Spain defeats Germany in extra time, advances in Euro 2024.

NewsSpain defeats Germany in extra time, advances in Euro 2024.

Spain vs. Germany Highlights: Spain Wins in Extra Time, Advances to Euro 2024 Semifinals

On a thrilling Friday evening, Euro 2024 action saw Spain triumph over Germany in a quarterfinal clash at Stuttgart Arena. This gripping encounter, which has become one of the most trending topics on Google today, ended with Spain securing a dramatic victory in extra time, propelling them to the semifinals of the prestigious tournament.

For more detailed live updates and top moments from the match, refer to this live blog by Fox Sports.

A Night of Intense Football Action

The quarterfinal match between Spain and Germany was a highly anticipated event, drawing football fans from around the world. Both teams have rich histories and strong squads, making this duel a highlight of the tournament.

From the first whistle, the game was a showcase of high-quality football. Both teams demonstrated their tactical prowess and technical skills, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats.

First Half: A Balanced Contest

The first half of the match was evenly contested. Spain’s possession-based approach clashed with Germany’s direct and dynamic style, creating a fascinating tactical battle. Despite several promising attacks from both sides, the first half ended in a goalless draw, with neither team able to break the deadlock.

Second Half: Germany Takes the Lead

The second half began with a burst of energy from Germany, who were determined to take control of the game. Their efforts paid off in the 55th minute when Serge Gnabry found the back of the net with a well-placed shot, giving Germany a 1-0 lead.

Spain’s Resilience and Equalizer

Spain, known for their resilience, did not let the setback deter them. They continued to press forward and maintain possession. Their persistence was rewarded in the 78th minute when Alvaro Morata scored a crucial equalizer, bringing the score to 1-1.

Extra Time: Spain Seals the Win

With the match tied at the end of regular time, it headed into extra time. The tension was palpable as both teams fought for a place in the semifinals. In the 105th minute, Spain’s young sensation, Pedri, scored a stunning goal, putting Spain ahead 2-1. Germany pushed hard for an equalizer, but Spain’s defense held firm, securing their victory.

Key Moments and Players

  • Serge Gnabry’s Goal: Gnabry’s goal in the 55th minute was a moment of brilliance, showcasing his clinical finishing skills.
  • Alvaro Morata’s Equalizer: Morata’s goal in the 78th minute was a testament to Spain’s attacking persistence.
  • Pedri’s Decisive Goal: Pedri’s goal in extra time was the turning point, highlighting his exceptional talent and composure under pressure.

    Reactions and Reviews

    The match drew reactions from football pundits and fans alike. Spanish manager Luis Enrique praised his team’s determination and tactical discipline, while German coach Hansi Flick acknowledged the high level of competition and expressed disappointment at the result.

    Football analysts highlighted the clash as one of the best matches of the tournament so far, applauding the quality of play and the dramatic twists.

    Technical Jargon Explained

  • Possession-based Approach: This refers to a style of play where a team focuses on maintaining control of the ball, often using short passes to build up attacks.
  • Clinical Finishing: This term describes a player’s ability to convert scoring opportunities efficiently and accurately.

    Additional Insights

    Spain’s victory is not just a testament to their current form but also to the depth of talent in their squad. Young players like Pedri are stepping up on big occasions, indicating a bright future for Spanish football.

    Germany, despite their loss, demonstrated their strength and will be a formidable team in future tournaments. Their young talents and tactical versatility ensure they remain a powerhouse in international football.


    Spain’s thrilling win over Germany in the Euro 2024 quarterfinals has captivated football fans worldwide and dominated Google searches today. With this victory, Spain advances to the semifinals, keeping their hopes of lifting the Euro 2024 trophy alive.

    For more detailed live updates and top moments from the match, you can refer to this live blog by Fox Sports.

    Stay tuned for more updates on Euro 2024 as the tournament continues to deliver exciting and memorable moments.

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