How To Access The Metaverse With Oculus Quest 2

GamesHow To Access The Metaverse With Oculus Quest 2

In this guide, we will try to explain everything you need to know to access Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2.

Ever since Facebook has rebranded its parent company as Meta, users are curious to know about this thing called ‘Metaverse’ and what does it mean? You might have already heard about Metaverse on social media and you must be wondering how is it possible to enter Metaverse.

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Well, we are here to make things simple for you. If you own an Oculus Quest 2 or are planning to purchase it soon, it can become your ticket to the Metaverse. Yes, you have heard it right! You can access Metaverse using the Oculus Quest 2 and experience virtual reality like never before.

In this guide, we will try to explain everything you need to know to access Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2. But first, let’s understand what Metaverse exactly is.

Access the Metaverse with Oculus Quest 2
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What is Metaverse?

As it may be clear by now that Metaverse is more than just a buzzword. It has resulted after blending the advanced technologies of virtual, augmented, and physical reality. You can consider Metaverse as the idea which blurs the line that separates your interactions in the physical and virtual world.

Let’s make it more clear. Metaverse can be considered as a virtual universe where you can clone yourself with the help of an avatar. So, in Metaverse, you can access a completely new world where you will be living in a city, having its currency, parks, clubs, assets, and more.

As you can think, Metaverse is a very deep concept, and we are just starting with it.
Mark Zuckerberg conceptualized Metaverse and introduced Oculus Quest 2 to experience this idea of virtual reality apart from playing games. Quest 2 can successfully transport you to the virtual world without and deliver an immersive experience you will remember for a lifetime. So instead of just playing games on Metaverse, let’s do what it was intended for.

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Getting Started

As mentioned, you cannot enter Metaverse in some defined way. However, if you own an Oculus Quest 2 you can use it to get a glimpse of Metaverse, a futuristic concept.
At this point, it will be worth mentioning that there are multiple ways to access Metaverse on your Quest 2 and we will install VR apps to do it. Let’s see what all you need to enter Metaverse so that you are ready to begin:

Oculus Quest 2

As obvious, Oculus Quest 2 is the device you require to experience the immersive concept of Metaverse. While several headsets can help you access VR, Quest 2 is the most affordable and reliable of them all.

Game and Apps

Oculus Quest 2 is stocked up with apps and games that allow you to enter the Metaverse. So, grab your Oculus Quest 2 and download one or more Metaverse applications or games.

Network Connectivity

Needless to say, an Internet connection is a must because the entire concept of Metaverse is based on a virtual world. Make sure that your VR headset can access the network when you plan to access Metaverse.

 Metaverse With Oculus Quest 2
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Apps and Games to Experience Metaverse

Below we have mentioned the most popular apps & games that you need to download and install to have an idea about the concept of Metaverse. Let’s check them out one by one.

1# The Sandbox

Sandbox is a very popular game that is set in the Metaverse. The game allows you to purchase, build, and even sell out or earn money with the help of assets you own in the virtual world. You can consider it as a sort of real-estate gaming app where you can purchase some land. Wait there’s more to it! The asset you buy in the Metaverse will be your investment in reality. Every piece of land you buy represents a unique and non-fungible ERC-721 token (NFT)s.

2# VRChat

VRChat is one such game that can offer a vast amount of social VR experiences. In this game, you first have to design your custom avatar, make good friends, and even create different worlds. Currently, VRChat is Brimming with tons of custom worlds across different locations in the Metaverse. You can stroll in the random places of the world or enjoy a hearty lunch at a fancy restaurant. There are tons of pre-developed avatars in the game from which you can choose one for yourself instead of creating one from scratch.

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3# Horizon Worlds

This game resembles the VDChat game we’ve mentioned previously. It is a social game that was officially introduced by Facebook so that people can experience Metaverse. People can choose an avatar of themselves or design one for themselves. Here you can visit different places with your friends, and enjoy the virtual world after a long hectic day. You can go on a mission, discover new places with your friends, solve puzzles, and design new worlds. You can also befriend other people playing the game and take inspiration from their work.

Access the Metaverse with Oculus Quest 2
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How to enter MetaVerse using Oculus Quest 2?

After you download these games, let’s begin to play them on your Quest 2. But first, see the steps to check out the Metaverse on the VR headset by Meta.

  • Power on the Oculus Quest 2 headset and access the App Drawer.
  • You can access all the games installed on your Quest 2.
  • Choose any one game from the list of the games you’ve just installed and press the trigger button on the controller to launch it.
  • There you go! You can enjoy the game on Quest 2 and experience Metaverse.


Hope you now have a clear idea about Metaverse and how you can access Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with others.

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