Quordle: Next Level Wordle Clone To Blow Your Mind

GamesQuordle: Next Level Wordle Clone To Blow Your Mind

Hello Wordle lovers! At this point, there is rarely anyone not aware of Wordle. After all, this word game has won hearts of millions. The internet just couldn’t get over the famous word game WORDLE and now we have Quordle. Honestly, Quordle is a next level Wordle that can blow your mind.

Bored of Wordle? Try Quordle to guess four words instead of one. The new variant or clone of Wordle can make you doubt your vocab knowledge. Honestly! Quordle is absolutely spine-tingling. In this article, you will get to know everything about this new word game  Quordle: Next Level Wordle.

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Quordle: Next level Wordle

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Table of contents

  • What is Quordle?
  • How to play Quordle?
  • Rules of Quordle
  • Quordle is more thrilling
  • Wordle vs Quordle
  • Tips to ace Quordle

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What is Quordle?

In very simple words, Quordle is a thrilling Wordle clone. This is very similar to the viral word game Wordle. In fact, the rules are also exactly same. But the only difference is that, in Quordle, the player has to guess four secret words simultaneously.

The rule of guessing four words instead of one makes Quordle a next level Wordle. When you type a guess in QUORDLE, you will guess that word for all four words that you are solving. All four words you are solving will be different. So, this makes Quordle more thrilling than Wordle. This spine-tingling word game is based on Dordle.

Quordle: Next level Wordle

Wait! What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word game developed by Josh Wardle. This game has been crazy viral on the internet recently. It is the internet’s latest sensation. In this game, the player is required to guess a five-letter secret word in six guesses. This secret word is also known as the Wordle of the day. Moreover, Twitter is daily flooded with posts containing #Wordle.

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How to play Quordle?

The first and foremost thing you need for Quordle is patience. Honestly, if found this game more thrilling and difficult as compared to Wordle. It requires too much attention and focus. If you are good at multitasking, this game is tailor-made for you.

  • In Quordle, you are required to guess 4 five-letter words in 9 guesses. Hence, the name Quordle.
  • You don’t need to download any app to play this game.
  • Just click on a link and you are good to go. So, below is how to play Quordle :
  1. Go to Quordle.Com
  2. There, you will get two options: Daily Quordle and Free Quordle.
  3. Daily Quordle: Guess four secret words of the day in 9 guesses.
  4. Free Quordle: Play as much as you want.
  5. For now, click on Daily Quordle.
  6. Type your first guess and press enter.
  7. In the same way, enter other guesses.

Quordle: Next Level Wordle

Rules of Quordle

Rules are the same as Wordle. There is only a slight difference. So, the rules to play Quordle are given below:

  1. The word you type as a guess will be entered for all four words.
  2. All the four Quordles of the day are different.
  3. Each guess must be a valid five-letter word.
  4. The tiles will change color as you enter a guess.
  5. Green color: the letter is in the word and is correctly placed.
  6. Brown: the letter is in the word but is not correctly placed.
  7. No color: the letter is not in the word.
  8. When you input letters after one word has been completed, they are only typed in the boxes below the uncompleted word, not in the completed word fields. You can then move on to guessing the other word.
  9. The game gives 9 tries to guess the words.

Quordle: Next level Wordle

Quordle is more thrilling

  • Twitter is flooded with #Quordle posts.
  • It is because Quordle is more thrilling than Wordle.
  • Where Wordle requires the players to guess one secret word, Quordle challenges you to guess four words at the same time.
  • Quordle is indeed more difficult that Wordle
  • This game is super fun and exciting.
  • It can make you sweat because you will have to work really hard to conquer Quordle.

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Wordle vs Quordle

  • As already mentioned, Quordle is very similar to Wordle.
  • The only difference lies in the number of words you need to guess.
  • In Quordle, you guess four words whereas Wordle requires you to guess only one word.
  • Additionally, there is also a difference in the color of tiles.
  • The tiles in Wordle change to Green, yellow, and grey.
  • In Quordle, the tiles change to brown and green.

Tips to ace Quordle

Well, I am not a Quordle master but I can still provide honest tips to ace this game. So, these are given below:

  1. One word at a time: Don’t get confused with the four words rule. Just focus on one word at a time. The word which has more green boxes should be your priority.
  2. Use WordHippo: There are various word tools on the internet to help you ace word games. My favorite is WordHippo. With its advanced search options, you can easily progress the secret word. For example, if you have three green tiles. You can use these three alphabets to progress the rest of the letter.
  3. Be patient: Quordle is not as simple as Wordle. It requires focus, time, strategy, and most importantly patience. At the same time, you can learn many new words. So, don’t get frustrated. Just be calm and enjoy this marvelous word game.
  4. Start with vowels: Almost every word in English contains vowels. So, it is advised to start guessing the Quordles with a word that contains maximum vowels.
  5. Practice with Free Quordle: Free Quordle is a great feature that allows you to practice as much as you want. So, use this feature to solve unlimited Quordles and conquer this game.

Quordle: Next level Wordle


So, this is all about Quordle: Next Level Wordle. If you love to play word games, Quordle is for you. Word games are a great exercise for the brain. Playing these games can improve the functioning of your brain. Moreover, games like Quordle improve creativity skills and memory power. At the same time, you get to learn numerous new words. After all, learning makes life worth living. You are just one click away from a thrilling experience.

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