10 Weird Yet Brilliant Inventions 2022

TechTips & Tricks10 Weird Yet Brilliant Inventions 2022

Brilliant Inventions ideas that sound wonderful in your head sometimes should just remain there because the border between crazy and inventive is sometimes a very thin one. However, despite the fact that we all encounter these common issues, no one ever develops a workable solution or a novel technology that could address them. Therefore, even though they initially seem completely absurd, one of the wacky innovations out there might eventually prove to be useful?

Like, for instance, encouraging yourself to stick with a diet. If you have difficulties saying “no” to that second helping, start wearing a weight-watcher belt so that everyone can see your improvement in millimeters! Or, the Hug Me cushion should be a must for people who have trouble falling asleep by themselves. We don’t know how people come up with Brilliant Inventions ideas as bizarre as these, but some sort of supernatural intervention is probably directing these forerunners of interesting technologies.

Browse the list of the strangest and coolest innovations we have put together below for a dose of Brilliant Inventions ideas!

1. Electricity produced by sweat

Brilliant Inventions

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego are developing a wearable gadget that produces a little amount of electricity from the sweat on your fingertip.

This technology is to function even when people are dozing off. Making extra juice also involves touching objects with your fingertips. The engineers concluded that typing, texting, or even playing the piano could contribute to increased energy production.

It appears that 10 hours of wearing the gadget while sleeping is sufficient to produce 400 millijoules of energy, which could then run an electronic wristwatch for 24 hours.

2. Hip’Safe

Brilliant Inventions

People frequently grow more prone to stumbles and tumbles as they age and become more fragile, which increases the risk of major injuries.

A wearable airbag called Hip’Safe is intended to inflate when a fall detects, reducing the impact before the wearer touches the ground. A wonderful idea that might easily save lives and contribute to the global safety of the elderly.

3. Touch-to-text voice recognition

We adored this technology despite the fact that it has been available for a while because of the potential applications. When you run your finger over words in a book using touch-hear text recognition, the words are read aloud.

Have trouble pronouncing a word? In need of a translation? Want to learn more about a word or phrase on a page? The range of uses for this instrument is astounding. The lives of those who are blind might also possibly benefit from it.

4. Lighted roads

By using glow-in-the-dark walkways, pedestrian safety is being increased in Singapore. Gravel, grass, concrete, and non-toxic UV-absorbing minerals are among the materials used to construct these spaces.

The end result is a walkway that, during the day, collects light and, at night, emits a safe glow using UV rays. Simple public safety is something everyone can support.

5. Leka- A socialization tool for autistic children

Autism sufferers frequently struggle in social settings with not only their own interactions with others but also their own emotional reactions.

Problems with comprehending gestures, facial expressions, simple directions, and more are present. Children may find it challenging to establish friends as a result of social competence problems.

Leka, a diminutive interactive and multisensory toy, enters the scene. It was created to engage kids and teach them independence and life skills through interactive play. It can also be tailored to a child’s unique needs and modified accordingly.

6. Drops of Jelly for Dementia

Brilliant Inventions

These tiny, straightforward Jelly Drops create to address a dementia-related issue. Dementia patients frequently struggle with memory loss and other daily duties, including essential healthcare practices like getting enough water to drink. Dehydration can cause the victims to become ill very quickly as a result.

Lewis Hornby set out to address this issue, first using sensory deprivation techniques and virtual reality technologies to simulate what it could be like for elderly people who are experiencing these issues. He next conducted research on how to make foods that are extremely hydrated.

The end result is jelly drops. These vibrant drops contain additional nutrients to help hydration in addition to being 90% water. In tests, it was discovered that people with dementia were more likely to consume large amounts of them than to remember to drink water. They are flavored and colored to make them more appetizing. This straightforward solution has the ability to save lives.

7. Glasses that make colorblind people see color.

Brilliant Inventions

Colorblindness affects one in 12 males and one in 200 women, or about three million persons in the UK and millions more worldwide.

The disorder is brought on by how the brain processes visual information and how the retinal cone cells react to light. Usually, this is because it is challenging to discern between colors due to an overlapping response to lightwaves.

After more than ten years of investigation and testing, a straightforward solution in the shape of EnChroma sunglasses was discovered. To address the overlap issue, these glasses include lenses that selectively filter out specific light wavelengths. They thereby enable wearers to perceive color like a person with normal vision would or at the very least to have a more vivid and colorful perception of the outside world.

8. Spectacles that use augmented reality to let the blind see

These glasses for augmented reality are intended to improve blind people’s vision.

These smart glasses were developed by Oxford University researchers. The purpose of the glasses is to provide persons with some vision loss with information about their surroundings so they may go about their daily lives.

In essence, this technology gives wearers a better perspective on the world and enables them to experience life to the utmost. In the future, these smart glasses will assist alter many lives.

9. Microbots that consume plastic

Plastic waste is a significant issue. As it enters the oceans, it is harming marine life and our environment in a variety of ways.

In order to clear the garbage, self-propelling microrobots are now being used in a study by researchers from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. These robots, which report being approximately the size of a red blood cell, can move using solar energy while consuming microplastics along the way.

It hopes it will work out. The bots are visible in motion in this picture. Blue spots represent the microbots. The hazardous plastics are being broken down and the environment is being cleaned up using visible light. Very impressive Brilliant Invention.

10. Glass solar panels

Brilliant Inventions

Although solar panels are fantastic, what if regular glass windows could also produce electricity?

Researchers at the University of Michigan are researching on transparent window materials. It can produce energy with that as their end objective. The researchers hypothesize that the US can produce 40% of its electricity from these windows. This is another Brilliant Inventions.

Final Thoughts

Hence these are the Brilliant Inventions in feel should be on the list. If we are missing any invention that should be on the list. Let us know in the comments section.

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