5 Best Free Alternatives To Wordle Game

Games5 Best Free Alternatives To Wordle Game

Are you obsessed with Wordle but want to Solve more puzzles per day? We have got your back. Today, this article is going to discuss the 5 best free alternatives to Wordle game.

Wordle! Wordle! Wordle!. There is something special about this new word game that the whole world is going crazy for. No-popups, no ads and without any unnecessary in-app purchases, Wordle is played by over 2.5 million people daily. The simplicity of the game makes it special.

But wait! There is one feature of the Wordle game which makes it best as well as worst at the same time. Crazy! Right? But you read it right. In Wordle game, the player is supposed to guess a five-letter word within Six tries but it can be played only once a day. Now, that is a real problem. So, if you love to play Wordle game but are frustrated with this play-once-a-day rule, then you are at the right place.

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5 Best alternatives to Wordle game

Here, you will get to know about 5 Best substitutes for the Wordle game. So, let’s dive into the topic now:


5 Best free Alternatives to Wordle

LetterLe can be a great word game to keep you busy. In this game,  you just have to guess the word of the day. It is simple and straightforward but can be tricky as well. The only six-tries-a-day rule does not apply in this game. You get a total of 26 chances to guess the word of the day in this game. So, it can prove to be a powerful word puzzle.

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2. Absurdle

5 Best free Alternatives to Wordle

Absurdle can be a great coffee-time game. In this word game, there is no limit to the number of guesses each day. Absurdle works in the same way as Wordle. Additionally, both the games use the same word lists. But there is a twist in Absurdle.

The twist in this game is that Wordle selects a single hidden word at the start of the game, which you must guess. But, Absurdle only offers the idea of selecting a single secret word. It actually considers the complete list of all possible secret words that match your previous guesses. With each guess, Absurdle prunes its internal list as little as possible to extend the game as much as feasible.

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3. Byrdle

5 Best free Alternatives to Wordle

Byrdle is a spoof of WORDLE (Josh Wardle’s guessing game), and it’s simply for fun. It has the same look and feels as classic Wordle, with the exception that the word you must identify is related to choral music. Additionally, before playing this game, a little bit of research on the words which relate to choral music will be of great help. Also, you must try the 5-letter-choral-music-based word in a maximum of 6 tries. So, go ahead and try this game. You will never regret playing this. It is incredibly fun.

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4. Hello Wordl

5 Best free Alternatives to Wordle

Hello Wordl is a wonderful game that give an amusing and brainstorming experience to its players. This game is just a remake of Wordle. The only difference is there is no limitation on the number of times you can play this in the day. It is a basic and brain-stimulating game that can be quite beneficial in enhancing brain function.

So, don’t put it off any longer. Just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee as you play this fantastic game. Play it until you’re relieved of all your worries and weariness.

5. Seven Wordles

5 Best free Alternatives to Wordle

Seven Wordles as the name suggests requires the players to guess 7 different words. It is a very close substitute to the Wordle game. But, the mechanics of this game is a little different from Wordle. Additionally, in this word puzzle, a timer runs on the top time to record the time you take for solving it. Each incorrect guess results in a 3-second penalty. You have six chances to guess the target word. However, you can play this game any number of times in a day. Unlike wordle, You can play this game as many times as you like during the day.

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Winding Up

So, that’s all for now. These are the top 5 alternatives to Wordle, the world’s most popular word puzzle right now. Word games are a great way to exercise your brain. Playing word games are super beneficial as well as fun. These games help with problem-solving, memory, intellect, and creativity, among other things. They can all make your life easier and help you progress in your work as well as on a personal level.

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