10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023, According To CES Report

News10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023, According To CES Report

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world’s largest and most influential technology events, showcasing the latest and greatest in consumer technology. CES 2023 was an incredibly exciting event, with a wide range of tech trends on show. Smart tech was a major focus, with a wide range of products and services related to the home and office.

Moreover, Healthcare was also a key theme, with products and services related to medical technology and health monitoring. EVs were also popular, with many car brands introducing new vehicle models designed for electric power. Finally, home appliances and smart tech were also popular, with several products and services associated with home automation were also there. In short, CES 2023 showed us a glimpse into the future of technology. As we look ahead to 2023, here are 10 tech trends to expect, according to CES:

#1. Automotive Technology

CES 2023

The automotive industry is expected to continue to evolve in 2023, with more electric and autonomous vehicles being developed and released. This will have a significant impact on the way we travel and the way cities are designed.

Electric vehicles (EVs) were the major stars at CES 2023. With the rise in popularity of EVs, many luxury car concepts like the color-changing BMW ix and minivans like VW’s ID. Buzz now features electric engines. This shift in the market means EVs are no longer just for niche buyers. But are now accessible to the masses. This is due to the fact that people are increasingly considering the purchase of an EV. This makes it a popular trend in the automotive industry.

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#2. Innovative Healthcare & Wellness Gadgets

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

Yes, 2023 was a big year for wearable gadgets and healthcare devices. At CES, many well-known companies like Acer and JBL showcased new products that combined exercise and work desks. As well as earbuds that featured IP68 certification and saltwater resistance. Smaller companies also showcased some innovative products. The products include Withings’ U-Scan urine monitor, Alphabeats’ EEG headband, and various wearable techs that monitor health and improve well-being.

There were many displays of wearable technology at CES 2023 that can monitor health and improve well-being. These products included rings to monitor menstrual cycles, high heels that distribute impact evenly, and smartwatches that can track a variety of metrics and data. All of these products demonstrate how technology is becoming increasingly advanced and how it can improve our lives. This is a benefit to us all, as we can now track our health more accurately and make more informed decisions based on this data.

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#3. Steady Evolution Of Mobile Phones & Wearables

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023
The BHeart watch band

CES or the Consumer Electronics Show typically focuses on showcasing new technology and products in a variety of industries, including electronics, home appliances, and automotive. While smartphones are a major part of the technology industry, they are not typically the focus of major announcements at CES. Mobile World Congress, held in late February, is generally considered the more important event for smartphone announcements and launches. However, manufacturers do still showcase new smartphones and related technology at CES, but these announcements are typically evolutionary rather than revolutionary in nature.

At CES 2023, Lenovo launched its ThinkPhone by Motorola which promises deep integration with Lenovo’s ThinkPad family of laptops. Samsung’s Galaxy A14 5G was also unveiled and it has decent specs for its price, as well as a pioneering mobile design language. TCL also announced its 2023 smartphone lineup with three new devices, which all have entry-level CPUs and RAM but deliver elsewhere with its NXTVISION screen technology and a 50MP main camera.

Real advancements in smartphones are limited to advancements in tech that are already trending, such as satellite-connected smartphones. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced its Qi2 version, which includes a Magnetic Power Profile based on Apple’s MagSafe, while wearables such as TCL’s RayNeo X2 augmented-reality glasses and Sony’s PSVR2 virtual reality headset also got some attention.

Furthermore, numerous headphones were disclosed, such as JBL’s Tour Pro 2, Poly’s Voyager Free 6, Urbanista’s Phoenix, and Sennheiser’s Conversation Clear Plus. These advancements demonstrate how technology is becoming increasingly advanced and how it can improve the quality of our lives.

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#4. Smart Home Automation

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

Smart home appliances were a major focus at CES 2023, with many of the major manufacturers showcasing new and innovative products. Samsung, LG, Philips, Nanoleaf, and GE all had something to show, highlighting the growing interest in this segment of the technology industry.

