Microsoft’s Announced Next Wave Of AI Innovation With Microsoft Bing And Edge

NewsMicrosoft’s Announced Next Wave Of AI Innovation With Microsoft Bing And Edge
Microsoft’s Announced next wave of AI Innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge

In January, OpenAI received a considerable boost in investment from Microsoft, with a declared sum of $10 billion. As a consequence, Microsoft now holds exclusive access to OpenAI’s technology and talented workforce, serving as its sole cloud provider.

Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI foretold its eagerness to leverage cutting-edge technology for its customers’ benefit. Since the announcement of their collaboration, Microsoft has been making instantaneous strides in the field.

The conceivable impact of ChatGPT on search capabilities was evident during our hands-on experience with the platform. For a prolonged span, Google has been the go-to destination for running online searches, where users had to sift through considerable search results to locate the responses they required. Nonetheless, the emergence of advanced language models such as ChatGPT and Bing has revolutionized the search experience by enabling users to ask questions and receive accurate answers with lightning-fast speed.

Microsoft in its blog emphasized the impressive performance and evolution of Bing, its search engine platform. In a mere 90-day period, users have utilized Bing’s chat functionality to participate in over 500 million conversations, receiving concise answers to diverse inquiries ranging from travel recommendations for individuals with allergies to collating geological information.

Additionally, Bing Image Creator has been utilized to forge over 200 million images. As an impact, Bing has transcended 100 million daily active users, and the Bing mobile app has encountered a four-fold expansion in day-to-day installs since its launch. This expansion has furthermore resulted in an upsurge in Bing’s market share, as well as eight successive quarters of growth for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft moreover showed its excitement to resume expanding the accessibility of Bing, such as through its integration with the Windows taskbar, which will facilitate it to reach over half a billion customers each month.

Next-Generation AI-Powered Bing and Edge

With that being said, Microsoft revealed the next generation of AI-powered Bing and Edge, which aimed to remake the search experience. They furthermore intend to create a web search procedure additionally more user-friendly and personalized. Some of the latest generation features will include:

  • Bing will be now available to all people with no more waitlist for trial.
  • the next generation will be more visual with rich images as well as videos.
  • the new generation will furthermore have chat history and persistent chats within Edge to permit multi-session productivity experiences
  • Now Microsoft has open-up platform capabilities so that devs and third parties can build on top of Bing to provide users with solutions that help them take action on their queries and complete tasks

Bing Now Available For Everyone

Microsft has also announced that the new Bing is now in Open Preview and there is no longer a waitlist, signifying that anyone can try it out easily by signing into Bing with their Microsoft Account. This is good news for those who haven’t checked out the new Bing and now they can finally test the new Bing and Edge.

Microsoft Enhances Bing Search with Richer Visual Answers and Expanded Image Creator

Microsoft is enriching Bing’s search experience by presenting richer, additionally more visual answers, including charts as well as graphs, and updated formatting of responses. These features will be available in chat, causing Bing the sole search experience that can forge both written and visual content in a single place. Microsoft is furthermore expanding Image Creator to all lingoes in Bing, permitting users to create images in their native language.

Furthermore, there are more modifications on the route, including a sleeker and more enriched user interface. Briefly, users will be capable to employ visual search in chat, permitting them to upload images and search the web for interconnected content.

Microsoft Adding Chat History and Share/Export Features to Bing

Microsoft abode user feedback who was insisting on two features for Bing chat. the foremost one is the capability to get chat history and the further one is the capability to share as well as export conversations. Microsoft is operating to make these features available and advised users that soon they will be permitted to catch up where they left off in prior chats, and readily share or export their chats.

Microsoft Persists to Create in Open More Responsibly

Lastly, Microsoft furthermore accentuates that accountable AI is at the basis of their new Bing and Edge experiences, and they have been accumulating real-world feedback to augment the experience to more users. They work with OpenAI to implement precautions against destructive content and address issues such as misinformation, content blockade, data protection, and biased content.

Microsoft further emphasized users to test the latest Bing and Edge, and also continue asked them to incorporate feedback so Microsoft can make weekly changes and add new experiences. You can visit or you can even download the Bing mobile app to experience the future of search.

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Tarim Zia
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