Interactive Thriller Twelve Minutes Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass

NewsInteractive Thriller Twelve Minutes Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass

Luis Antonio is the creator of Twelve Minutes, and he’s been working with Annapurna Interactive for the past several years to bring you this story that’s been buzzing around in his head for a while. Twelve Minutes is an interactive thriller about a man locked in a time loop that you may have heard about before.

Imagine, you having a beautiful evening with your wife, you play the role of the husband. When a police detective enters your home and accuses your wife of murder, also it will beat you to death, the night becomes a big nightmare. Only to be instantly transported back to the precise moment you unlocked the front door, trapped in a 12-minute time loop, forced to repeat the same terrifying experience over and over.

Interactive Thriller Twelve Minutes is Available Today with Xbox Game Pass
Image Source: Xbox

Unless you can find a way to modify the outcome and break the loop by using the knowledge of what’s ahead. The entire experience takes place in an apartment and incorporates the voices of James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe, all of whom contributed significantly to the story’s success. Twelve Minutes is a game about knowledge, how we acquire it, and how we may use it to affect the outcome or solve a challenge. It is inspired by classic point-and-click games.

The goal of 12 Minutes is to acquire clues and information in order to affect the night’s outcome and break the time loop. Your character retains the recollection of everything that transpired after each reset. Meanwhile, your wife has no recollection of the break-in and is continuing on a date night. As a player, you’ll felt the pressure of the ticking clock and the desperate need to persuade my wife to trust me and locate something in the apartment to help defend against the next break-in.

Interactive Thriller Twelve Minutes is Available Today with Xbox Game Pass
Image Source: Xbox

Almost everything may be clicked and seen, and many items can be added to your inventory and mixed with other items. You must determine which products to utilize and which questions to ask. The game’s basic design is deceiving; at first, it seemed safe to assume that the game only lives in the flat (the loop resets if you leave) and that there were only a few rooms to explore. However, as the game progressed, it became increasingly frustrating to be in such a confined space with so many options. Furthermore, the preview build’s slowness and problems made it difficult to continue through the story at points.

Interactive Thriller Twelve Minutes is Available Today with Xbox Game Pass
Image Source: Xbox

“What are you going to do about it if you know what’s going to happen?” Before the game’s release, Antonio, the game’s director, requested CNET. When a character dies in a basic video game then they’re sent back to the beginning of the level — or the last save point — to try again. While the players may be aware of what happens after certain save points, the game’s characters are usually unaware of their deaths or errors.

Thankfully, 12 Minutes has a conversational fast-forward option; hearing the same talk over and over is boring. But what happens when you discover a new story branch, a hint, an object you can use, or fresh dialogue? It’s a thrill of success and satisfaction. Despite the fact that 12 Minutes is a mystery thriller, Antonio sought to make the game approachable and thought-provoking for players, citing indie games like Papers, Please, and Florence as examples. It is the last time for the video game industry to engage beyond shooting, killing, accumulating points, and scoring,” Antonio stated.

12 Minutes is an amazing game one should try it. “It’s awesome to have it, but the industry needs to explore in other ways too, as other mediums have.”12 Minutes is currently available for $25 on Xbox One and $22.50 on Steam.

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