Apple expands repair options by supporting genuine used parts

NewsApple expands repair options by supporting genuine used parts

Apple will revolutionize the repair process with a feature that allows customers and independent repair companies to use Apple parts for repairs. The new feature, which is set to be introduced with certain iPhone models in the fall, will maintain privacy and security while increasing consumer options, product longevity and reducing environmental impact.

John Ternus is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering. He expressed Apple’s commitment towards a better customer experience, while also emphasizing sustainability. Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, John Ternus, said that the company has worked for two years on innovative product design and manufacturing methods to enable repairs using used Apple parts, without compromising privacy, safety or security. The expansion of Apple’s repair program offers customers more convenience and choice while also extending the lifespan of Apple devices and parts.

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It is vital to protect user data and the security of devices that “pairing” is used for confirming if a part is authentic. Apple is working hard to allow the reuse of biometric sensors used for Touch ID and Face ID. Beginning this fall, Apple will calibrate genuine Apple parts whether they are new or old, after the installation. In future iPhone releases, used biometric sensor will be supported. This simplifies the repair process both for service providers and customers.

Apple is extending its Activation Lock to iPhone components in order to prevent the theft of iPhones for their parts. Customers and law enforcement officers requested this feature which will limit the calibration capability of parts obtained from phones with Activation Lock enabled or in Lost Mode. This is a measure to protect data and deter iPhone theft.

Apple understands that it is important to provide full repair and part histories for second- or third-owners of their devices. Users can view the Parts and Service History feature in Settings for iOS to see if their device was repaired and what parts were used. Apple is expanding Parts and Service History this fall to include whether the part in question was a genuine Apple product or a used one, giving users more information on their devices.

Apple is committed to providing safe, affordable and accessible repairs. This new enhancement aligns Apple’s repair process with this commitment. Apple’s Self Service Repair program, launched in 2022, now supports 40 Apple products across 33 countries and regions. It offers manuals, genuine Apple parts and tools used at Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Provider locations to individuals with experience in repairing electronic devices. Self Service Repair, which was launched in 2022 and now covers 40 Apple products across 33 countries, offers manuals, Apple genuine parts and tools that are used in Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers locations.

Apple’s overall decision to use used Apple genuine parts for repairs is a major milestone in its efforts to offer sustainable and efficient solutions to customers. Apple’s decision to expand repair options, and promote the reuse of components not only enhances the user experience, but also contributes to the sustainability of the environment.

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