France reaches Euro 2024 semifinals without Mbappé – ESPN reports.

NewsFrance reaches Euro 2024 semifinals without Mbappé - ESPN reports.

Euro 2024 Updates: France Sneak into Semis without Mbappé while Olmo Inspires Spain to Oust Germany

In an exciting turn of events at Euro 2024, France managed to secure their place in the semi-finals without their star player, Kylian Mbappé. At the same time, Spain delivered a dramatic victory over Germany, thanks to an inspired performance by Dani Olmo. This news has been making waves and trending on Google searches today, as fans around the world eagerly follow the latest developments from the tournament.

France’s Gritty Performance

France’s progression to the semi-finals has been anything but straightforward. The team, which has been a powerhouse in international football, had to play without their talismanic forward, Kylian Mbappé. Despite his absence, the French squad showcased their depth and resilience, managing to edge past their opponents in a tightly contested match.

The quarter-final clash saw France pitted against a formidable opponent. With Mbappé sidelined due to an injury, many speculated that France might struggle. However, the team rallied together, with key players stepping up to fill the void left by their star player. The match was a nail-biter, with both teams creating several chances. Ultimately, it was France’s tactical discipline and defensive solidity that saw them through.

Spain’s Dramatic Victory

In another thrilling quarter-final match, Spain faced off against the tournament hosts, Germany. The game was a high-stakes encounter, with both teams vying for a spot in the semi-finals. Spain, known for their possession-based style of play, had to dig deep to overcome a resilient German side.

The turning point of the match came when Dani Olmo, who had been introduced as an early substitute, took control of the game. Olmo’s creativity and vision were on full display as he orchestrated Spain’s attacks, constantly putting the German defense under pressure. His efforts paid off in the dying moments of the game when he set up the winning goal, sending Spain through to the semi-finals.

Key Moments and Reactions

The matches were filled with memorable moments that will be talked about for years to come. France’s ability to adapt without Mbappé was a testament to their tactical flexibility and depth. Players like Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba took on more responsibility, ensuring that the team remained cohesive and effective.

On the other hand, Spain’s victory was a showcase of talent and determination. Olmo’s performance has been widely praised, with many pundits and fans hailing him as the hero of the match. His ability to change the game’s complexion was evident, and his contributions were crucial in Spain’s triumph.

Expert Analysis and Reactions

Football experts have been quick to weigh in on the latest developments. ESPN’s coverage highlighted the tactical nuances that defined both matches. According to their analysis, France’s defensive organization was key to their success, while Spain’s ability to maintain possession and create chances under pressure was instrumental in their victory.

Former players and analysts have also shared their thoughts. Thierry Henry, a former French international, praised France’s resilience, stating, "It’s never easy to play without your best player, but the team showed great character. This performance will give them a lot of confidence going into the semi-finals."

Similarly, Spanish football legend Xavi Hernandez lauded Olmo’s impact, saying, "Dani Olmo was exceptional. His vision and creativity were exactly what Spain needed. He’s a player who can make things happen, and he proved that tonight."

Looking Ahead

With the semi-finals now set, the excitement continues to build. France will be looking to carry their momentum forward, while Spain will be hoping to replicate their success. The absence of Mbappé remains a concern for France, but their performance against a tough opponent has shown that they can compete at the highest level even without their star forward.

Spain, on the other hand, will be buoyed by their dramatic win. The team’s ability to perform under pressure will be crucial as they prepare for the next challenge. Dani Olmo’s form will be a key factor, and fans will be eager to see if he can continue to inspire his team.

Additional Insights

As the tournament progresses, it’s worth noting some interesting statistics and trends. France’s defensive record has been impressive, with the team conceding very few goals. This solid defense will be a cornerstone of their strategy moving forward.

Spain’s possession game has also been a highlight. The team has consistently maintained a high percentage of possession, which allows them to control the tempo of the game. This style of play has been effective, and it will be interesting to see how it fares against their next opponent.


Euro 2024 has already provided fans with unforgettable moments, and the quarter-finals were no exception. France’s ability to advance without Mbappé and Spain’s dramatic victory over Germany are just two examples of the excitement and drama that make this tournament special.

As we look forward to the semi-finals, the stage is set for more thrilling encounters. Fans around the world will be eagerly watching to see which teams can rise to the occasion and make it to the final. Stay tuned for more updates as Euro 2024 continues to captivate football enthusiasts everywhere.

For more detailed information on the matches and player performances, you can visit the original article on ESPN. This news has been trending on Google today, highlighting the global interest in these exciting developments.

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