Wardle: Wordle for MLB Fans!

GamesWardle: Wordle for MLB Fans!

Hello Wordle lovers! By now, almost everyone is aware of Wordle’s tremendous success. After all, it is the new sensation of the internet. It has been crazy viral recently. Inspired by its success, many Wordle clones have appeared on the screen off and on. After Dordle, Taylordle, Worldle and Quordle, we now have another awesome Worlde clone. In this article, we will know about Wardle: Wordle for MLB fans.

Wordle is a word game that has won millions of hearts. It is simple to play and does not have nagging ad pop-ups like many other games nowadays. So, with this, many Wordle clones have been developed. One of them is Wardle: Wordle for MLB fans!

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Table of contents

  • What is Wardle?
  • How to play Wardle?
  • Rules to play Wardle
  • Wordle vs Wardle

All about Wardle: Wordle for MLB fans!

Now, without any further digression, let us begin with this delightful article dedicated to all Baseball lovers!

1. What is Wardle?

Wardle is a web-based Wordle clone that has been recently trending on Twitter. This game requires MLB fans to guess the names of their favorite players. Every day, a new players’ name is set as the Wardle of the day. Additionally, It is quite interesting and enthralling. Also, MLB fans get 8 chances to guess the name. As mentioned by the developer, this game is strongly inspired by Josh Wardle’s Wordle.


Wait! But What is Wordle?

Wordle is a simple word game developed by Josh Wardle. This game has been trending on the internet for the last few months. In this game, the players are required to guess a secret five-letter word in six guesses. Also, a new Wordle is available each day. Recently, it was bought by the New York Times.

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So, What is MLB?

Major League Baseball(MLB) is the world’s oldest and biggest professional sports league and a baseball organization. It is also the most popular Baseball league. Wardle is specially designed for MLB fans.

Don’t MissAll About Wardle-Wordle for Baseball

2. How to play Wardle?

Just like Wordle, Wardle is quite is simple to play. All you need to do is just click on a link and you are good to go. So, below is how to play Wardle:

  1. Go to the official website of Wardle by clicking here.

2. Enter the name of your favorite MLB player in the “Enter an MLB player’s name” box.

3. You can also choose name suggestions based on the letters you have entered.

4.  As you enter the name, the player’s game-related information such as Team, League, Division, Bats,  Throws, country, etc. will appear on the screen.

The cells below various categories such as Name, League, Division, Bats, etc. will also change colors according to your guesses. Additionally, more details in this context are mentioned under Rules to play Wardle.


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3. Rules to play WARdle!

The rules to play Wardle are quite similar to Wordle. So, they are mentioned below:

  • You get only 8 chances to guess the Wardle of the day.
  • Wardle of the day is an MLB player’s game.
  • Also, the columns will change color according to the guess your enter.
  • Green: A match is indicated by green in any column.
  • The color Yellow in the YOB column denotes two years within the birth year.
  • The presence of yellow in the Position column indicates that the mystery player has played at least 10 games at this position, but it wasn’t his primary position.
  • Players are organized into Teams based on how many games they played in the previous season.


However, you will know more about the game as you start playing it!

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4. Wordle vs Wardle

Wordle and WARdle are quite similar in terms of mechanism. But there are slight differences. So, below are some points related to Wordle vs Wardle:

Wardle-Wordle-for-MLB-FansWardle: Wordle for MLB Fans

1. Wordle requires the players to guess a secret five-letter word.

2. In Wardle, you are supposed to guess an MLB player’s game.

3. Wordle is vocab-based.

4. Wardle is related to MLB(Major League Baseball).

5. You get six chances to guess the WORDLE of the day.

6. However, in WARDLE, you get 8 chances.

There are many more differences. Wordle has word tiles to enter the different letters of the word. However, there is a simple input box to enter MLB player’s name in WARDLE.

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So, that’s it! This is all about Wardle: Wordle for MLB fans. It is an amazing Wordle clone dedicated to all the MLB fans. Playing word games is beneficial for the brain. Such games improve the functioning of the brain’s various parts. Additionally, creativity and memory power is also improved. So, go ahead and try Wardle right away if you are a true MLB fan. Cheers!

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