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qr code not working

How To Fix QR Code Not Working?

QR Codes find extensive use in contactless payment, delivery, retail, and various industries due to their user-friendly nature and compatibility with smartphone cameras. However,...
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How To Get The Attention Of A Personal Assistant App?

Getting the attention of a personal assistant app on your phone typically involves using a wake word or a specific command. Here are some...
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Everything About Apple Android Testing In 2023

Testing in the context of Apple and Android generally refers to quality assurance processes carried out to ensure that applications and software run smoothly...
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

How To Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Free?

Obtaining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free typically involves taking advantage of promotional offers, trials, or special deals. Keep in mind that these offers...
ChatGPT Maker Open AI Fires CEO Sam Altman

ChatGPT Maker Open AI Fires CEO Sam Altman

In a recent turn of events, Open AI which created the transformative chatGPT fired its co-founder and CEO Sam Altman. The reason for this...
transfer music to iiphone 15

Qick Steps To Transfer Music To iPhone 15?

To transfer music from your computer to your iPhone 15, you can use iTunes or the Finder app (on macOS Catalina and later versions)....
How To Fix Windows 11 Hello Facial Recognition Not Working?

How To Fix Windows 11 Hello Facial Recognition Not Working?

Windows offers its users many security options like facial recognition and biometric verification. Many Windows users are facing problems with their Windows 11 Hello...
How To Fix "This Instagram Song Is Currently Unavailable" Issue

How To Fix “This Instagram Song Is Currently Unavailable” Issue

You might be on Instagram and trying to add a certain song or use a song that someone else has used for one of...
iphone feature

How To Update iOS 17 Beta To The Final Version?

Apple released a new update on September 18th, which is the iOS 17.0.1, and it is really quick given that the company released the...
google photos on iphone 15

How To Set Up And Use Locked Folder In Google Photos On iPhone 15?

Now, iOS 15 users can enjoy the new Locked folder feature introduced by Google on their iPhones and iPads. Oftentimes, iOS users run out...