Microsoft Build More Integrated Cloud Experiences With More Than 1400 Connectors

NewsMicrosoft Build More Integrated Cloud Experiences With More Than 1400 Connectors

This increase in data volume and the need to manage it with limited resources presents a significant challenge for organizations. IT departments are encountering the task of not only managing larger amounts of data. But also ensuring that it remains properly stored, secured, and easily accessible to those who need it. This requires a shift in data management strategies and the implementation of new technologies. Such as cloud-based storage solutions, to handle the increased volume and complexity of data. Additionally, organizations must also focus on data governance and security to protect against potential breaches and ensure compliance with regulations. Overall, managing the growth in data requires a comprehensive approach that addresses both technical and organizational challenges.

As organizations adopt more cloud solutions and applications. Along with experiences to support their hybrid workforce and changing business needs, the risk of cyber attacks also increases. Without security and governance solutions that are built to work across multi-cloud and app environments, the expansion of attack surfaces and gaps for adversaries to exploit becomes more significant. This can lead to devastating business disruptions and financial damages, with the average breach costing $4.35 million. To address this challenge, organizations need to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. A kind of cybersecurity that can account for all potential attack surfaces across their multi-cloud environments. This strategy should include solutions such as multi-cloud security, threat intelligence, incident response, and governance. However, it has been found that many organizations struggle with this. With 86% of surveyed decision-makers believing their current cybersecurity strategy does not keep up with their multi-cloud environments.

Build More Integrated Cloud Experiences with More Than 1,400 Connectors

connect your third-party services to Microsoft Cloud solutions Seamlessly

All of these potential issues that stem from disconnected data and applications across multi-cloud and multi-system environments can be addressed by connecting these systems and data. Microsoft Cloud offerings such as Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Power Query, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, and Microsoft Sentinel have been designed with this in mind. And have worked with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) ecosystem to create a library of over 1,400 connectors. It allows seamless connection of third-party services to these Microsoft Cloud solutions. This makes Microsoft Cloud one of the most connected and open clouds on the market. Moreover, the connector library continues to grow every day. This allows organizations to easily connect their data and applications across multi-cloud and multi-system environments. Whilst addressing issues such as data replication, siloed experiences, and growing attack surfaces. Although, you can benefit from these existing integrations:

  • Connect to all of your data from on-premises, multiple clouds, and outside sources to extract value from it.
  • Create tightly integrated app experiences that support your particular business scenarios by combining Microsoft and third-party apps.
  • Make sure your security, governance, and compliance solutions function across platforms and cloud environments to secure your entire organization and close gaps.

Microsoft Power BI software

Using Microsoft Cloud solutions such as Microsoft Power BI, allows organizations to connect to all their data and turn it into impact. No matter where their data currently resides or how they choose to manage it going forward. This feature was one of the reasons why Walmart chose to standardize Microsoft Power BI. So, they can fulfill their reporting and analytics needs. Micah Dail, Director, Finance Data & Analytics at Walmart said, “One of the key criteria in selecting our solution was knowing that Power BI works so well with a vast number of partners. Not necessarily just Microsoft products. Our technological stack at Walmart involves a lot of different vendors. Nevertheless, it was essential to have a tool like Power BI that can integrate everything.”

Pre-built Teams connectors – for powerful & integrated app experiences


Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ), a renowned clinical and educational hospital and trauma center in the Netherlands, also employed pre-built Teams connectors. To build strong, integrated app experiences that enable their clinicians to achieve more. By combining Microsoft and third-party products through connectors. ETZ designed a brilliant solution that reasonably served their unique business needs. Ceasar van Eeden, Application Analyst at Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital said “We used Teams to help build a fully integrated solution. So that doctors can record online patient consultations without needing to establish additional systems.”

Microsoft Power Platform – the ideal choice for Coca-Cola UNITED

Matech Series

Coca-Cola UNITED, one of the biggest and fastest-growing bottlers and distributors of Coca-Cola products, recognized various opportunities to automate and expedite procedures through a low-code platform. They needed a solution that could connect to and integrate with their current SAP system, which is housed on Microsoft Azure, to make the most of this investment. The extensive library of pre-built integrations with SAP and Azure services made the Microsoft Power Platform the ideal choice for Coca-Cola UNITED. Jared Simmons, the Systems Analyst at Coca-Cola UNITED, said “Once I learned about the data connectors and how they would work with our SQL database and our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, everything else simply dropped into the right place. We also appreciate the platform’s extensibility, which allows us to create and integrate customized connectors through Azure Logic Apps.”

Pearson VUE uses Microsoft Sentinel for data safety


An extensive group of connectors ensures that Microsoft’s market-leading security, governance, and compliance solutions can seamlessly operate across platforms and cloud settings, providing complete security. An example of this is the global exam provider, Pearson VUE, which uses Microsoft Sentinel to see everything that’s going on in its estate, whether from Microsoft or non-Microsoft security solutions and be as proactive as possible. “The simple interoperability with Microsoft Sentinel and so many other technologies make it easier for us to standardize processes and achieve improved cybersecurity,” stated Vladan Pulec, the Enterprise Architect at Pearson VUE. The simple interoperability with Microsoft Sentinel and so many other technologies make it easier for us to standardize processes and achieve improved cybersecurity,” said Vladan Pulec, the Enterprise Architect at Pearson VUE.

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