Garmin Publishes Global Cycling Trends Report – Garmin Newsroom

NewsGarmin Publishes Global Cycling Trends Report - Garmin Newsroom

Garmin Reports a Surge in Cycling Activities and Health Benefits Worldwide

OLATHE, Kan., July 10, 2024 – Garmin (NYSE: GRMN), a leading technology company specializing in GPS navigation and wearable technology, released an insightful report today, shedding light on the increasing trend of cycling activities across the globe. The data, sourced from the Garmin Connect community, reveals a significant rise in both outdoor and indoor cycling, along with notable health benefits for cyclists. This report underscores a growing global enthusiasm for cycling that shows no signs of abating.

Key Highlights from the Report

The report presents several critical insights from the past year:

  • Overall Increase in Cycling Activities: Cycling activities have surged by 7%, with indoor cycling activities experiencing a remarkable 12% increase.
  • Women Leading the Charge: Women cyclists have emerged as the fastest-growing demographic within the Garmin community, with a 9% increase in their cycling activities.
  • Performance Metrics: Garmin users who cycle at least 70 miles per week have an average normalized power of over 180 watts.
  • Regional Insights:
    • United Arab Emirates: Cyclists here are the fastest, averaging speeds of 16 miles per hour.
    • Denmark: Cyclists in Denmark exhibit the most powerful rides, with an average normalized power output of 196 watts.
    • Italy: Italian cyclists spend the most time on their bikes, averaging just over two hours per ride and covering an average distance of 29 miles.

      Professional Athletes Endorse Garmin Products

      Garmin’s high-performance cycling products have garnered praise from some of the world’s top athletes. Here are a few testimonials from professional cyclists sponsored by Garmin:

      Hannah Shell, Professional Off-Road Cyclist:
      "As a professional off-road cyclist, 90% of my training is power-based and done on the bike. I rely on the Garmin Rally XC200 pedals for accurate power measurement. After testing various options, I found the Rally pedals to be the most consistent and accurate. My Edge® 1040 Solar is indispensable, acting like a training partner with its navigation features and turn-by-turn directions. The Varia radar tail light is a game-changer for road safety, alerting me to approaching cars."

      Kasper Asgreen, Soudal Quick Step Cyclist:
      "I enjoy riding various bikes, from road to gravel to mountain bikes. My Edge 1040 Solar head unit and Varia radar are constants across all my bikes. The solar panel on the Edge 1040 Solar ensures I have enough power for long summer rides, while the Varia radar enhances my safety by making me aware of surrounding cars, especially during dark Scandinavian winters."

      Mischa Bredewold, Team SD Worx-Protime Cyclist:
      "I consider the Garmin system the ‘computer of my sporting life.’ The Edge 840 Solar and Forerunner® 955 Solar are essential tools for tracking my training and monitoring my physical data, such as sleep hours. This comprehensive tracking provides immense value in managing my performance as a top athlete."

      Preparing for Your Next Ride with Garmin

      Garmin offers a range of cycling products designed to enhance every ride, whether for casual cruising or competitive racing. Here are some of their standout offerings:

  • Edge GPS Cycling Computers: The Edge lineup, including the Edge Explore 2, Edge 540, Edge 840, Edge 1040, and Edge 1050, offers superior navigation, performance tracking, and smart connectivity to enhance the cycling experience.
  • Varia Rearview Radars: The Varia lineup, including the Varia RTL515, Varia RCT715, and Varia eRTL615, provides alerts for approaching vehicles and features tail lights for increased visibility. The Varia RCT715 even includes a built-in camera for recording rides.
  • Varia UT800 Smart Headlight: This headlight, which can pair with an Edge device, provides illumination in dark conditions and adjusts brightness based on ambient light when used with a compatible Edge cycling computer.
  • Rally Series Power Meter Pedals: These pedals offer reliable power data and advanced cycling dynamics. They are compatible with SHIMANO SPD-SL, SHIMANO SPD, or LOOK KEO cleats, making them easy to swap between bikes.
  • Tacx Trainers: For indoor training, Tacx trainers like the NEO 3M smart trainer and NEO Bike Plus provide accurate data measurements and features that simulate real-road conditions.
  • Multisport Smartwatches: Garmin’s premium multisport smartwatches, such as the Forerunner 965 and fēnix® 7 Pro, pair seamlessly with Garmin’s cycling products to track power, cycling dynamics, and health insights like recovery time, sleep, and stress.

    For more information on Garmin’s suite of cycling products, visit their website.

    About Garmin International, Inc.

    Garmin International, Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd., incorporated in Switzerland, with principal subsidiaries in the United States, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Garmin, Edge, Tacx, Forerunner, and fēnix are registered trademarks, while Rally and Varia are trademarks of Garmin

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