Apple’s ATT feature is putting pressure on companies like Facebook and its advertisers to change the model. This doesn’t seem a bad idea since the previous model was broken, with unwanted tracking like taking over the people’s privacy.

In reply to this, Facebook has said that they are looking at other ways of measuring ads’ success, but it needs to do so with privacy in mind. As Google’s FLoC experiment shows, users are not ready to take new measures from the big tech companies at face value. It is also related to trust—and by keeping that trust factor, Apple is on the upper edge with Facebook and Google.

It is correct to say ATT was a great move by Apple, but it should be noted that privacy is a business model that works for the iPhone maker.  Apple makes its money through its walled garden ecosystem of hardware, software, and services, unlike Facebook and Google. Its model is not based on the concept of data collection and tracking to serve you ads.

This is not surprisingly big news that Apple has been making a big deal of the new iPhone privacy feature, with a TV ad campaign showing users just how intruding ad tracking is. In his interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that privacy is a fundamental human right—and he’s undoubtedly correct.

Let’s hope Apple’s new iPhone feature will be a long-term success. For more Apple and Tech news, keep reading our latest articles.

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