What’s New With The Apple Health App In iOS 15

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Apple has introduced significant features in its Heath App as a part of the iOS 15 updates. These features especially focus on the health and well-being of elderly people, who might need medical onsite. These features will also let you monitor your health as well as of your loved ones and also share it with others.

While Apple will officially release iOS 15 this fall, it introduced the three features- Walking Steadiness, Health Sharing, and Health Trends in WWDC 2021. Let’s take a look at these features one by one and see how they can benefit the health of an iPhone user.

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What's New With The Apple Health App In iOS 15
Image Source: AppleInsider

Share your Health Data

This is one of the most valuable additions in the Health App through iOS 15. With this feature you can share your health related data with your doctor or a caregiver. It will also provide you with the flexibility to choose what data you want to share with someone.

It has been made very clear that your sensitive information collected through the Health App will not be accessed by Apple at any point of time during the sharing process. The data will be safe on the device through your Face ID or Touch ID and will be properly encrypted during the transfer process between the devices.

What's New With The Apple Health App In iOS 15
Image Source: Apple Insider

You can access the Heath Sharing feature from the Sharing Tab on the Health App installed on iOS 15. Here you will be able to see your data as well as the data that has been shared with you. Health App will keep informing you of any changes in the trends of heart rate, mobility rate, and much more. If you see any significant change in these readings for a person, you can directly start a conversation in the Messages App with that person.

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Additional Feature for US residents

Residents of the United States will also be able to share some health stats like heart rate, hours of sleep, exercise duration, etc directly with their doctor. Health institutions will permit the doctors to access the data of patients in the Health App from the Electronic Health Record System of the US.

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Monitor Health Trends

From iOS 15 onwards, your Health App will be able to monitor the trends in more than twenty types of heath data starting from resting heart rate to your cardio fitness. The trends of these health metrics over time will help you in analyzing the well-being of the body and any positive or negative changes in the overall health.

The Health App will use on-device intelligence to actively receive and monitor data in the background. If there are any notable changes in the trend of the health data, you will be notified about it. The notification will explain you about the change in the trend and how does it affect your health. However, you can choose to disable these notifications at any point of time.

What's New With The Apple Health App In iOS 15
Image Source: Apple

Apart from all these, you can also track your achievements on Health App, Distance traveled, and much more. Trends on the Health App will also be able to monitor your insulin levels from third-party devices. This feature can prove to be a great add-on in the Health App.

Walking Steadiness

Reports from WHO state that falling due to balance problems is a leading reason why unintentional injuries occur in the body which can further lead to death.

To help combat this problem, iOS 15 will bring the Walking Steadiness feature. This feature will not only reduce the falling risk of a person but also help you to take reflexive actions to protect yourself from falling.

iPhone will use the built-in motion sensors to track all your movement stats such as your speed, step length when your feet touch the ground, etc. Apart from all this, the Health App will also capture data about your characteristics like stability, body balance, and coordination between your legs.

What's New With The Apple Health App In iOS 15
Image Source: Mywalkingapple

Health App will notify you whether your walking steadiness is – OK, Low, or Very Low. You will also receive customized exercises to strengthen your balance and stability that can prevent you from falling.

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Other Health App Improvements in iOS 15

Apart from other major enhancements, Apple also has made some other changes as well. They are:

  • Now you will be able to view the details of your health records like lab tests and even analyze whether the report is normal or not and how it can affect you.
  • You can even store your records of Vaccination and Immunizations in the Health App.
  • A timeline will automatically be created that will show a trend in your health history as well as your tests, medicines etc.
  • The cycle track predictions have improved and will also provide the data of heart rate.


With these incredible enhancements in Health App, Apple will surely transform the iPhone into a gadget that can efficiently monitor the health of a person. Apart from this, the Mindfulness App will improve the deep breathing exercise to calm and focus your mind.

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