LG announced three new appliance lines, the Minimalist, the updated Signature, and the upgradable ThinQ UP. These lines feature a variety of appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers that are designed to be more intuitive and connected. The ThinQ UP line, for example, allows users to control and monitor their appliances from their smartphones, making it easier to manage their homes.

Samsung also had several new appliances to show, including the Bespoke line of refrigerators, which features a 32″ touch screen. This allows users to access information such as recipes, weather, and news, as well as control other smart devices in their homes. The Bespoke line also includes other appliances such as ovens and dishwashers that are designed to be more connected and intuitive.

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#5. Advanced Panel Displays

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

CES 2023 also witnessed several new panel displays, aimed at different segments of the market. Samsung’s ViewFinity S9, for example, aims at creative professionals and includes a color calibration engine that covers 99% of the DCI-P3 gamut. With TV offerings that go up to 140″ in size and 8K resolution, it also includes support for Matter and embedded social features.

Samsung also showcased its Flex line of concept panels at CES 2023, which consists of three displays. It includes the Flex S (aimed at tablets), the Flex Bar and Flex Square for horizontal and vertical folding respectively, and the Flex G which is a rollable display for laptops. Additionally, the company also showcased a 2,000-nit HDR screen for smartphones, which should arrive in the coming months

LG decided to take a different approach with its new Signature OLED M TV, which gets rid of cables by using an AV box that transmits 4K at 120 Hz wirelessly to the panel. The only wiring required is the power cord, making for a sleek and minimalist design.

Additionally, Roku announced its own line of TVs, a surprise move for the company. The company’s main strategy for 2023 will be to rely less on third parties to reach consumers’ living rooms, it seems. These new TVs are expected to come with built-in Roku software, providing an easy and seamless streaming experience for users.

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#6. Flexible & Foldable Screens

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

One trend that has been consistent in recent years is the growing popularity of Chromebooks. Chromebooks have been taking market share from entry-level Windows laptops and even some midrange ones. This year, Asus announced a new Vibe offering that focused on cloud gaming, complete with RGB lighting. HP launched a ChromeOS version of its Dragonfly Pro laptop. And Acer even displayed a Chromebox that can be attached to a monitor.

The craze that has been consistent in recent years is the evolution of ultra-thin laptops. These laptops are becoming increasingly thin and packing in longer-lasting, stronger batteries each year. LG announced the Gram Ultraslim at CES 2023, which is 10.99mm in thickness and 998 grams in weight. Along with HP and the Dragonfly G4, Asus with ExpertBook B9, and Acer’s Swift Go range. Sony Vaio also entered the party with the SX14. These laptops are sacrificing a bit of performance for higher mobility, making them more convenient to carry around.

Many of these devices offer OLED screens by default or via upgrades. And panels displaying true black are becoming more and more common for flagship and even midrange laptops. Lenovo also announced the Yoga Book 9i, a dual-screen laptop that resembles Microsoft’s canceled Surface Neo. It differs from foldable devices like Asus’ ZenBook 17 Fold or Lenovo’s own ThinkPad X1 Fold, opting instead for two 13.3-inch screens and a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. This demonstrates how manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of laptop technology and creating new and innovative designs.

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#7. Faster GPUs & Higher Refresh Rate Monitors

 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

One trend that was evident among the gaming laptops announced at CES 2023 was the increasing availability of high refresh rate displays. The lower end for gaming laptop displays seems to be at 120Hz. But many manufacturers are offering even higher refresh rates on their higher-end models. Dell’s entry-level G family of gaming laptops starts at 120Hz but goes up to higher refresh rates. Acer starts at 144Hz for the Nitro series and 250Hz for the Predator series. Alienware’s M16 and M18 can go up to 480Hz, though at the cost of resolution, as the display options that refresh that fast are FHD.

LG chose a moderate approach with its UltraGear monitors. It offers a pair of monitors with 240Hz refresh rates. But with OLED and 27″ QHD, and a 45″ curved WQHD option.

