Kaleidoscope: A New Heist Series Streaming Now On Netflix

EntertainmentKaleidoscope: A New Heist Series Streaming Now On Netflix

Get ready! For the roller-coaster of emotions. Netflix has presented you with a suspenseful plot-twisting intriguing series called Kaleidoscope, released on January 1, 2023. The record-breaking series released contains heists that’ll rob 7 billion dollars. A sharp strategic team leader with his tricky and skilled crew attempting to rob a total of 7 billion dollars.

Kaleidoscope is a drama based on a heist created by Erica Garcia. Each episode has a title that is linked with a color or hue which directly connects to that specific episode. The plot spans a significant amount of time, from 25 years before the crime to 6 months following it. Viewers can watch any episode according to their preference, there is no certain order of it. The series contains 8 episodes that are in different time zones.

Kaleidoscope: A New Heist Series Streaming Now On Netflix

About Kaleidoscope

The mastermind of the plan was living his life in jail. But what is gonna happen when he finds out that his life is going to end soon? Will he stay a prisoner for the rest of his life? It is one of the great plots that you’ll observe right in the first episode of the series making it more interesting and enjoyable.

The motivation behind the heists was witnessed in one of the episodes named violet. In the episode, “yellow” viewers will observe the main character behind the mighty plan gathering his crew. The intensity level of the episodes increases as more puzzling queries and mysteries takes place, forcing the viewers to watch “Kaleidoscope” further and further as the mystery and nerve-wracking twist in plans will take place.

Unveiling the Story

As the story unfolds, you will witness that the material needed for the heist was acquired through the smuggler, Stan Loomis. Later, joins Ava Mercer (Paz Vega), a resourceful woman with an armory of guns. Judy Goodwin (Rosaline Elbay), an expert in explosives, and Bob Goodwin, a safe-cracker (Jai Courtney), are also present in the series. RJ Acosta, the crew’s driver, and tech guru complete the group. The plan of the heist is to steal the bonds that belong to the well-known criminals in the world from a safe which is in New York and is almost impossible to pass through.

But what will happen if the trickiest and most cunning criminals and robbers are united? Will they collaborate? and continue to support one another? Or the Plan of 7 Billion will awaken their greed, and lies and betrayal will begin to creep into their minds. Watch the episodes to find out the truth.

“Kaleidoscope” is an eight-part Netflix-only series with episodes that are between 30 and 60 minutes long. The names are assigned based on the structure and overarching subject of the episode.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on in the ride of suspense and mystery.

The ideal order to watch Kaleidoscope

To watch the episode of this series in chronological order you need to know the order of the episodes that premiered on Netflix and their timeline can help you watch Kaleidoscope episodes in the correct sequence. The summary reads as follows: Over 25 years, a group of cunning thieves tried to open a vault that seemed impenetrable to get the greatest payout ever. Every episode unveils a piece of an intricate puzzle of corruption, greed, vengeance, planning, loyalty, and betrayals. Safeguarded by the most fierce corporate security team in the world, with law enforcement on the case. The order in which viewers watch the episodes will impact how they see the tale, tho eventually all viewers will see all of the episodes.

Surprisingly, Netflix’s Kaleidoscope has no predetermined order to watch the episodes, which is what distinguishes it from other shows. There are different ways you can watch subsequent episodes if you decide to save “White” till the end. However, there are numerous different combinations to enjoy Kaleidoscope if you mix all eight episodes.

If you want to watch the seven episodes in order, you can do so by following the order listed below:

Violet: The Heist occurred 24 years ago.
Green: Seven years before the robbery
Yellow: Six weeks before the robbery
Orange: Three weeks before the heist
Blue: Five days before it
White: The Heist
Red: The Morning after the Heist
Pink: Six Months Later

There you go! Now, you can enjoy watching the episodes in chronological order without any chaos.

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