Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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factory reset your MacBook

How To Factory Reset Your MacBook

Factory reset your MacBook is no more a big task for apple users now. Do you feel like you've outgrown your MacBook Air or...
install windows 11 on Mac

How To Install windows 11 On Mac M1 For Free

Apple has made it simple to install windows 11 on Mac for a long time. Boot Camp allowed Intel-based Macs to dual-boot into macOS...
boring PC Cool

10 Ways To Make Your Boring PC Cool

We might take the opportunity to create a boring PC cool and a tidy and attractive desktop environment since we've been confined to our...
Disk Utility For Mac

Disk Utility For Mac: A Complete Guide

Disk Utility For Mac is the tool to use when you suspect a problem with your hard drive or want to make a backup...
Features We Really

10 Nostalgic Features We Really Missed In Today’s Gadgets

The must-have Features We Really missed on our phones were liked by the users. The evolution of mobile phones has been phenomenal. Incredibly, we...
Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle

Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle:- How It Helps In Mental Development

There has been Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle around since the time of medieval time, according to a look back at history. It's possible to...

15 Tips And Tricks To Get More From Your Gadgets-2022

There are many tricks to get more from our gadgets which most of us have, yet we don't use them to their fullest extent....

12 Best Free Movie Websites Online September 2022

There are many Free Movie Websites where you may view movies, TV series, and documentaries, but not all of them are trustworthy with your data....
20 Most Awaited Shopping Trends For August 2022

20 Most Awaited Shopping Trends For August 2022

Shopping Trends For 2022 have changed since the pandemic COVID-19 shook the medical community and rippled through the economy as a whole. Brick-and-mortar stores...
84 Apps Are Dangerous For Your Device

Beware! These 84 Apps Are Dangerous For Your Device. Remove Them Immediately

iPhone Apps are Tracking your daily data and private information. Months after they were discovered, several harmful iOS apps are still available for download...