GeForce NOW Adds 22 New Games to July Lineup

NewsGeForce NOW Adds 22 New Games to July Lineup

GeForce NOW Expands Library with 22 New Games This Month

NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW, is set to delight its members with the addition of 22 new games this month. This expansion aims to keep gamers entertained and cool throughout the summer, whether they’re lounging by the pool, embarking on a long road trip, or enjoying the comfort of their air-conditioned homes.

This Week’s Highlights

This week, GeForce NOW introduces four new titles to its streaming platform, providing gamers with fresh content to dive into. These additions are part of a broader strategy to continuously update and expand the service’s library, ensuring a diverse range of games for its members.

Steam Summer Sale

In conjunction with the Steam Summer Sale, GeForce NOW members can enjoy great deals on over 850 titles available on the platform. These discounts are accessible through a dedicated Steam Summer Sale row on the GeForce NOW app, running until July 11. This sale presents an excellent opportunity for gamers to expand their libraries with high-quality titles at reduced prices.

Featured Game: The First Descendant

One of the standout additions this month is "The First Descendant" from NEXON. This game places players in the role of Descendants, who are tasked with protecting the powerful Iron Heart from the relentless Vulgus invaders. Set in a captivating sci-fi universe, "The First Descendant" is a third-person co-op action role-playing shooter that seamlessly blends looting mechanics with strategic combat. Players will engage in intense gunplay, face formidable bosses, and collect valuable loot while fighting to preserve humanity’s future.

Upcoming Releases

GeForce NOW members can look forward to several new releases throughout the month. Here’s a list of some highly anticipated titles:

  1. Once Human – Available on Steam from July 9
  2. Anger Foot – Available on Steam from July 11
  3. The Crust – Available on Steam from July 15
  4. Gestalt: Steam & Cinder – Available on Steam from July 16
  5. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – Available on Steam and Xbox from July 18, also on PC Game Pass
  6. Dungeons of Hinterberg – Available on Steam and Xbox from July 18, also on PC Game Pass
  7. Norland – Available on Steam from July 18
  8. Cataclismo – Available on Steam from July 22
  9. CONSCRIPT – Available on Steam from July 23
  10. F1 Manager 2024 – Available on Steam from July 23
  11. EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 6 – Available on Steam from July 25
  12. Stormgate Early Access – Available on Steam from July 30
  13. Cyber Knights: Flashpoint – Available on Steam
  14. Content Warning – Available on Steam
  15. Crime Boss: Rockay City – Available on Steam
  16. Gang Beasts – Available on Steam and Xbox, also on PC Game Pass
  17. HAWKED – Available on Steam
  18. Kingdoms and Castles – Available on Steam

    June Recap

    In addition to the new releases for July, GeForce NOW also saw a significant number of new games in June. Here are ten more titles that joined the GeForce NOW library last month:

  19. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game – Available on Steam from June 4
  20. Sneak Out – Available on Steam from June 6
  21. Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition – Available on Steam and Ubisoft from June 24
  22. As Dusk Falls – Available on Steam and Xbox, also on PC Game Pass
  23. Bodycam – Available on Steam
  24. Drug Dealer Simulator 2 – Available on Steam
  25. Sea of Thieves – Available on Steam and Xbox, also on PC Game Pass
  26. Skye: The Misty Isle – Available on Steam from June 19
  27. XDefiant – Available on Ubisoft
  28. Tell Me Why – Available on Steam and Xbox, also on PC Game Pass

    Unfortunately, Torque Drift 2 did not make it in June due to technical issues. However, NVIDIA has assured its members to stay tuned for updates on this title in future GFN Thursday announcements.

    Community Engagement

    NVIDIA continues to engage with its community through various platforms, including social media. They recently posted on Twitter, inviting gamers to share their experiences and preferences with the following prompts:

    • Game that you’ve played for over a year: _____
    • Multiplayer game you can’t stop playing: _____
    • Game that makes you rage: _____

      This interactive approach helps NVIDIA understand its users better and fosters a sense of community among GeForce NOW members.


      NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW continues to evolve, offering a robust selection of games and leveraging cloud technology to provide a seamless gaming experience across devices. The addition of 22 new games this month, along with the enticing deals from the Steam Summer Sale, underscores NVIDIA’s commitment to delivering value to its subscribers. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed shooters, strategic RPGs, or engaging multiplayer games, GeForce NOW has something to offer. Stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming!

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