Meta: India Ranks Among Top Global Users of Threads

NewsMeta: India Ranks Among Top Global Users of Threads

Celebrating One Year of Threads: Insights, Updates, and Community Highlights

Threads, the social media platform designed to foster meaningful conversations, has reached its first anniversary. Launched with the belief that everyone has something valuable to say, Threads has quickly become a go-to space for people worldwide to share their thoughts and ideas. Notably, India has emerged as one of the most active countries on the platform.

To commemorate this milestone, Threads has rolled out new updates and shared some intriguing insights from its first year. Let’s delve into these updates and explore the highlights from the vibrant Threads community in India.

New Updates and Insights from Threads’ First Year

1. User Growth and Engagement:
Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Threads has surpassed 175 million monthly active users. This impressive milestone highlights the platform’s growing popularity and its ability to attract a diverse user base.

2. Topic Tags:
Threads has seen the creation of over 50 million topic tags globally. These tags help users discover and engage with posts that matter to them, fostering a sense of community around shared interests.

3. Popular Emojis:
The top five emojis used on Threads globally are , , , , and . These emojis reflect the platform’s lively and expressive user base.

4. Popular Topics in India:
In India, Threads users are particularly enthusiastic about film, TV, and OTT content, celebrity-related conversations, and sports. These topics dominate the platform, creating dynamic and engaging discussions.

5. User Behavior in India:
Indian users are more likely to mention other users and incorporate videos in their posts compared to the global average. This trend underscores the interactive and multimedia-rich nature of the Threads community in India.

6. Hidden Surprises:
To celebrate its first anniversary, Threads has introduced a few surprises within the app. The first surprise is already live, adding an element of fun and excitement for users.

Highlights from the Threads Community in India

1. Building Strong Communities:
Connecting with others is at the heart of social media, and Threads excels in this aspect. The platform’s Topic Tags feature allows users to tag their posts with relevant topics, enhancing discovery and engagement. Since its introduction, over 50 million tags have been created, bringing communities together around shared interests. In India, popular tags revolve around:

  • Film, OTT, and TV Content: Tags like #GunturKaaram, #Kalki2898AD, #HouseofDragon, and #KotaFactoryS3 are widely used. Shows like Shark Tank India and Indian Idol 14 also generate significant discussions.
  • Celebrity Conversations: Tags such as #BTS11thAnniversary, #AditiRaoHydari, Darshan Thoogudeepa, and Margot Robbie are popular among users.
  • Sports: Cricket-related tags like #T20WorldCup, #IPLPlayoffs, and #WPL2024 dominate, along with football tags like #Euro2024, #Messi, and Sunil Chhetri. Tennis tags, including #CarlosAlcaraz, are also prevalent.

    2. Cricket Craze:
    Cricket is a major passion for Threads users in India. Current players like Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja, former cricketers such as Akash Chopra and Suresh Raina, and experts like Ridhima Pathak share their love for the game on the platform. International cricketers like AB de Villiers also contribute to the cricket conversations. Events like the T20 Cricket World Cup, IPL, and Women’s Premier League 2024 have sparked lively discussions. Over 200 creators shared updates about the concluded IPL season on Threads.

    3. Multimedia Posts:
    While Threads is primarily a text-based platform, many users supplement their posts with media. Indian users, in particular, are more likely to mention others and use videos in their posts compared to the global average. Photos are also a popular feature, with one in four Threads posts including at least one image. The introduction of an in-app camera and the growing Photography Threads community have made photos a popular way to enhance text-based posts.

    4. Content Creators:
    Threads has provided content creators with a fresh platform to grow their influence. Creators use Threads to explore different interest areas or niches. For instance, @tarini_shah shares her insights on fashion, while other creators use Threads as a journal or for meme-sharing, like @shrayraitiwari.

    Threads has made significant strides in its first year, becoming a valuable platform for public, text-based sharing. As the platform looks ahead, it aims to enhance the user experience by adding more features that make people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. With a commitment to fostering real-time discussions and following interests, Threads is poised for continued growth and success.

    The first year of Threads has demonstrated that everyone truly has something interesting and valuable to say. As the platform evolves, it will continue to be a space where diverse voices can connect, share, and engage in meaningful conversations.

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