Spain defeats Germany in extra time, advances in Euro 2024.

NewsSpain defeats Germany in extra time, advances in Euro 2024.

Spain Triumphs Over Germany in Extra Time to Advance in Euro 2024 Quarterfinals

In an electrifying match that has captured global attention, Spain triumphed over Germany in extra time, securing their place in the Euro 2024 semifinals. The gripping encounter took place on Friday at Stuttgart Arena and has since become the most trending search on Google today.

The Match Overview

The quarterfinal clash between Spain and Germany was a highly anticipated event, drawing millions of viewers worldwide. Both teams came into the match with formidable records and high expectations. Spain, known for their fluid, possession-based style, faced off against Germany’s disciplined and tactical approach.

First Half: A Tactical Stalemate

The first half of the match saw both teams testing each other, with neither side managing to find the back of the net. Spain dominated possession, showcasing their signature tiki-taka style, but Germany’s defense held firm. The German team, led by their experienced captain Manuel Neuer, kept Spain’s attacking threats at bay.

Midfield maestros such as Sergio Busquets for Spain and Joshua Kimmich for Germany were pivotal in controlling the tempo of the game. Despite several promising opportunities for both sides, the first half ended in a goalless draw.

Second Half: The Drama Unfolds

The second half saw an increase in intensity as both teams pushed for a breakthrough. Germany struck first with a well-timed goal by Serge Gnabry in the 60th minute. The goal came from a swift counter-attack, catching the Spanish defense off guard and sending German fans into a frenzy.

Spain responded with vigor, and their efforts paid off in the 75th minute when Alvaro Morata scored the equalizer. Morata, who has been in fine form throughout the tournament, capitalized on a defensive error by the Germans. The match was now level, setting the stage for a thrilling finale.

Extra Time: Spain Seals the Victory

With the score tied at 1-1, the match proceeded to extra time. Both teams showed signs of fatigue, but Spain maintained their composure and continued to press forward. In the 105th minute, Spanish midfielder Pedri delivered a stunning goal, giving Spain the lead. His precise shot from the edge of the box left Neuer with no chance, sparking wild celebrations among the Spanish supporters.

Germany fought hard to find an equalizer, but Spain’s defense remained resolute. The match ended 2-1 in favor of Spain, who now advance to the semifinals of Euro 2024.

Key Moments and Highlights

  • 60th Minute: Serge Gnabry scores for Germany, breaking the deadlock.
  • 75th Minute: Alvaro Morata equalizes for Spain, capitalizing on a defensive mistake.
  • 105th Minute: Pedri scores the winning goal for Spain during extra time.

    Reactions and Reviews

    The match has been the subject of extensive discussion and analysis. Fans and pundits alike have praised both teams for their efforts and highlighted the key performances. Spanish coach Luis Enrique lauded his team’s resilience and tactical discipline, particularly in extra time.

    German coach Hansi Flick acknowledged the disappointment but commended his players for their fighting spirit. "It was a tough match, and we gave it our all. Congratulations to Spain; they played exceptionally well," Flick said in a post-match interview.

    Fan Reactions

    The match also generated a massive response on social media, with fans from around the world sharing their thoughts and emotions. Twitter was abuzz with hashtags like #Euro2024, #SpainVsGermany, and #VamosEspaña trending for hours.

    What’s Next for Spain?

    With this victory, Spain moves on to the semifinals, where they will face the winner of the match between France and Italy. The Spanish team will be hoping to continue their strong performances and aim for the ultimate prize – the Euro 2024 trophy.

    Good to Know Information

  • Historical Context: Spain and Germany have a rich history in international football, with both nations having won multiple major tournaments. This match added another exciting chapter to their rivalry.
  • Player to Watch: Pedri, the young Spanish midfielder, has been one of the standout players of the tournament. His performance in this match, especially his winning goal, has solidified his reputation as one of the brightest talents in European football.
  • Tactical Insight: Spain’s tiki-taka style, characterized by short passes and maintaining possession, was crucial in wearing down the German defense. Meanwhile, Germany’s counter-attacking strategy posed significant threats, showcasing the tactical battle between the two footballing philosophies.


    The Spain vs. Germany match was a showcase of top-tier football, filled with drama, skill, and moments of brilliance. Spain’s victory in extra time has not only secured their place in the Euro 2024 semifinals but also captivated football fans worldwide. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on Spain to see if they can carry this momentum forward and claim the championship.

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    This news has been highly trending on Google search today, reflecting the global interest in this thrilling encounter.

    Note: This article is based on information sourced from Fox Sports and other reliable news outlets.

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