Nintendo Switch OLED: Release Date And Price Revealed

GadgetsNintendo Switch OLED: Release Date And Price Revealed

Nintendo Switch OLED will release on 11th October 2021. The price of the new console, as announced by Nintendo, will be 349.99$. The latest version of the console did not talk about the internet specifications. So one can assume that not much will change in the kind of games one has played on the device. But, the transformation is majorly on these aspects. Check them out so that you are prepared to upgrade to the next level of gaming when the console officially releases.

1. 7 Inch OLED Display

Nintendo Switch OLED: Release Date And Price Revealed
OLED Screen

First and foremost, the screen of the Nintendo Switch will be larger than the previous 6.2 inches. A small screen can strain your eyesight and drain your energy in half the time. Not only that, but it also bores you quickly. Keeping these aspects in mind, the manufacturers have increased the screen size, which you must be look out for.

The new Nintendo Switch is 7 inches long with a 720p OLED display for a crystal clear gaming experience.

2. Higher Internal Storage And In-Built Lan Port

With time, the number of games being developed are also increasing. This brought in a new challenge for the previous version of the console, which only had up to 32 GB of storage. Keeping the need and demand for more space to store games, manufacturers and developers have provided the new console with 64 GB of internal storage.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Release Date And Price Revealed
Nintendo Dock

Moreover, to make your lockdown exciting, the Nintendo Switch OLED can be converted into three modes, thanks to its in-built Lan Port. This dock helps connect a cable directly to your TV so that you can continue playing your favorite games on the 1080p display.

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3. Introduction Of Joy-Con And Adjustable Wide Stand

The new version of the Nintendo Switch is giving us major goals in terms of portability and flexibility. For instance, the new adjustable wide stand at the back enables the device to work as an iPad. In addition, you can now place it on tabletops and countertops at comfortable angles while playing games.

The Joy-con transforms the single playing console into a multiplayer device. Moreover, it gives you more flexibility and allows for spending quality time with friends and family.

Cons Of Nintendo Switch OLED Display

Nintendo Switch OLED: Release Date And Price Revealed
Nintendo Switch OLED Screen

The upcoming version of the Nintendo console has done little to enhance user experience. The RAM remains the same, and therefore, the gaming speed remains the same. The OLED screen will definitely enhance the graphics, but the bright light from the screen can damage one’s eyesight. The console weighs more than its older version, which makes it a task to carry it everywhere.

Why Is A Nintendo Switch So Expensive?

One may find a Nintendo switch to be overly priced as it depends on the availability in the market. Nintendo switches find a lot more buyers than other consoles, which contributes to its high price. Besides, there is an extra transportation charge in the US.


Gift your little champ the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED display to add to their joy. Unfortunately, Nintendo does not come bundled with games. You will have to shed a few more dollars to get some good games on the device. However, unlike a PS4 or Xbox console, Nintendo is versatile. You can use it while on your train ride home or connect it to your television screen as a home set-up.


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