All About Dordle: More Evil Than Wordle

GamesAll About Dordle: More Evil Than Wordle

If you are a Wordle lover, this post is dedicated to you. Almost everyone is aware of the viral wordle game. Firstly, wordle and then its variants. And now we have another marvelous game Word game to play- Dordle. If you don’t know about Dordle yet, then you must read this post till the end. The new word game Dordle is more evil than Wordle.

Here, you will know all about the new word game Dordle. First of all, this game is going crazy viral recently. Posts with #Dordle have flooded Twitter. Some even call it better and more evil than Wordle. It requires the players to guess two words simultaneously. So what is special in this game? Why is Dordle winning the hearts of numerous people? Keep on reading to know the answers to these questions.

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All About Dordle

All About Dordle: More Evil Than Wordle

First of all, this is not an easy game. However, it is super fun. In short, Dordle can blow your mind. The game was published last week by Guilherme Tows, who works under the company Zaratustra Productions. According to the Publisher, this game is based on the famous word game known as Wordle.

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How to play Dordle?

Playing Dordle does not require you to download an app. All that you need to do is to click on a link and start guessing the words.

  1. Go to the Dordle Website.
  2. You can play this game in two ways.
  3. Click on Daily Dordle to guess the words of the day.
  4. Alternatively, click on Free Dordle to play unlimited times.
  5. By Clicking on Free doddle, you can guess different words each time.


In Daily Dordle, every day two new five-letter words are set as words of the day. Players are just required to guess these words in 7 tries.

  • Your letters will fill in both word boxes until only one is left.
  • When you insert letters after one word has been completed, they no longer fill in the completed word boxes; instead, they are only entered in the boxes below the uncompleted word. This way, you can go on to guessing the other word.

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How Dordle is different from Wordle?

As we all know, in Wordle we have to guess the WORDLE (word of the day)in 6 tries. Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word. Whereas in Dordle, there is a twist that makes this game more evil than Wordle.

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Different Rule

Excited to know what is the twist in Dordle? Well, in Dordle the player is required to guess two words simultaneously. And you get only 7 chances to do so. In addition, what makes this word puzzle more interesting is the fact that you can input only one word to guess two five-letter words at a time. Quite confusing! Right? But go ahead and try out this game immediately to clear all your confusion. As a matter of fact, you will not regret playing this mind-blowing word game.

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Dordle is Difficult

Well, as already mentioned, Dordle is indeed more difficult than Wordle. It can undoubtedly make you reconsider your Vocabulary knowledge. And Dordle is the perfect game for those who love to play word games. It is tailor-made for individuals who just love to play with words to test their vocabulary knowledge.

Well, it took me 5 tries to guess two five-letter words of the day. Well, honestly talking, I took the help of Google to find some related words across various websites.

Dordle is just perfect

Dordle is a perfect coffee time game. If you are stressed out at work, home, or anywhere, just take some time out and start playing this game. Dordle can help you get over your stress. So, play it in your coffee time and just enjoy. When you are successfully able to guess the words, it provides you with a sense of accomplishment. It ultimately boosts up your mind and lifts your mood. Honestly, you will feel elated after playing this game. Also, It can improve your vocabulary at the same time.


Some tricks to play Dordle

Well, I am not a Word game specialist or master but there are some 2 tips that can help you guess the words quickly.

Trick 1: Research on Google

Google can be really helpful. Just like Wordle, the tiles containing correct alphabets turn green when you input a word. It means that the right alphabet is positioned correctly. So you can use these alphabets and search about 5 letter words containing the same alphabets.

Trick 2: One word at a time

As already mentioned, Dordle allows you to input only one five-letter word at a time. But the player has to guess two words at a time. So, focus on one word first. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Here, I have tried to guess the word on the left side first and then on the right side. It is because earlier in the first few guesses, I had more green tiles on the left side. It is easier to guess a word if you already know some of its alphabets.


Trick 3: Practice

Practicing this game before actually starting to guess the words may prove to be helpful. As already mentioned, there are two options provided on the Dordle homepage. The one is Daily Dordle and the other is Free Dordle. By clicking on the first option, you have to guess the words only in seven guesses. And the other option is for practice. By clicking on this option, you can guess different words and play as much as you want.


So, this is all about All About Dordle- a new Wordle. This word game is indeed a savior. It is entertaining as well as improves your brain strength. Word games are a terrific way to keep your mind active. Playing word games is both educational and entertaining. Problem-solving, memory, intelligence, and creativity are all enhanced by these games. So, go ahead and try this game right away. The link to this game is mentioned in this piece of writing. But, if you face any problem in accessing this word puzzle, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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