large display. There are plenty of them today; the evolution of smartphones is quite rapid, but the users’ hands have not changed in size just yet. For this reason, it is sometimes difficult to reach the top curtain to get to the quick settings. 

Not everyone will need the program, as some programs transfer the curtain to the bottom of the interface. In other cases, Bottom Quick Settings may be useful. The appearance of the application is customizable, but some features are only available in the paid version of the program. 

Some Trendy App
Some Trendy App

In addition, there are some restrictions on the work on smartphones running Android 9.0 Pie, but the problem is solved by turning off the navigation button in the interface and returning to the standard design. 

One thing to note is that the developer keeps an active dialogue with the community. 

#1. Google Project Stream 

Streaming is dominating over both television and radio. The same goes for video gamesthere are lots of streaming services, the biggest of which is Twitch. Yet Google came up with a different way of using streaming technologies. 

Google has been working in this direction for years. In 2017, the company launched an early version of the Project Stream. A limited number of players using Project Stream embarked on a journey through Greece in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey for free. What is the essence of the project? 

Streaming data means that a player does not need to buy expensive computer equipment to play the latest video games at maximum settings. To play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey via the Project Stream with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and 60 fps, a sufficiently stable data transmission channel with a speed of 25 megabits per second is the only requirement. 

Google Project Stream- Assassin's Creed
Google Project Stream- Assassin’s Creed

Why did we decide to mention this service in the article about mobile apps? Because from what we know, this service will not be limited to PCs, and it will be possible to use this service on your smartphone. As of now, Project Stream’s testing is available only for residents of the United States. A full launch of the service is scheduled for 2019. 

Be sure to visit Digital Trends for all of the latest news, articles, reviews, and lots of other information about the app market. Whenever Project Streams comes out – you will be the first to try it out. 

#2. Bigo Live 

While we are still at the topic of streaming services, here’s Bigo Live. It focused more on those who are over 18 years old and have a desire to shave their lives. Plus, different video games, friends, and so on. But first of all, this app provides the opportunity to show yourself to the people. This is the quintessence of modern Internet trends (the developers are trying to protect user data, but the users themselves are doing everything possible so that they are online). 

Judging by the reviews, the administration of the service ensures that the younger participants are not involved in activities, potentially intended for “people over 18 years old.” Gamers will also have things to do: they will be able to stream games like PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, CSGO, DOTA2, FIFA, POERocket League, etc. 

In addition, the developers lure users with phrases like “become a star, get gifts from fans and exchange them for real money” (but you will have to spend real money in order to do so). While the latter feature seems a bit sketchy, it may turn out to be just fine. 

#3. Xender 

This is one of the best applications for the wireless transfer of files between devices. Now, in order to conveniently and quickly transfer a TV series from a computer to a smartphone, send photos to a PC and share a file with another smartphone owner; you do not need a wired connection and access to the Internet. 

The application connects to the Wi-Fi network (or creates it in the case of transfer to another smartphone) and transfers the file at a speed that is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. 

#4. Alarmy 

This is an alarm clock for those who like to sleep for a few more minutes, and then for another few minutes. It is set up like a normal alarm clock, and to turn it off, you need to solve some difficult task. For example, to assemble a puzzle or go to the kitchen and take a picture of some object, such as a coffee machine. 

“Get some sleep, if you can,” say the developers of Alarmy. 

#5. Pocketbook 

Pocketbook is the app with which you can read books without ads but with lots of flexible settings, which supports popular formats of books and PDF-files. 

By clicking in the lower left corner, you can customize gestures for quick access to the desired functions. It also has quotes, bookmarks, highlighting, table of contents, search, and lots of other features. 

It also has a text-to-speech feature with a customizable voice. 

#6. PlentyOfFish 

This is a dating app that allows its users to establish online communication for free. There is a paid version that allows you to filter the users that you see. Overall, I wouldn’t say that it’s the most cutting edge dating app out there, but it already has millions of users, so you might as well give it a shot. 

While we are at it, here’s another great Ukrainian dating website. Don’t miss out and give it a try. 

#7. Google Keep 

You can organize all your tasks, plans, goals, and records, using Google Keep. Google Keep is basically a set of very simple and convenient text notes that are synchronized with all your gadgets connected to one Google account. 

The app has lists, reminders, co-editing, search by text, and color among its features. In general, it is one of the best organizers which will surely help you to not forget about anything important. 

#8. Prey Anti Theft 

Prey is a true set of utilities for protection of all kinds of devices: not only Android smartphones but also iOS devices, Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

Prey has a lot of things to offer to a user. If you have lost one of your devices, it is enough to mark it in the control panel as being lost or send a special SMS. After that, you can lock the device, find it on the map, take a picture of the thief, turn on the siren, and so on. 

