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Tech enthusiast, content writer but a wanderlust sufferer at heart. A good book along with a cup of coffee is her ideal happy place.
Apple Mail macOS Ventura

How To Avoid Mac Mail Ventura Emails Sent Twice Error?

Recently released versions of macOS have caused issues with Mac Mail for some users. The issue was seen on many recent macOS releases.Fixes are...
AirTag: iOS 16.1 No Longer Shows Battery Level

AirTag: iOS 16.1 No Longer Shows Battery Level {Solved]

Although you can't just check the AirTags' batteries whenever you like, there are steps you can and should do to keep them from suddenly...
apple hdmi tv adapter

Apple Hdmi TV Adapter Audio Not Working With iOS 16

With an HDMI-equipped TV, projector, or other suitable display, iPhone users may mirror anything is on their device's screen (including apps, presentations, movies, and...
Calculator is rounding up after upgrading macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura- Calculator Is Rounding Up Issue After Upgrade

A calculator app is crucial for anyone's routine who is learning engineering, science, or programming. Although the built-in Calculator software on macOS is highly...
iPhone 14 Pro Max: Apps Keeps Freezing Issue

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Apps Keeps Freezing Issue {Solved}

Apple has acknowledged the issue that causes iPhone 14 Pro models to stall when transmitting data. Soon, you'll be able to download the patch.Users...
name in macOSVentura

How To Change Apple Mail Link Default To Plain Link

What are Blue links? The blue links do precisely what you'd expect them to do: Email text formatted like a hyperlink (blue, underlined text) is...
name in macOSVentura

How To Change Computer Name In macOSVentura

If you're a Mac user, you may have run into a situation where you needed to share a network or other resources between two...
macOS Ventura Missing Dock Icons

How To Restore macOS Ventura Missing Dock Icons

The desktop on an Apple computer is called the "Dock," as any Apple user will attest. Programs, documents, and folders may be shortcuts on...
Wrong Resolution On M1 Mac Studio

Wrong Resolution On M1 Mac Studio Issue After Upgrading macOS Ventura

In the online Apple event, a new Mac Studio and Studio Display were introduced. These cutting-edge gadgets are designed with experts in mind who...
name in macOSVentura

macOS Ventura: After updating Apple Mail Search for mailboxes doesn’t work (Fixed)

After installing a new macOS version, you could encounter several unexpected problems. Some of these issues reappear with almost every macOS update. After upgrading...