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Top 20 Shortcuts In MS Excel For Professionals

Even though many of you are already familiar with Excel, let's start with a brief overview. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet programme that allows...

Microsoft Edge To Enhance Inking On Web

Microsoft’s cross-platform web browser has replaced Internet Explorer to be the default browser for Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X...
Microsoft Windows 11: Here's What You Will Miss In The New Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 11: Here’s What You Will Miss In The New Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 11 is all set to release officially in the fall of 2021. With a stunning glassmorphism UI design, it is an excellent...

Microsoft Is Updating Right-Click Context Menus In Windows 11

Windows has always remained to be a stage for the world’s top innovation. It’s always become the support system of global businesses and where...
Microsoft Clippy

Confirmed- Microsoft’s classic computer assistant Clippy might be making a comeback soon

Do you remember Clippy? It was eventually removed from Microsoft Windows and MS office sometime during the mid-2000s. You will surely remember that computer assistant...

How To Customize The Taskbar In Windows 11?

Windows 11 is taking Microsoft users by storm after its virtual launch event. The new version of Windows has it all from various apps,...

Latest Microsoft and Windows related Updates and News 2018

Microsoft is one of those companies that are always trying to make their services better and offer a host of new features and upgrades...