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How To Fix Keyboard Not Working Issue In Windows 11

In this troubleshooting guide, we will help you to fix the keyboard not working issue in Windows 11

The keyboard is one of the most important yet underrated input devices of your PC. We always tend to sideline the keyboard’s importance and take it for granted. We realize this only when the keyboard stops functioning normally and we are unable to complete most of the basic tasks.

There are several problems that can make your keyboard malfunction. It can stop functioning completely at once or some of the keys may not respond to the keystroke. Recently my keyboard’s spacebar and enter keys started to act up out of nowhere. When this happens, there is no limit to frustration; the workflow is thrown off track.

Keyboard Not Working Issue in Windows 11

However, I was able to make these keys work after trying a couple of workarounds. If you are someone who is facing the same issue with the keyboard of your Windows 11 PC, don’t worry! You have finally reached the right place. In this troubleshooting guide, I have put down the most useful workarounds that will surely fix the keyboard not working issue on Windows 11.

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Update your Keyboard Driver

Another hack worth trying here is updating the driver of your keyboard. If the keyboard’s driver is causing the problem here, updating the driver will surely solve it. So let’s update your keyboard’s driver and see if it solves the problem here.

  • Press the Windows key to open the Start menu and type Device Manager in the search bar
  • Now click on its icon under the search results to reach the device manager settings.
  • When you are in this window, expand the keyboard tab here by clicking on it. Now you will see all the hardware devices present on your PC.
  • Now access the context menu of the ‘HID Keyboard Device’ or ‘Standard PS/2 Keyboard’ driver, whichever is applicable on your PC.

  • Now click the ‘Update Driver’ option here.

After the keyboard’s driver is updated successfully, restart your PC and see if the issue with the keyboard drivers is fixed.

Disable Sticky and Filter Keys on your PC

Several users on the online forums have mentioned that sticky keys most often than not interfere in the proper functioning of the keyboard. Hence, if you turn them off, there is a good chance that your keyboard issues will be solved completely. So let’s try this simple yet effective workaround:

  • Access the Settings app from the pinned apps in the Start menu.
  • Now open the Accessibility tab from the left sidebar of the Settings app
  • Next, scroll down and click on the Keyboard option present in the ‘Interaction’ section

keyboard not working issue on Windows 11

  • Now look for the Sticky Keys option on the next page and turn off the toggle present next to it.
  • Now go back and see if the keyboard is back to normal.

Use the Keyboard Troubleshooter

If any of the above methods did not fix the malfunctioning keyboard, it’s best to take help from Windows itself. For this, you need to run the in-built Windows troubleshooter specifically made to sort out keyboard issues. When you will do it, Windows will itself see what is exactly causing the problem. Then it will present you will the solutions depending on whether the issue is hardware or software specific. Let’s see how you can run the keyboard troubleshooter on your Windows 11 PC:

  • Firstly, click the Windows icon on your Windows 11 taskbar to open the Start menu.
  • Now type Settings in the search bar given above and click on the first search result you see in the result section. You can also use the Windows+I shortcut to open the Settings App if these keys are still working on your keyboard.
  • When the Settings app opens up, click on the ‘System’ tile present on the left sidebar.
  • Now click the ‘Troubleshoot’ option present in the right panel of the Settings window.
  • Next, choose the ‘Other Troubleshooter’ option present under the Troubleshoot section of the Window.

  • Now scroll down the window until you reach the ‘Keyboard’ option under the ‘Other’ section of the troubleshooting page.
  • Finally, press the Run button present next to the ‘Keyboard Troubleshooter’.

Now Windows will examine the problem with the keyboard and let you know what the underlying cause of this problem is.


That was the quick guide about fixing the Keyboard not working issue on your Windows 11. If none of the above hacks work for you right now, this means there is some hardware issue with your keyboard. You need to invest in a new keyboard or take this one to the repair center. Hope this helps!

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