Secrets To Win Dordle Everyday?

GamesSecrets To Win Dordle Everyday?

As we all know, after Wordle, there is a huge craze among the people for Dordle. And if you are not aware of Dordle yet, you are missing out on something really interesting. Dordle is a word game just like Wordle. But! Honestly, Dordle is more fun. So, in this article, we will be discussing how to win Dordle every day?

First of all, What is Dordle? Dordle is a word game in which players are required to guess two words simultaneously. What makes it more thrilling is that you get only 7 guesses to do so. As mentioned by the publisher, it is based on the famous word game Wordle. To know everything about this game just click on the Also Read link below.

win Dordle everyday

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Now, without any further digression, let’s get to the point.

How to win Dordle everyday?

  1. Use WordHippo
  2. Fake Dordle win
  3. Free Dordle
  4. Begin with Vowels
  5. Give it your best shot
  6. Don’t repeat the same set of words
  7. One word at a time
  8. Avoid unnecessary words


Now, let us discuss these points in detail.

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Win Dordle every day by following these steps:

1. Use WordHippo

WordHippo is a great word tool. It can help you in guessing the words correctly on Dordle. If some of the alphabet tiles have turned green or Orange on Dordle, you can use these alphabets to find relevant words on WordHippo. With the help of WordHippo, you can easily progress the rest of the alphabets. The website features an advanced word search of varying lengths, with your choice of letters, and in a variety of arrangements. As you eliminate letters, the site will present you with a progressively smaller number of possible words to guess from. So, go ahead and use this tool to guess the Dordle of the day in few tries.

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2.Fake Dordle win

Well, it is true that faking a Dordle win may not give you that much satisfaction. However, only you will know that you are faking it. Others might not get to know. So, if you want to boast in front of a friend who always boasts of winning every day, this method may help you. So, it is very easy to fake a Dordle win. You can easily do this with the help of Incognito mode on Google Chrome.

Just Open Dordle in Incognito mode on Google chrome and finish the puzzle. Record the Dordles of the day. Then, exit the incognito mode and open Dordle with the cookies enabled. Now since you already know the words, you can easily win the game.

win Dordle everyday

3.Free Dordle

Unlike Wordle, Dordle provides an option of Free Dordle. You can use this option to play as much as you want. This way, you will be able to practice before actually guessing the Dordles of the day. Additionally, free Dordle mode allows the player to get familiar with the pattern and level of words present in Dordle’s database. Also, as you practice, you get to know what type of words does the game demand. Ultimately, all this enables you to win Dordle everyday.


4. Begin with vowels to win Dordle everyday

In English, almost all the words have at least one vowel. So, it is advisable to start with a vowel. Find a word that contains as many of the letters AEIOU as possible. Vowels will help you guess the Wordle more rapidly, even if they’re not in the appropriate place. So, use this trick to win dordle everyday.

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5. Give it your best shot

Sometimes, we get frustrated while playing word games. But, try not to enter just any word in the tiles out of frustration. It could lead to the wastage of a chance. You must use every guess wisely. And think properly before entering a word. Take your time. Dordle needs time, consideration, and strategic thinking. If you’re having trouble thinking of letter combinations in your brain, write them down. Enter your next guess when you’re convinced.

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6. Don’t repeat the same set of words to guess Dordle

Even experienced word game players might make this error when playing a word guessing game. If none of the tiles became green, orange, or grey in your next guess, try a different set of words. You risk squandering a chance if you repeat the same collection of words in your next guess. If none of the tiles turned Green, orange, or gray, then word of the day is completely different from the set of words you have entered.

7. One word at a time

You can only type one five-letter word at a time into Dordle. Moreover, in this game, you have to guess two words simultaneously. So concentrate on one word at a time. Let’s look at an example to assist us to comprehend. I attempted to guess the word first on the left side, then on the right side. It’s because I had more green tiles on the left side in the first few guesses. Knowing some of the alphabets of a word makes it easier to guess it.


8. Avoid Unnecessary words

Wasting time on words that are unnecessary or don’t even make sense is not a wise thing to do. Always focus on words that do exist and have real meaning. The player gets only 7 chances to guess words in Dordle. So, you must use these chances wisely and thoughtfully.


So, that’s all for now. This is how you can win Dordle everyday. Play wisely and use google to make the most relevant guesses. Since Dordle requires the player to guess two words at a time, it feels a bit frustrating at first. But, if you proceed with the right approach, you can easily master this game. Dordle is like an exercise to the brain. Not only Dordle, but almost all the word games, in general, are a great way to improve the functioning of the brain. So, Go ahead and play this mind-blowing game.

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