How To Play Taylordle On Android Devices

GamesHow To Play Taylordle On Android Devices

If you follow social media, you’ve probably seen the frames of little squares that show up on your feed. Most likely, you’re a little tired of them by now. They won’t be going away any time soon. So, in fact, they’re growing in number as people who have been through pandemics start to play guess-a-word games with each other. 

A few you might not know about: 

Airportle Word game from Scott’s Cheap Flight is based on you-know-what game. It’s fun to play. There is a different IATA code for each round, and users have to figure that one out. These are the three-letter codes that help you find an airport. There is an airport in Knoxville called “TYS.” 

Nerdle is a game for people who are good at math and want to play a game. In this one, people have 6 chances to figure out an 8-letter math problem that is correct using only the numerals 0 to 9 and the symbols you’d expect to see in a math problem. People on the website say that “order is important in nerdle!” If 10+20=30 is what we want, then 20+10=30 isn’t close enough.

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Taylordle, what is it?


Wordle-like: The only difference is that it uses lyrics from Swift’s songs and libraries in the game instead of words. 

So, many people are calling this game an “unofficial wordle” game for Swift fans because they like it so much. The five-letter word has six chances for each player to guess. You only get one new word to guess each day. This is how it works: 

It’s important to know this: “Swifties use all words in their world.” 

To prove you are a fan, play the Taylordle game and see if you can beat the world.

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A lot of people have already heard of “Wordle.” 

Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn software engineer, made Wordle a viral hit. The free online game asks players to find a five-letter word in less than six tries. It’s a good idea for people who know how to be humble to take advantage of a feature that allows results to be shared on social media without revealing their names. 

The most popular game is a free-to-play game that you can play online. It is very popular. You have six chances to guess the word.

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How & Where Play Taylordle!

That’s an interesting name and an interesting game. Want to try your hands on the game?

It is guessing gives you 6 chances. It will show how close you are to the answer when you figure it out. The colour of the tiles will show how close you are. 

In this game, there are three colours that show you whether your guess is right or wrong. 

  • It turns green when you type a word and the highlighted green tile is in the right place. 
  • Whenever you type a word with a “Yellow” tile that isn’t where it should be, the tile shows up. 
  • Type a word and the “Grey” tile appears if the grey tile is not in the word. 

This game is just like Wordle. It is very easy to play this game. However, the game itself isn’t simple. This game can be played with just one click: 

  • That’s all. Play the game now. 
  • Type what you think. 
  • Press the Enter key. 

This is the way to playWordle was made by Hannah Park, and Holy Swift Podcast changed the game so that we could play “Taylordle.” 

A lot of Swift fans are interested in the game, and once you play it, you’ll know it was worth it.

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The guidelines of Taylordle.

As we already said, Taylordle is a version of Wordle. So, its rules are exactly the same as Wordle’s. Rules for this game: 


  • The letter that is in the right place in the word will turn green. 
  • It means the letter is in the word, but it isn’t where it should be. 
  • If the letter turns grey, it means that the letter is not in the word. 
  • Six chances: You will only be able to guess the Taylordle of the Day six times each day. 
  • Every day, a new Taylordle will be made. 
  • The words you enter must be connected to Taylor Swift.

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So, that’s all about Taylordle: a word cloud for Taylor Swift fans, by the way. Wordle has gained the respect of a lot of people. In much the same way, Taylordle is a very special spot for Taylor Swift fans, just like that. If you are also a major fan of this well-known singer, then you should give Taylordle a try. People who play this game would never regret it. Word games are good for your brain. They help you remember things and become more imaginative.

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