All About Squirdle: Wordle For Pokémon Lovers

GamesAll About Squirdle: Wordle For Pokémon Lovers

When Wordle first came into the limelight, who would have thought it would gain so much popularity too. Thankfully, obsession with Wordle has led to the creation of super fun, quirky spinoffs; Wordle, Worldle, Tylordle, Nerdle, you name it. Squirdle is the latest addition to the family of Wordle spinoffs. Squirdle is super fun and strategic game to play if you belong to the fandom of Pokémon and their knowledge is at your fingertips.

If you are excited to enter the world of Pokémon, or you want to keep up with the Twitter trend of catching up with Wordle clones, this guide can be your gaming manual. So without wasting any time, gear up to start playing Squirdle.

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What is Squirdle?


Have you tried the Taylor Swift version of Wordle? It is a spinoff that lets you guess five-letter words related to Taylor Swift and her songs. In case you want to know more, follow the link below.

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Similar to the concept of Tylordle, Squirdle, is based on the vast and never-ending universe of Pokémon. As you might know, Worlde has a pre-programmed finite list of 2315 five-letter words. Similarly, Squirdle too needs you to guess Pokémon names out of the 898 Pokémons present in the Pokémon universe; New Pokémon keep coming into existence from time to time. So, you know how this smart little Squirtle game was invented that discarded five lettered dictionary words to choose Pokémon names. Pretty Smart!

Well, I’m pretty smitten by the logic behind the game, and can’t resist trying my hands on it! So, get ready to smash this Wordle Spinoff as well.

Where to play Squirdle?

This Worlde spinoff is developed by Sergio Morales Esquivel, a software engineer by profession. Squidle is the ultimate game that tests your Pokemon knowledge. It can be played from your iOS and Android Smartphones via any popular web browser.

All you need to do is to visit the official website of Squirdle. For this, click here

Like any other Worlde clone, there is no official app for the game. However, you can create a shortcut on the home screen that will directly take you to the game dashboard. If you want to know more about creating game shortcuts, go through our guide about Dordle: Double Wordle game.

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Undoubtedly, Squirdle is a very captivating game, the game may not appeal to you if you are not a die-hard Pokémon fan but only a casual one. That is because you need to have extensive knowledge about these creatures, like their height, body weight, type, type, generation. If you think the game is too complicated, you are right. But at the same time, you cannot ignore the fact that playing the Pokémon guessing game is incredibly fun. Besides, it will increase your knowledge about the Pokémon universe, no doubt.  


How to play the Squirdle game?

Squirdle provides you with auto-suggestions in the drop-down list as you begin guessing the name of Pokémon and type a few words. This helping hand is immensely helpful, especially when you are a casual Pokémon lover but want to try the game.

Squirdle is a little lenient, and you get eight chances to guess the Pokémon name. In all the guesses, you can only input the genuine name of Pokémon that can have any number of letters. 

  • First of all, visit the official game website mentioned above and begin the guessing game without any shenanigans. 
  • Navigate to the text box saying Pokémon name and begin entering the name that comes to mind. As soon as you will start typing, you will see relevant names in the drop-down below.
  • Choose the name that appeals to you the most and then hit the Submit button.
  • Now you will see what details you guessed right for the Pokémon. Take this information as a hit and give it another try until you guess the right Pokémon name. Don’t forget you only have 8 guesses to reach the correct answer. 
  • To see the information like weight, height, type about the guesses you’re made, hover the cursor above the name of the guess you’ve made.
Image Source: Squirdle

Here as you can see five attempts are still left in this game. Although Squirdle is comparatively a hard game than other clones of Wordle, trust me once you catch the flow, you will get addicted to it.

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Squirdle Game modes

Squirdle offers flexibility for playing games through several modes it has to offer. Besides, new games get to adjust with the game by trying different modes.

  • Regular Squirdle: When you visit the Squirdle website, you access the regular game mode by default. Regular game mode lets you play the game as many times as you want and every time you have to guess a new Pokémon.
  • Gen 1 Only: Squirdle’s Gen 1 only mode is the same as the Regular Squirdle game. However, there is a little difference. In this mode, you only have to guess the Pokémon from the Generation 1 Pokémons.
Image Source: Squirdle
  • Daily Squirdle: Through Daily Wordle which presents a new game every day, you have to guess the Pokemon name that is the same for every player around the world.

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Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all about Squirdle, the Pokémon guessing game. Now that you know everything about Squirlde, visit the official website and try out this trending Wordle spinoff. And don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment section.

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