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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Important Information Revealed In Accidental Leak

Next month, Samsung is releasing a new galaxy smartwatch 4. But all those who are waiting for this launch eagerly have so many doubts about what’s coming. And as expected, there have been rumors on the internet; if we believed them, then the motherlode of information has just landed. The Galaxy Watch 4 series, which unveils sometime next month, will drastically change the software side of things for Samsung’s smartwatches. Samsung is leaving Tizen in favor of Google’s Wear OS, with the Korean giant touting access to Google Play and a vastly superior collection of apps as one of the primary reasons for the move.

It seems that of all places, by an Amazon listing, every secret has been revealed. According to WinFuture report and by 9to5Google, Amazon has shown a listing for the watch. It hung around for ages but has gone now.

You could see all four of the expected models with the proper search, including two models called Galaxy Watch4, measuring 40mm and 44mm, and two of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, 42mm and 46mm.

Here’s what we can assume since the removed Amazon listing is correct.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Image source-Forbes

Special Specifications:

  • Price- This is available from CAD 309 and around USD 250. The 46mm Galaxy Watch4 Classic is available for CAD 463, which’s USD 370.
  • Release Date- If listing to be believed, August 27 is the day. 
  • Sizes- Galaxy Watch4 Classic, the largest model with a 46mm frame, has a 1.36-inch display, and the exact size screen is believed to be there on the 44mm version of the Galaxy Watch4. The other two watches have a 1.19inch display.
  • If we talk about its unique features, many health metrics are common to all four models. Those metrics include body composition analysis, sleep tracking, VO2 Max and blood oxygen, and, of course, heart rate monitoring.
  • Google Wear OS is one of the unique features in these watches, which is not a surprise knowing the amount of publicity Samsung has given to switching from Tizen to Google’s operating system.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
The Amazon Canadian listing for the Galaxy Watch4. It’s been removed now. AMAZON

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So, now what’s next?

Well, there isn’t that much to know, to be honest. But Samsung has kept something up its sleeve, won’t it?

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