Pirates’ historic home run night depletes fireworks, led by Skenes

NewsPirates' historic home run night depletes fireworks, led by Skenes

Historic Night of Homers Exhausts Pirates’ Supply of Fireworks

PITTSBURGH – Baseball fans at PNC Park were treated to an extraordinary spectacle on Friday night as the Pittsburgh Pirates unleashed a barrage of home runs, setting the stadium alight both figuratively and literally. The Pirates tied a franchise record by hitting seven home runs in a single game, ultimately exhausting their supply of celebratory fireworks. The explosive offensive display was complemented by a stellar performance from pitcher Paul Skenes, creating a night that Pirates fans won’t soon forget.

A Night to Remember

The Pirates’ offense was nothing short of sensational, with Bryan Reynolds and Rowdy Tellez leading the charge. Both players hit two home runs each, including a grand slam apiece, propelling the Pirates to a resounding victory over the New York Mets.

Reynolds and Tellez’s contributions were part of a larger offensive onslaught that saw the Pirates tie their long-standing record for the most home runs in a single game. The last time the Pirates achieved such a feat was on June 3, 1989, against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Paul Skenes, the 21-year-old sensation, played an integral role in the Pirates’ commanding performance. Skenes, who has been drawing attention for his impressive fastball and composure on the mound, delivered a performance that both energized his teammates and demoralized the opposition.

The Game-Changing Moment

The game took a decisive turn in the bottom of the third inning when Bryan Reynolds stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded. With a powerful swing, Reynolds sent the ball soaring into the stands for a grand slam, igniting the crowd and setting the tone for the rest of the game. The grand slam was Reynolds’ 20th home run of the season, making him one of the key offensive players for the Pirates.

Not to be outdone, Rowdy Tellez followed with a grand slam of his own in the fifth inning, bringing the fans to their feet once more. Tellez’s grand slam was his 25th home run of the season, further solidifying his reputation as a formidable power hitter.

A Record-Breaking Performance

In addition to the grand slams by Reynolds and Tellez, the Pirates saw home runs from Ke’Bryan Hayes, Jack Suwinski, and Liover Peguero. Hayes, known for his exceptional defensive skills, showcased his offensive prowess with a solo home run in the fourth inning. Suwinski, a rising star for the Pirates, added a two-run homer in the sixth inning, while Peguero capped off the night with a solo shot in the eighth inning.

The seven home runs hit by the Pirates tied the franchise record set over three decades ago. The fireworks display that followed each home run was a fitting celebration of the historic achievement, although it ultimately led to the unexpected depletion of the stadium’s fireworks supply.

Paul Skenes’ Stellar Performance

While the Pirates’ offensive fireworks stole the spotlight, Paul Skenes’ pitching performance was equally noteworthy. Skenes, who has been described as one of the most promising young pitchers in the league, delivered a masterful performance on the mound. He pitched seven innings, allowing just two runs on five hits while striking out nine batters.

Skenes’ ability to keep the Mets’ hitters off balance with a combination of fastballs and breaking pitches was a key factor in the Pirates’ victory. His composure and poise under pressure drew praise from both teammates and coaches.

Reactions and Reviews

The Pirates’ historic performance quickly became the talk of the town, with fans, analysts, and players alike expressing their amazement at the team’s offensive explosion.

Pirates manager Derek Shelton praised his team’s resilience and ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities. "It’s not every day you see a performance like this," Shelton said. "The guys were locked in from the first pitch, and it was great to see them come through in such a big way."

Bryan Reynolds, who played a pivotal role in the victory, reflected on the significance of the night. "It’s incredible to be a part of something like this," Reynolds said. "We knew we had the talent to do something special, and it all came together tonight."

Rowdy Tellez echoed Reynolds’ sentiments, emphasizing the importance of teamwork. "This was a total team effort," Tellez said. "Everyone contributed, and it was a lot of fun to be out there."

Trending on Google

The Pirates’ historic night quickly became a trending topic on Google, capturing the attention of baseball fans and sports enthusiasts around the world. The combination of record-breaking performance, grand slams, and fireworks created a buzz that resonated far beyond Pittsburgh.

For those seeking more details on this electrifying game, the original news article can be found on MLB.com, titled "Pirates Hit Seven Homers Behind Paul Skenes." The article provides an in-depth look at the game and highlights the key moments that defined the night.

Looking Ahead

The Pirates’ victory over the Mets serves as a reminder of the team’s potential and the excitement that baseball can bring. As the season progresses, fans will be eager to see if the Pirates can build on this momentum and continue to deliver memorable performances.

In the meantime, the historic night of homers will be remembered as one of the standout moments of the 2023 MLB season, a testament to the power of teamwork, talent, and determination.


Friday night’s game at PNC Park was a perfect storm of athletic prowess and celebratory fervor, combining to create a night that will be etched in the annals of Pittsburgh Pirates history. With record-tying home runs, grand slams, and an outstanding pitching performance, the Pirates showcased their potential in a spectacular fashion. For fans, players, and anyone who loves the game of baseball, it was a night to remember.

For more information on this historic game, visit the original article on MLB.com and stay tuned for further updates as the Pirates continue their season.

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