CES 2023: Samsung Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience

NewsCES 2023: Samsung Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience

Technology enables you to access high-tech luxury and functionality that wasn’t previously accessible. The possibilities for consumer home automation to improve quality of life will grow as technological advancement continues. Modern technologies improve people’s lives by providing smarter and more intuitive experiences. 

Samsung Electronics shared the goal for a more peaceful connected world. In a press conference at CES 2023, Samsung and its major partners provided specifics on how they intend to create a more connected world while promoting a more sustainable future.

CES 2023: Samsung Vision To Bring Calm to the Connected Device Experience

Jong-Hee Han, Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of the Device eXperience Department at Samsung Electronics, at CES 2023, outlined Samsung’s strategies to deliver promising connected experiences throughout our lives, in our homes, cars, and workplaces. While also working to create a more sustainable future.

The company’s primary objective is to calm our connected world so that technology and innovation may enable much better, more individualized, and more intuitive experiences. This is the main focus of the matter presented during the press conference. Samsung is concentrating on inventing products that make the routine use of technology more sustainable and smoothly interconnect devices to accomplish its goal.

Integrating Sustainability at Every Level

Samsung emphasized that it will continue prioritizing the environment through a combination of sustainability targets. The targets include innovative product design and strategic collaborations to address the ongoing issues faced by our planet. By 2050, all of Samsung’s enterprises will have to achieve zero carbon emissions by meeting all of their electrical needs with renewable energy. The DX Division will attain net zero carbon emissions by 2030 by switching to only renewable energy sources by 2027.

Samsung described how Everyday Sustainability, incorporates sustainability elements into the company’s most popular goods and services. This will contribute to a healthier environment to achieve the company’s sustainability goals. This includes developing more environmentally friendly items with resourceful materials and energy-saving structures.

CES 2023: Samsung Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience
CES 2023: Samsung Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience

We can contribute to a healthier planet along with the many users of our products by integrating sustainability into the product experience. Consequently, some of our most loved products are our most environmentally friendly products. According to Samsung, many TVs and smartphones are made of recycled materials, such as plastic from fishing nets. Meanwhile, the company’s home appliances, memory, and 5G radio network chipsets help users save energy. In addition, Samsung’s connected services, such as SmartThings Energy and AI Energy Mode, aid users in reducing their overall environmental impact by helping them save money and energy.

Less Microfiber Cycle1

Samsung collaborates with Patagonia, a leader in outdoor apparel. They have also addressed related to Microplastics, small particles frequently found in clothing and discharged into seas, lakes, and rivers during laundering. At CES, Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia, discussed how the two businesses created a new wash technology. The technology is called the Less Microfiber Cycle1. It is currently integrated into Samsung washing machines that can cut microplastic release by 54% during a laundry cycle. Samsung and Patagonia made a new Less Microfiber Filter, which decreases microplastic discharge by stopping particles, from leaking into the sea after the laundry cycle.

CES 2023: Samsung Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience

Smart Home Energy Management System

The Product Manager of ENERGY STAR for Consumers, James Kwon at The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He told that Samsung’s SmartThings-enabled connected home is the first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management System to receive the renowned ENERGY STAR SHEMS Certification. Samsung continues to work with a variety of stakeholders on its sustainability initiatives. Samsung collaborated with the Carbon Trust and other technology industries to measure and decarbonize the emissions associated with connected devices used by customers.

A Connected Home and Life Built on Convenience

Samsung outlined its strategies for delivering a connected experience both now and in the future. Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, highlighted during the company’s press conference how features like SmartThings Home Monitor and SmartThings Pet Care make the connected experience more convenient. This feature monitor and share alerts for anything that happens out of the routine for people and pets. These services are just a few of the many ways Samsung and the connected platform SmartThings are making a home smarter alongside the Samsung Smart TV.

At the CES press conference, Samsung also unveiled the newest advancement in smart homes, the SmartThings Station. It is the company’s first device with Matter support built-in right from the start. It is a worthwhile and creative method for launching SmartThings experiences in the house, making it simpler to communicate with connected devices. With the help of SmartThings Station, Samsung’s wireless charger is transformed into a smart home hub. So that it can instantly revamp the state of your house.

The connected experience is now available during your travels as well. The motive of Samsung and HARMAN is to enhance the experience with a new level of intelligence, personalization, and convenience, presented by Marcus Futterlieb from HARMAN. A key component of this endeavor is HARMAN Ready Care. They collect and processes data from the car sensors to evaluate driver attention and drowsiness. And then offer customized interventions to reduce dangers and increase the driver’s well-being.

Furthermore, Samsung has also demonstrated cutting-edge innovations and technology incorporating modern artificial intelligence (AI). Better in-home experiences customized according to your structure’s size and space environment, provided by spatial AI, like those found in the JetBot AI+.

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