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How To Get Wordle App On iOS Devices?

Do you want the Wordle app on your iOS devices but don’t know how? As you know Wordle is an online word game similar to crossword and scrabble, it is going viral. The game has garnered over three million players worldwide in the last few days.

Originally created for his partner Palak Shah, software engineer and Reddit user, Josh Wardle is overwhelmed with the positive response he received with his new invention. Moreover, everyone from different parts of the world can play it for free. It is available on this link.

According to the New York Times, when the game was released last November, it only had about ninety players. However, due to the game’s addictive nature, users went up to two million last week. Its growing popularity is demanding Josh to release it in an application form.

But since there’s no news from the software engineer on that front, I guess he does not want to release it in the form of an app. So, therefore, this article will tell you the simple process of getting Wordle as an app if you’re an iOS device user.

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How To Get Wordle As An App On iOS?

Step 1: Go to https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ on Safari from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Click on the Share button. It appears in a rectangle shape with an upward pointing arrow.

Step 3: Go back to the Share screen and click on the Add to Home Screen.

How To Get Wordle App On iOS Devices?

Step 4: Furthermore, rename it as Wordle and check for the correct URL.

Step 5: Click on Add, after which the Wordle icon will appear like an app on your Home screen.

The W icon will now act like an app, so tap on it whenever you want to play or can play.

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How To Play The Wordle App On Your iOS Devices?

When you go to the Wordle website, you don’t need to sign in with your email and password. Moreover, you also do not need to permit the site to access your information like location, phone, contacts, gallery, and maps. It is as simple as a Google search. The game will appear right on the screen when you go to the website.

Furthermore, you don’t have to accept any terms and conditions or accept cookies to play the game. It is free and safe as it does not record your information. However, as a first-timer, you cannot find any instructions on how to play the game. This can be not very clear and make you feel disheartened.

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Instructions Of Wordle Game

But here’s what the unsaid instructions are. In the 5×6 grid, you have to enter an alphabet. The website sets a word for the day, which remains the same for everyone worldwide. It does not change in the day. It is a five-letter word that you have to guess.

How To Get Wordle App On iOS Devices?

To find that, you have to keep guessing the right alphabet and enter one at a time. For example, if your alphabet changes its color to Yellow, it means that the alphabet is present in the word of the day. However, you have placed it incorrectly. On the other hand, if the color changes to Grey, the alphabet does not include the day’s word.

Furthermore, if the color changes to green, the alphabet is present in the word of the day, and you have positioned it correctly. And you can use it to guess the rest of the letters. So you get only six trials a day to guess the correct word.


This game has been trending since the start of 2022, and the number of players keeps increasing day by day. Unfortunately, however, the demand for the game led to many fake and duplicate games and apps have been created. Recently, Apple announced that it had removed all the fraudulent Wordle game apps present in the App store.

On the surface, the game looks simple and kiddish, but once you start playing, you will realize the deep, intriguing factor hidden in it. After all, something in this simple game is attracting many people consistently.

This is the first time Josh has created something that is going viral. As per Businessinsider, he created something for April fool’s day back in 2015, which also was accepted and loved by people.


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