Shakur Stevenson dominates Artem Harutyunyan, keeps his WBC title intact.

NewsShakur Stevenson dominates Artem Harutyunyan, keeps his WBC title intact.

Shakur Stevenson Dominates Artem Harutyunyan to Retain WBC Lightweight Title

In a highly anticipated bout, Shakur Stevenson successfully defended his WBC lightweight title against the formidable but underdog challenger, Artem Harutyunyan, on Saturday night, showcasing his superior skills and strategic prowess. This match has quickly become one of the most talked-about events on Google, capturing the attention of boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

A Night of Dominance

Stevenson, known for his exceptional defensive skills and precision, entered the ring with confidence, and he did not disappoint. From the opening bell, the 26-year-old champion showcased why he is considered one of the brightest talents in boxing today. Harutyunyan, despite being a significant underdog, put up a valiant effort but struggled to match Stevenson’s technical brilliance and speed.

The fight, held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, saw Stevenson taking control early. His ability to maneuver around the ring, coupled with quick jabs and powerful combinations, kept Harutyunyan on the defensive. By the middle rounds, it was evident that Stevenson was in a league of his own, systematically breaking down his opponent.

Scorecards and Technical Brilliance

The judges’ scorecards reflected Stevenson’s dominance, with scores of 120-107, 119-108, and 118-109, all in favor of the champion. Stevenson’s strategy was clear from the outset: use his superior footwork and hand speed to keep Harutyunyan at bay, while landing precise, effective punches. This approach not only frustrated Harutyunyan but also minimized any potential threats from the challenger.

For those unfamiliar with boxing terminology, a scorecard in boxing is a record of the points awarded by each judge to the boxers based on their performance in each round. A higher score indicates a better performance, and in this case, Stevenson’s scores were significantly higher, underscoring his dominance in the match.

Post-Fight Reactions

Following his victory, Stevenson expressed his respect for Harutyunyan’s toughness and determination. "He’s a tough fighter, and he came to win. But I knew what I had to do, and I executed my game plan perfectly," Stevenson said in the post-fight interview.

Boxing analysts and fans were quick to praise Stevenson’s performance. Many highlighted his ability to control the pace of the fight and his defensive skills, which have become a hallmark of his boxing style. "Stevenson is a master of the sweet science. His defensive prowess and ring IQ are second to none," noted a prominent boxing analyst on ESPN.

Future Prospects

With this victory, Stevenson not only retains his WBC lightweight title but also solidifies his position as one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport. The win has sparked discussions about potential future matchups, with fans eagerly speculating who might challenge Stevenson next. Names like Gervonta Davis and Vasiliy Lomachenko have been floated as potential opponents, both of whom would present intriguing and challenging bouts for the champion.

Artem Harutyunyan’s Performance

Despite the loss, Harutyunyan’s performance did not go unnoticed. The German-Armenian boxer showed immense heart and determination, refusing to back down even when the odds were clearly against him. Harutyunyan, who was relatively unknown on the global stage before this fight, has earned respect for his tenacity and willingness to take on a top-tier opponent like Stevenson.

The Significance of the WBC Title

The WBC (World Boxing Council) title is one of the most prestigious belts in professional boxing. Holding this title positions Stevenson among the elite fighters in the lightweight division, a weight class known for its competitive and talented boxers. For those new to boxing, weight classes are divisions in which boxers compete against others of similar body weight to ensure fair competition.

A Trending Topic

This fight has not only captured the attention of boxing fans but has also become a trending topic on Google, reflecting the widespread interest in Stevenson’s career and the excitement surrounding his title defenses. The bout was covered extensively by major sports news outlets, with detailed analyses and breakdowns of Stevenson’s techniques and strategies.

For more in-depth coverage and details about the fight, you can refer to this news on ESPN here.

Boxing Community’s Response

The boxing community, including former champions and current contenders, took to social media to congratulate Stevenson on his impressive victory. Many highlighted the technical aspects of his performance, noting his ability to adapt and counter Harutyunyan’s attempts to gain an upper hand. "Stevenson is a true champion. His ability to read his opponent and adjust is incredible," tweeted a former world champion.

What’s Next for Stevenson?

As the dust settles on this match, fans and analysts alike are eager to see what lies ahead for Stevenson. His team has hinted at bigger and possibly more challenging fights in the near future, which could further cement his legacy in the sport. "We are always looking for the best fights and the toughest opponents. Shakur is ready for anyone," his promoter stated during the post-fight press conference.


Shakur Stevenson’s latest victory over Artem Harutyunyan is a testament to his skill, strategy, and determination to remain at the pinnacle of the lightweight division. His ability to dominate a tough opponent with such ease has only increased his stock in the boxing world. As fans eagerly await his next move, one thing is clear: Stevenson is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing realm.

For those interested in more detailed analyses and breakdowns of this thrilling match, additional information can be found on various sports news platforms, including ESPN. This fight has not only solidified Stevenson’s status as a champion but has also provided a thrilling spectacle for boxing fans around the globe.

This trending event is a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability of boxing, where the combination of skill, strategy, and heart can lead to unforgettable moments in sports history.

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