Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Confirmed- Microsoft’s classic computer assistant Clippy might be making a comeback soon

Do you remember Clippy? It was eventually removed from Microsoft Windows and MS office sometime during the mid-2000s.

You will surely remember that computer assistant who just popped up on your screen anytime you opened MS Excel, word, and even PowerPoint. Those who have used Microsoft PC in the late 90s and early 20s. Clippy, well known as the paperclip assistant, come on the screen with pop-up messages and a small text box where users could enter a query.

Clippy would always give you a bit of computing advice whenever you tried to click on something. And also, it opens a clickable guide for you to read.

But for many users, the advice from Clippy was a little misguided at times, and they felt like the assistant was being forced on them.

Clippy was then removed from Microsoft Windows and MS office, eventually sometime during the early 2000s.

According to the latest news from Microsoft, they have indicated that the assistant might be making a strong comeback.

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In a recent Twitter post, the company indicates that they would be replacing the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy if the image that they tweet got 20,000 likes.

Clippy’s comeback seems to be happening soon as the tweet garnered more than 1.12 lakh likes.

The moment this tweet went viral, it has sparked loads of hidden nostalgia among users of older versions of MS Office.

A user wrote, ” remembering that my first Clippy experience was when I was 6 years old on Windows 95 with dial-up internet; wow, I feel extremely old right now”. There are many tweets like this on the Microsoft Twitter page.

“just outright bring him back, please, even if you just release the original model ( IF YOU HAVE IT ARCHIVED) to the public, I need the Clip friend to return”.

Bring Clippy back!!!! Bring in back to office 365I need someone to watch over me while I work on my essay.”

“Clippy must be so excited. Good thing he literally holds things together,” wrote Aaron Wiener.

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