In the free version of Prey, you can track no more than three devices. Pro version offers additional features. For example, tracking up to 500 (!) devices and the ability to automatically update their status, collecting information about the networks to which the thief connects, and so on. 

#9. Pocket 

This is an organizer of web links and notes on your smartphone. With it, none of the interesting notes, articles, pictures, or videos will get lost. When there is no time for reading, you can send it to Pocket, attach a thematic tag, for example, “sports,” “be sure to read,” or “music,” and they will be saved in Pocket. 

The application stores all texts offline, so you can catch up with everything that you weren’t able to read on the subway or where there is no Internet. 

#10. Laser Overload 

It is your classic puzzle game; you need to connect all the elements and close the circuit in order to recharge the batteries. You will not become an electrician after passing all the levels of the game, but the gameplay of this app is fascinating. 

In Laser Overload, there are several levels of complexity. As the developers write, “The nature of the game is rather meditative; it bends the mind of a player and electrifies their thoughts.” 

Apparently, in this meditativeness lies the downside of the game since the process will seem too simple to some. In addition, advertisements rule the world, so there is a lot of it here. But you can pay real money to remove the ads from the game. Everything is as usual. 

#11. Ink, Mountains and Mystery 

This is a game for contemplation, as indicated by its title. The game is beautiful; it is based on traditional fairy tales and legends which then all get combined together with the use of the classic Chinese painting styles. The action on the screen is accompanied by calming music. 

Developers from NetEase offer us to take part in the adventures of two very different charactersThis is the reason for its simple game-play. Along the way, however, you will have to find answers to various riddles and puzzles. 

The game is available in App Store, but the Android version is present only as an apk-file on the studio’s website. 

#12. Adobe Photoshop for iPad 

As we know, the full-fledged Photoshop application for the iPad was presented in October 2018, at the Adobe Max conference. The release of the service is scheduled for 2019. 

Scott Belsky, chief product manager for Creative Cloud at Adobe, said that the company is working on new cross-platform versions of Photoshop and other applications but declined to disclose specific plans and launch dates. According to him, customers have long asked for services that would allow them to edit pictures via their pocket devices. 

Adobe Photoshop for iPad 
Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Users of Adobe applications on the iPad will be able to start working on a computer and continue their work on a tablet. Also, a simplified interface will be in place of the original one. 

Adobe has three iOS applications, each of which contains only a part of the functionality of a full-fledged Photoshop, these are Express, Mix and Fix. 

#13. Run Sausage Run! 

Flappy Bird has been forgotten for a long time, but Run Sausage Run! seems to have taken its place, although, frankly, there is nothing in common between them. The main selling point of the game is that it is funny. It is funny because of its main character. The developers call the gameplay “crazy race.” But Mad Max here is replaced with an agile sausage of average attractiveness. 

The sausage should get as far as possible while trying to dodge different kitchen utensils. The gameplay is very simple; only one finger is enough. When you hold your finger on the screen, our elongated hero starts running as fast as he can while curving back. When you move your finger away, he straightens, slowing down the run. 

The game was conceived as an endless runner, but the sausage is more likely to die from a knife than to reach the finish line. Which doesn’t exist in the first placeThe main thing is that gamers seem to enjoy it. 

#14. BitDefender Mobile Security & Antivirus 

The Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus package includes many things: antivirus scanner, application blocker, and privacy protector, as well as a built-in anti-virus module. The application allows you to remotely monitor your smartphone via BitDefender web service. 

But a much more interesting feature is the management of a smartphone via SMS. This is very useful if the attackers who stole your smartphone disconnected it from the Internet. 

You can send a special message, and a smartphone will tell you its location via SMS, turn on the siren, or erase all data. In addition, you can force your smartphone to call you unnoticed so that you can hear what the thieves are talking about. 

If attackers change your SIM card, BitDefender will notify you about this and will send you the new number. 

BitDefender has a lot of useful features, but you have to pay for it. It can only be tested for free for 14 days. 

#15. Lost Android 

This is the eponymous web service for tracking of lost smartphones. Both the application and the service cannot boast a beautiful interface, but there is a reason for it. This application weighs only 170 KB and works even on the oldest and low-power devices with Android 2.2. 

All the more surprising is that so many different features were stuffed into it. Here, you can read sent and received messages from a lost smartphone, block, erase data, set up alarms, use smartphone’s cameras, enable sound recording, and read pop-up messages… 

You can manage a lost smartphone either through the web service or via SMS. And with the help of SMS, you can connect your lost smartphone to the Internet and GPS even if the kidnappers disconnected the smartphone from the network. 

In general, this is a very useful application that will work for free on any smartphone. If you have nothing against its rather ugly interface and do not want to overload your smartphone with bulky apps, you should definitely give this app a try. 

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