CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin Experience (ICX)

NewsCES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin Experience (ICX)

At CES 2023, Samsung showcased its latest automotive technology, developed in partnership with HARMAN, a leader in connected car technology. The company’s new “Ready Care” solution is designed to improve the driving experience by more seamlessly connecting the driver’s personal experiences with the driving environment.

The key feature of Ready Care is its ability to activate tailored interventions via in-car features. It is based on changes in the driver’s behavior and condition. For example, the system can automatically adjust the cabin temperature or lighting based on the driver’s preferences or even recommend a nearby gas station or rest area if it senses that the driver is getting tired.

CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)
CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)

Setting Up The Ideal Driving Environment That Puts the User First

Samsung’s latest in-vehicle innovation, Ready Care. Specifically designed to improve safety on the road by addressing one of the major factors that can affect the driving environment. By using advanced sensors and algorithms, the system is able to detect changes in the driver’s behavior and cognitive state, such as distraction or drowsiness.

CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)

Once the driver’s condition is determined, the system can activate tailored interventions via in-car features. It will help in improving the driving environment. For example, if the system detects that the driver is feeling drowsy, it can activate a warning to take a break. Along with that, it will also recommend a nearby rest area. It can also adjust the cabin temperature or lighting to make the driving environment more comfortable. This helps to keep the driver alert and focused on the road.

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Using Machine Learning to Detect & Resolve Driver Cognitive Distraction

One of the key features of Samsung’s Ready Care solution is its ability to detect the driver’s condition through the use of advanced machine learning technology. Specifically, the solution uses a Cognitive Load measurement feature. This feature can detect the driver’s condition by analyzing their facial expressions, gaze, eyelid movements, and more.

CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)
CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)

Through in-car cameras and sensors, this function continuously monitors the driver’s field of vision and mental capacity. For instance, if a driver appears to focus on the road but is actually thinking about an important presentation at work, the inside of the car will change to notify the driver and to refocus their attention on driving. The radio volume, lighting, and air conditioning may also adapt.

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Offering A More Comfy Way Home With Stress-Free Routing

The Stress-free Routing feature uses the wearable device of the driver to detect their heart rate. And provide alternate routes if the current route followed includes stressful situations like traffic jams and weather-related issues to give a stressed driver the most peaceful route home.

Along with that, Samsung’s Ready Care solution also leverages the company’s SmartThings platform to provide seamless connectivity between a driver’s car and their home. This allows the driver to remotely control various smart devices in their home using the car’s infotainment system. This makes it easier to prepare their home for their arrival.

For example, using SmartThings, the driver can set their home’s lighting, heating, and air conditioning to their preferred settings before they even arrive home. It helps to ensure that their home is at the perfect temperature and adjust the lighting to a pleasant level. Additionally, the driver can also control other smart devices such as a TV or air purifier, and set them to “Relaxing mode” to create a comfortable and calming environment for when they arrive home.

Upgrade Your Audio System with Ready Tune at the Touch of a Button

Ready Tune, is a new car audio technology, developed by Samsung’s partner, HARMAN. It delivers premium audio performance, which can be customized according to the user’s preferences. This technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze the driver’s listening habits. And adjust the sound profile to match their preferences, creating a personalized and immersive audio experience.

CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)
CES 2023: Explore The New In-Cabin eXperience (ICX)

Ready Tune features three main modes, each tailored for specific listening experiences. The first mode is Live Mode, which replicates the acoustics of live stadium performances. And providing an immersive and realistic listening experience that makes the user feel like they are at a live concert. This mode uses advanced processing techniques to simulate the reverberation and ambient noise of a live performance, making the music sound more lifelike.

The second mode is Talk Mode, which enhances spoken content such as podcasts, audiobooks, and phone conversations through customized filters. This mode reduces background noise and improves speech clarity, making it easier to understand and follow spoken content.

The third mode is Club Mode, which provides crisp bass experiences beyond traditional speaker capabilities. This mode, tailored for electronic and hip-hop music and can provide a powerful, immersive bass experience that goes beyond what traditional speakers can provide.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Samsung and HARMAN both focus on leveraging technology. This helps to create more seamless and convenient experiences for their customers. The idea of connecting in-car experiences with those at home and in daily life is an interesting one. Moreover, it could potentially lead to a wide range of new services and applications.

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