VR Headset Prices High As Apple Bides Its Time

NewsVR Headset Prices High As Apple Bides Its Time

It appears that the prices for virtual reality (VR) headsets are currently high. It is suggested that this may be because Apple has not yet entered the market. The Vive XR Elite and Meta Quest Pro are two of the high-end VR headsets available in the market. The first-ever technology editor for the BBC, Zoe Kleinman, recently wrote about her experience using the headsets she tried. She said she used virtual reality to box, hunt for cute aliens, and pilot a robot that fired lasers. And created her own masterpiece.

She tested some headsets that cost almost twice as much as the smartphone we used to capture the photo up there. At least for the time being, they may be significantly less useful. She also compared the price of The new HTC Vive and Meta’s Quest Pro. The HTC Vive XR will cost £1,299 or $1,099 when it launches next month. A few months ago, Meta’s Quest Pro went on sale for £1,499 or $1,499.

As the meta headset is already in the market. Meta refused to disclose the number of units it has sold to date. But given the exorbitant price, it is not a lot. It intended to be a teaser for Meta’s vision of the future rather than a bestseller. Therefore, targeted corporations and (rich) early adopters.

The Vive XR Elite was released this year, and priced at $1,099. Meta Quest Pro, released in 2022, is too expensive and lacks the features of HTC’s Vive headsets. HTC’s Vive XR Elite has positioned as a cheaper alternative to the Meta Quest Pro, while still providing many of the same features

VR Headset Prices High as Apple Bides its Time

Evolving Hardware

Both the Vive XR Elite and the Meta Quest Pro are leaning more towards mixed reality than an immersive experience. Through Meta Quest Pro, you can always see your physical surroundings out of the side, which is not possible with the Vive XR Elite. The Vive XR Elite, however, does offer a much higher resolution, a wider field of view, and a more comfortable design. The Meta Quest Pro also provides a color passthrough camera, eye- and face-tracking features, and advanced gesture recognition. Both headsets offer more features than the previous total immersive experience. But the Vive XR Elite is the better choice for those looking for an immersive experience.

The HTC Vive Elite is a high-end VR headset offering advanced features such as 6DoF motion controllers and high-resolution displays. The Meta Quest Pro is also a high-end VR headset that offers advanced features such as 6DoF motion controllers and high-resolution displays. It also offers unique features such as hand tracking and inside-out tracking. Both VR headsets are expensive, but the cost is due to the technology, features, and quality of the product.

HTC Vive XR Elite Versus Meta Quest Pro

Vive XR Elite

She added that the majority of the demos she attempted with the HTC showed the real environment behind the graphics via a camera. As a result, her virtual boxing target didn’t land right in front of her colleague Ammie was standing in real life, sparing him a hit to the nose.

In her article, she used the term “VR” to refer to several technologies. Including (AR) and (MR). AR and MR are more about enriching your current environment or easily transitioning between them than about entirely losing yourself in a virtual one. Users will be able to wear their headsets for an extended period, or as long as the two-hour battery life allows.

The HTC Holoride, which intend for car passengers, is an example of this kind of technology. It’s a collection of games that move at the same speed as the vehicle you’re in, and if the car stops at red lights, so does your flying robot. Although the idea seems intriguing, the price of €900 (£800) and the limited number of games are considered a downside.

Meta Quest Pro

VR Headset Prices High As Apple Bides Its Time

She reportedly had a very strange encounter with the Quest Pro. Zoe also described how she used a magic lamp to search the floor for an alien rabbit-like creature before it bounced through the wall, into a fantasy world. She was not permitted to enter. Then, she encountered an avatar that mirrored her facial expressions and had a youthful green face with pink flower petals for her hair. This is created to demonstrate how she would look after the Metaverse becomes fully functional.

Unfortunately, as Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg emphasized at the Quest Pro launch “legs are tricky,” as existing Meta avatars do not yet have legs. Nevertheless, she found the demonstration to be both fascinating and strangely distant as she observed the creature act exactly as she would.

Future Possibilities

There are some useful applications for VR. It is often promoted as a valuable training tool. Which allows engineers to practice intricate aircraft repairs and surgeons to safely learn how to do delicate surgeries. It makes it viable for millions of people to attend enormous live events together. In 2019 Approximately 11 million people watched the DJ Marshmello performance that was held inside the video game Fortnite. Numerous players adored it. However, it still represents a novelty and not an integral part of our daily existence. Many people haven’t tried it outside of the computer industry. Or they have only done it once or twice in an arcade.

The Editor advises that even if you choose to spend a lot of money, you shouldn’t anticipate finding the experiences natural. It takes practice using the controllers. When using the HTC Vive XR, picking up a guitar to play Guitar Hero is a frustratingly difficult task.

Apple, the tech giant whose 2007 iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry, has not yet released a gadget. There have been numerous rumors and purported leaks concerning the release of AR glasses, possibly this year. But Apple has been characteristically silent up to this point. Despite this, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has previously called augmented reality (AR) “a fundamental technology that will influence everything”.Thus there is little doubt that possible research in Cupertino is currently in process, where Apple’s US headquarters are located. If the pricing is right, some Apple magic may transform VR from a nice-to-have into a must-have.

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