Uninterrupted Listening On Cross-Devices With Android

NewsUninterrupted Listening On Cross-Devices With Android

Google unveiled a number of new Android features on the first day of CES 2023. It includes an updated Android Auto interface and a new function that will let users switch between audio devices without pausing their daily activities.

There are almost more than 3 billion android devices across the world. A lot of people are using it in their daily routines, it helps them perform their daily chores more efficiently.  

So, to make their tasks easier, Android has introduced a built-in stack technology for the devices to work more smartly. They have designed the program in such a way that they can work together smartly. Moreover, they have expanded their work to Spotify and YouTube music for their customers to enjoy uninterrupted listening to music.

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Experience Your Media Devices With You Everywhere

Love to listen to music? If you do, you can connect music with various devices around you like your TV, laptop, earbuds, etc. It seems very convenient to control all the devices with just your smartphone. But, sometimes it becomes annoying to switch apps to control each device. 

In Android 13, they have introduced a media player in your phone’s lock screen and notification section that allows quick access for you to control your wireless Bluetooth devices. Currently, this is only available on YouTube music. But Android is working with Spotify to enable this with your Spotify. Also, in the future, it will allow users to switch and playback between Spotify and any other Android media play devices. 

Android is developing audio content that will move with you throughout the day. Through notifications on phones with just one tap, users will be able to listen to podcasts or other content. They can also listen on their car devices or continue it on their phone, and they can either finish it on their Tv or any other devices that are connected to their system. Furthermore, as the users change their physical location, they will receive a notification on their smartphones if they want to switch their music to any other surrounding devices. 

Android is working with Spotify and YouTube music for their customers to enjoy their music on the most optimal devices, available around them. 

Uninterrupted Listening On Cross-Devices With Android

Technology stack

Android has built its system to enable cross-device systems, alongside another operating system Chrome OS. The media experience is a great example of it. Just like Chrome, OS Android is built flexibly, open, and seamlessly to work with other devices. It continues with Android’s three-level technology stack that recognizes your closeness to other devices, brings you to a level of convenience, and eases the usage process. First, layers recognize what devices are physically close by with wireless technology like Bluetooth, WiFi, and ultra-wideband (UWB). The second layer discovers the context-aware capabilities and identifies which devices are suitable based on your current activity. Lastly, the third layer adjusts your actions based on your interaction with other devices with cross-device intelligence.  

To make things easier. Android has added new features like Fast Pair, Nearby share, and Chromecast built-in. They are also working for a very long time on personalization and intelligence to create a more intelligent and adaptable experience from audio switching to copying and pasting between your devices. 

Android has also taken serious measures for your privacy to keep your data secure. You can do it by setting the visibility of the device to private or changing the visibility to your contacts or only yourself. The users are in control of their data, including their current location. 

Tarim Zia
Tarim Zia
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