Asus also delivered similar offerings in size, display technology, and refresh rates to LG. But, its ROG sub-brand went a little further, pushing out a 540Hz gaming monitor. Dell’s gaming division also promised the launch of a 500Hz gaming monitor later in 2023.

Samsung took a different approach, while not playing the refresh rate game, it had some interesting offerings. The Odyssey Neo G9 has a 57″ curved screen with a 32:9 ratio and dual-4K resolution. The Odyssey OLED G9 is smaller at 49″ and caps resolution to dual-QHD but delivers true black due to the quantum dot OLED panel. Both have a refresh rate of 240Hz.

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#8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

At CES 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a major theme among exhibitors. AI technology was showcased in a variety of applications, from smartphones to smart home devices to wearables. TCL used AI to enhance photos on its smartphone line. Meanwhile, Govee used AI to sync up smart home lights with on-screen gaming content in its AI Gaming Sync Box Kit. Truekinetix implemented an AI-powered balance pedal force on its smart exercise bike. And Citizen used AI to deliver health insights to its CZ Smartwatch. AI allowed power video upscaling for Nvidia graphics cards and facial recognition in the new Samsung Bespoke AI Oven. AI, also helps to power voice assistants and intuitive lighting systems, as well as to enhance audio quality in LG TVs.

Lenovo showcased its Legion line of gaming laptops, all equipped with a dedicated AI processor to optimize performance. This AI processor was created in order to ramp up fan speeds, limit the TDP passed to the CPU and GPU, and make the battery last longer. The Legion line of gaming laptops also features up to an 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series processor. It also features NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series graphics, and up to a 360Hz refresh rate display. With its powerful hardware, AI processor, and impressive features, the Legion line of gaming laptops is sure to be a popular choice for gamers in 2023.

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#9. More immersive experiences with Virtual / Augmented Reality

10 Tech Trends To Expect In 2023
Vive XR Elite

At CES 2023, HTC revealed its long-awaited Vive XR Elite headset. It offers a number of unique features that make it stand out from other AR and VR headsets. The headset has a modular design. It allows users to wear it either like eyeglasses or in a traditional VR headset fit. And the lenses are adjustable to help eyeglass wearers see more clearly. The XR Elite also features four wide-angle cameras for tracking the user’s hands or a pair of motion controllers. It also features a Snapdragon XR2 processor, 12 GB of memory, and 128 GB of storage. With its unique features and powerful hardware, the Vive XR Elite is sure to be a popular choice for AR and VR enthusiasts in 2023.

In addition to that, Holoride is a company that creates in-car VR experiences by mapping in-game or in-app movements to the real-world motion of the user’s vehicle. The idea worked via the use of “Elastic Content” technology, which adjusts the VR experience to match the movement of the vehicle. This allows users to enjoy a more immersive and comfortable VR experience while traveling in a car.

#10. Beauty Innovations

Tech Trends To Expect In 2023

L’Oréal has developed a smart, portable applicator named HAPTA. It is designed to help people with limited arm or hand mobility to apply makeup. The applicator which designed to mimic the different actions of a beauty routine and is customized with different accessories to handle packaging and apply products. For instance mascara or lipstick. The device features a 360-degree swivel magnetic attachment with 180-degree flexibility. It allows a wide range of motion and precision in application. The applicator is currently in development and will launch in the name of Lancôme, one of L’Oréal’s brands, in 2023.

Furthermore, there has been a growing trend of beauty companies leveraging new technology to create more personalized and inclusive products. This can include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create personalized skincare routines. Or the use of advanced robotics and automation to make makeup applications more accessible for people with limited mobility.

These are just a few of the many trends we can expect to see at CES 2023 and in the world of technology in the coming year. As the event is yet to happen, these predictions are based on current technology advancements and trends. It is always exciting to see what the future holds and how technology will shape our lives.

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