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new password manager

How To Use New Password Manager And 2FA Features In macOS Monterey

Due to the increasing frequency of hacking incidents and compromised passwords, it is essential to protect your online accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). Two-factor...
Edit iMessages

Edit iMessages:How iOS 16 iPhone Feature Works

If you possess an iPhone, have you updated to iOS 16? Anyone with a supported device can download and install the update, which unlocks...
Safety Check for iPhone

Safety Check For iPhone: How To Immediately Stop Sharing Location In iOS 16

In most cases, letting close relatives see your iPhone's location and other data can be a good idea. The app Safety Check can be...
Unsend email with iPhone

Unsend Email With iPhone: How To Fix Misfires In Mail On iOS 16

When you send an email, most programmes provide you with a little window of time to change your mind and prevent it from being...
download movies on iPhone

10 Apps To Download Movies On iPhone For Free

Watching movies a lot? All you require is a mobile and internet connectivity. There are plenty of movies and television shows available online, but...
password for outlook for Mac

How To Recover Password For Outlook For Mac

At a certain point, you will be unable to use Microsoft Outlook again. The typical computer user has to remember a number of passwords,...
Airpods Pro 2

iOS 16: How To Customize Your AirPods Settings

Users of Apple's AirPods will be glad to know that the company has simplified the iOS 16 headphone settings page. This is just one...

Apple Watch Ultra: How To Activate, Cancel, And Disable The Siren

The Apple Watch Ultra is similar to the Apple Watch Series 8 in that the S8 chip powers it, but there are many key...
Use Action Mode

iPhone 14: How To Use Action Mode To Capture Smooth Video

Apple's newest iPhone models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, were released earlier this month with several upgrades, including software, hardware, and aesthetic...
Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra: How To Customize The Action Button

Even though the Apple Watch Ultra's Action Button is just one more control, it offers substantial improvements if you take the time to learn...