Heart Rate Monitoring & Android Integration Let You Monitor Your Fitness Stats on Meta Quest

NewsHeart Rate Monitoring & Android Integration Let You Monitor Your Fitness Stats...

Keeping track of your fitness goals can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting. With the introduction of a new heart rate tracking feature and Health Connect by Android integration on Meta Quest, you can easily track your VR fitness progress and stay encouraged on your journey to becoming the finest version of yourself.

Android Integration

Meta Quest Move is a virtual reality (VR) fitness platform that lets you exercise without ever leaving your home. It’s a great way to break a sweat in the comfort of your own home or a virtual gym. Now, with the new heart rate tracking feature and Health Connect by Android integration, you can keep track of all your stats and progress.

Meta Quest Move fitness statistics can directly sync to Android Health Connect. This integration allows Android users to automatically track VR fitness workouts. The data on existing Quest headsets also sync with Health Connect, allowing users to access their VR fitness stats in one place.

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Heart Rate Monitoring & Android Integration Let You Monitor Your Fitness Stats on Meta Quest
Heart Rate Monitoring & Android Integration Let You Monitor Your Fitness Stats on Meta Quest
Heart Rate Monitoring & Android Integration Let You Monitor Your Fitness Stats on Meta Quest

Meta pledges that the fitness data will be kept in an encrypted state that won’t be used for targeted advertisements. Now your Move stats (like your calories burned and your VR fitness goals) will be encrypted and stored on Meta’s servers so you can track your progress over time. On the History tab, you’ll see recorded data. Utilize the All Stats dropdown if you want to filter by year, month, or week. The accounts on the chart will show you your progress over time.

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Heart Rate Integration

Fitness Stats on Meta Quest

In addition to tracking your stats, you can now pair your Meta Quest headset with a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor. This new feature allows you to track your heart rate in real-time while you are in a VR workout. This will give you access to more precise information on how your VR workouts are raising your heart rate.

Easily track your VR fitness progress on the Meta Quest mobile app by enabling syncing of your Meta Quest Move stats, like calories burned, move minutes, and more. This means all your exercise stats, including your activities both in and out of VR tracked and available in one place.

With Meta Quest’s new heart rate tracking feature, you can now pair a heart rate monitor with your headset. It gives you better insight into how your VR workouts are affecting your heart rate. Compatible heart rate monitors include the Garmin HRM-Dual and the Polar H10, while other heart rate monitors that feature Bluetooth pairing may also work. Having this additional information on hand will help you better achieve your fitness goals.

Heart rate integration is an expected feature for most connected fitness platforms, allowing users to monitor their activity more precisely. Platforms such as Peloton, Hydrow, and even gyms have been offering heart rate integration for some time. Apple Fitness Plus users can view their Apple Watch heart rate data during a class from the first day. Meta Quest has now joined the trend, offering its users the ability to track their heart rate in real-time during their VR workouts. Meta Quest hasn’t specified when the updates will be available, but users will be able to enjoy the new feature soon.

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Elite Strap Bundle

meta quest

For a limited period, you can get the Elite Strap for no extra cost when you purchase Meta Quest 2. This ergonomic accessory helps you get the most out of your VR workouts. Just by letting you balance and support your headset with a simple twist of a fit wheel. So you can keep your head in the game no matter how active you are.

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap Bundle includes best accessory for you to get the most out of your VR experience. Bundle includes Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap, a battery pack, and a carrying case. You are giving yourself the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and convenience.

The Elite Strap is designed to improve the fit and comfort of your Meta Quest 2 headset. Along with rigid straps and a rear hammock that evenly distributes the weight of the headset. The battery pack extends the playtime of your headset to up to 3.5-4 hours while carrying the case. Making it easy to transport your device. Elite Strap also features a tightening knob. Allowing you to adjust the fit of a headset to get the most comfortable experience. The bundle is essential for anyone looking to get the most out of their Meta Quest 2 and make the maximum out of their VR experience.

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